Looking over some of those Girls High School Basketball Scoring Numbers

Just like with the young men, with the ladies we picked up the numbers from MaxPreps and listed all of the players whose stats were available and ran the scoring numbers for those with 10 points or better per contest with at least a working number of games on hand….If you know of more numbers or where we could find those, please send them our way….

*****Have added a few names and still looking for a few more that we can add in….*****
21.5 ppg Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS) Cunane is also averaging 14.4 rebounds per game….13 games
19.7 ppg J’nai Millner(Morehead HS)
18.2 PPG Kodi Centry(McMichael HS)
18.1 ppg Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS) 15 games
16.4 ppg Jasmine Harris(Eastern Guilford HS) 14 games
16.1 ppg Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford HS) 17 games
14.6 ppg Hailey Dias-Allen(Southeast Guilford HS) 11 games
14.4 ppg Macy Hardy(Rockingham County HS)
13.7 ppg Jazlin Taylor(High Point Andrews HS) 14 games
13.12 ppg Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS) 17 games
13.1 ppg Marnae Oatis-Hopson(Western Guilford HS) 17 games
13.1 ppg Gabby Gordon(Rockingham County HS)
13.1 ppg Madeline Boler(Rockingham County HS)
13.0 ppg Katie Lewis(Southeast Guilford HS) 11 games
13.0 ppg Shakera Brown(Morehead HS_
12.1 ppg Ariyah Wheless(Southern Guilford HS) 13 games
11.8 PPG Brooke Bradford(Ragsdale HS) 11 games
11.4 ppg D.J. Jackson(Smith HS) 17 games
11.3 ppg Jordan Quick(High Point Andrews HS) 14 games
11.3 ppg Jamaya Blanks(Western Guilford HS) 17 games
11.3 ppg Cameron Martin(Northeast Guilford HS) 16 games
10.9 ppg Symphony Jackson(Smith HS) 17 games
10.3 ppg Kelly Lomax(Northern Guilford HS) 17 games


  1. What about Rockingham County girls? K. Centry from McMichael is at 18.2, J.Millner from Morehead is at 19.7, S.Brown from Morehead is at 13, G. Gordon from Rockingham is at 13.1, M Hardy from Rockingham is at 14.4 and M. Boler from Rockingham is at 13.1. Reidsville probably had some high scorers as well.

  2. What about some love for the Southwest girls at 3 would be on this list Monk, Carter, & Price.

  3. See if you can get/send me some of those Southwest Guilford stats for those top three and we will get the Rockingham girls added in there later on today….

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