Southern Durham Spartans to forfeit all of their 2015 football playoff wins and their Conference Title:Northern Guilford due to pick up a win

News coming in from and their High School OT section:

The Southern Durham High School football team will forfeit numerous wins during the 2015 season, including the Big Eight conference title and their appearance in the 3AA state championship game, after using an ineligible player.
Orange High School will now be recognized at the Big Eight 3-A Conference Champion for 2015….

December 4 at Southern Durham/Durham County Stadium
NCHSAA 3-AA East Championship Game:
Southern High School 19, Northern Guilford (Greensboro, NC) 14….Southern Durham will now forfeit this game to Northern Guilford…

December 12 in the 3-AA State Championship Game
Crest (Shelby, NC) 55, Southern Durham 21

+++++The forfeits/punishment came about because Southern Durham had and ineligible player on their roster, due to an expired physical exam….+++++

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*****To sum all of this up, Southern Durham will vacate four playoff wins and their regular season finale, which enabled them to claim the conference title over Orange by virtue of a tiebreaker.*****


  1. Why wasn’t this discovered sooner in the season??
    They played in 4 playoff games, NO EXCUSE>
    If it had been, maybe Northern H/S would have made it to the STATE FINALS & WON.

  2. 1. They wouldn’t have beat Crest
    2. Northern has basically been through the same thing with playing ineligible players so I don’t really think they can say anything.

  3. I understand why this was done but in the greater good, reality or the way things should have turned out Northern lost to a better team. It’s not like Southern played with a 21 yr old, a kid that wasn’t enrolled in the program or a kid “____ whatever fill in the blank”. This was a simple mistake by a coach on a player that should have been on the field if you the adults had crossed their “t’s” and dotted their “i’s”. No wishful thinking in this situation for Northern or anyone else in Southern’s path this year.

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