Top Ten Scorers(Girls and Boys) and new Top Ten Polls after Friday’s action:Raymon Pratt(Smith) with 46 points and Kristen Roberts(SG)/Lauren Carter(SWG) with 24 lead the lists

Boys Top Ten Scorers from the Friday night games:
46:Raymon Pratt(Smith High School)
25:Chris Denning(Southern Guilford HS)
25:Brandon Talton(Page HS)
24:Greyson Collins(Ragsdale HS)
23:Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian School)
21:Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford)
21:Bam Adebayo(High Point Christian Academy)
21:Michael Seals(High Point Christian Academy)
20:Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS)
20:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford)
Honorable Mention:18:Judah Watkins(Southeast Guilford HS)….17 for Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS), CeDarius Dockery(Western Guilford HS), Elijah Short(Page HS) and Jaylen King(Page HS)…
+++++From Thursday night vs. Burlington Williams, Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford HS) with 28 points and Andy Pack(Northern Guilford) with 24….+++++

Girls Top Ten Scorers from the Friday night games:
24:Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford HS)
24:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS)
23:Jamaya Blank(Western Guilford HS)
22:Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
18:Bailey Kargo(Page HS)
17:Kira Harrison(Dudley HS)
15:Teara Johnson(Dudley HS)
15:Victoria Harrison(Dudley HS)
15:Ariyah Wheless(Southern Guilford HS)
14:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness HS)
14:Dominique Jackson(Smith HS)
Honorable Mention:13 points for Elizabeth Kitley(Northwest Guilford), Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford HS), Cameron Martin(Northeast Guilford) and Jasmine Harris(Eastern Guilford) with 13 points….

Public School Top Ten Polls
Girls Top Ten Poll:
1)Northwest Guilford(15-0)…..(43-1) over the past two seasons…
3)Northern Guilford(12-5)
5)Southeast Guilford(12-4)
6)Northeast Guilford(9-7)
7)Southwest Guilford(10-6)
8)Southern Guilford(11-5)
9)High Point Andrews(8-5)
10)Eastern Guilford(9-6)

Boys Top Ten Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(16-0)
2)Northwest Guilford(13-2)
4)Northern Guilford(11-6)
5)Eastern Guilford(11-4)
7)Southern Guilford(10-6)
10)High Point Central(8-7)

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(21-3)
2)High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-6)
4)The Burlington School(21-0)
5)Forsyth Country Day(17-4)
6)Vandalia Christian(17-6)
7)Westchester Country Day(13-7)
8)Bishop McGuinness(9-7)
9)New Garden Friends(9-4)
10)Caldwell Academy(4-9)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Forest Trail(13-4)
2)Wesleyan Christian Academy(12-8)
3)Bishop McGuinness(7-8)
4)Greensboro Day School(11-12)
5)Caldwell Academy(11-4)
6)Forsyth Country Day(9-8)
7)Vandalia Christian School(6-6)
8)Greensboro Home School(3-5)
9)Calvary Baptist(4-12)
10)TIE:Oak Ridge Military Academy(1-5)/High Point Christian Academy(0-5)

Boys Combined High School Top Ten Basketball Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(21-3)
2)High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
3)Southwest Guilford(16-0)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-6)
5)Northwest Guilford(13-2)
7)The Burlington School(21-0)
8)Northern Guilford(11-6)
9)Eastern Guilford(11-4)


  1. Thanks for sending us this on Lauren Carter…We did not have their box score….

    By the way, any idea when Lashonda Monk will be back???

    Again, thanks for the #’s on LC….

  2. Lashonda is waiting to get cleared by the doctors. Hopefully, she will be back within the next two weeks.

  3. SW Guilford Fan, is Faith Price still out also? I didn’t get to come to the East Forsyth game.

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