Will Jones(Page HS) dropping basketball, will focus on Football only

Read this news on Thursday from Joe Sirera at the News and Record and the word is, Will Jones, the highly successful quarterback who the led the Page Pirates to the 4-AA Football State Championship game, has decided to give up basketball and he will now focus on Football only at Page High School…

Jones is a very talented basketball player, but now he will be a Football only player at Page….Jones will now be training with Jimmy Lamour and with Matt Pawlowski…

If you have followed us for any length of time here at the site, you will know we are very connected with both Lamour and Pawlowski….Both have been guests on our shows and it would be to recall how many times we have mentioned Jimmy Lamour and his training sessions and Matt Pawlowkski, the former QB for the Northwest Guilford Vikings and the Guilford College Quakers….

Jones has made a good decision to train with Lamour and Pawlowski….Strength and conditioning sessions with Jimmy and football passing drills with Matt….Not a bad team for Will Jones to be working out with…We will miss Jones out there on the basketball court, but should help his football only future….

Again, kudos to Will Jones and good luck during his training sessions with Jimmy Lamour and Matt Pawlowski…..


  1. So he quit his basketball team to focus on football? Why even tryout? Took a roster spot from someone else then you’re quitting on your teammates. If you’re good enough colleges will find you and most recruiters like dual sport athlete’s.

  2. I don’t know Will, and don’t pretend to know what is best for him. I just hate to see talented kids make the choices to focus on only one sport. It’s ironic that Matt Pawlowski continued to play basketball through his senior year at NW. Doesn’t seem to have hurt his football. Good luck to Will.

  3. Hopefully he is waiting until the season is over. You don’t quit in the middle of the season.

  4. This Will kid was the 2nd or 3rd best player on the Page basketball team. Anyone that did not make the team because of him being on the team would not have been getting playing time anyway. If a kid knows that their future is not in one sport but clearly laid out in another, then more power to him. Football and basketball are completely different sports with different weight and training methods. This kid may have D1 opportunities in front of him. For the major sports of football and basketball, D1 is a completely different world then D2 or D3 whether you are talking about how you travel, food options, training options, and visibility. I think its a great decision on this kids part. Plus, he may want to finish up at Page by next December so he can enter college in January which would have meant not playing basketball in his senior anyway. Good luck kid !

  5. Javon Leake was another FB player who quit also.

    Had 2 more non FB players quit after the FB players joined team mid Dec.

    Had Ty and Jalen and Tyron transfer over the summer.

    Something don’t seem right over at Mac Morris Gym.

  6. Yea of course they’ll quit when Page is having a bad basketball season…no other reason to give up on your team like that. Disappointed in Jones and Leake. I knew Page was going to have a down year when Graves, Melton, and Seegars decided to go to High Point Christian

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