Darryl Brown(Southern Guilford HS) new head football coach at Grimsley High School

Grimsley High School is proud to announce the hiring of our new football coach. We are extremely proud to announce that Coach Darryl Brown will be joining our football staff. Coach Brown is a successful coach and teacher from Southern High School where he and his staff have demonstrated the ability to teach and coach young men for many years. Coach Brown will immediately begin to impact our Whirlies with his weight lifting program, and the coordination of hiring his staff. We are in the planning stages of having a parent/student meet and greet for Coach Brown to meet the Whirlies. Once the date is set we will extend an invitation to our Grimsley community.

Coach Brown has spent 15 years as a successful coach at Southern Guilford and is excited to bring his excellence to Grimsley High School. Coach has expressed his heart-felt love and admiration for the entire Southern Guilford community, fans, players, alumni and administration as he embarks on his next chapter as a football coach. Coach has experienced a great deal of success as a head football coach with the following accomplishments.

Compiled an overall record of 94 – 44 and a conference record of 45 – 13 during that time.
During the 11 seasons as a Head Coach won 4 conference championships and only once during that time, did a team not finish at least conference runner-ups.
Southern advanced to the State Playoffs every year and 3 out of the last 4 years have advanced to the State Quarterfinals.
Coach has been named Conference Coach of the Year 4 times.
All – Area Coach of the Year in 2008, and served as an Assistant Coach for the Shrine Bowl in 2013.
Served on the North Carolina Football Coaches Association Board of Directors from 2012 – 2016.

The Grimsley Whirlies are thankful to have Coach Brown and his family join us. Coach is married to Stacy Zachary Brown for 13 years, they have two children, Gracie (10 yrs. old) and Camden (2 yrs. old).

Please join us in extending a warm, Whirlie welcome to Coach Darryl Brown, Stacy and the kids!


  1. Grimsley just got a top notch person to lead their program. This is a huge loss for Souther Guilford.

  2. More comments that have come in….
    ron said,

    My sources say that Coach Brown from Southern Guilford is the new coach at Grimsley. Not a bad pick up for the Whirlies.

  3. More comments that have come in…..
    Andy Durham said,

    Just announced about 10 minutes after this post and a very good choice…I know they will miss him in the Southern Guilford community…

    A great leader of young men and football players…

  4. Grimsley has hit the jackpot with this one! A true class act — great teacher/coach/person headed to Whirlie country.

  5. Grimslty just got a great coach. He has had so much success at SG over past 15 years (11 as head coach) and has had such a positive impact over so many young men in that community. I know was a hard move for Coach Brown and he will be greatly missed in the SG community but we are so thankful for all he has done for our school and football program. He will do an incredible job at Grimsley. Whirlie players and community, you just got a great man, leader and football coach. Wish Coach Brown the best of luck in this new adventure in his life.

    The Siler/Brown family has had such a huge impact on the Sumner community and we look forward to the future success of Coach Brown and his family.

    Thank you Coach for all you have done

  6. Spoke to Coach Brown this afternoon and he said leaving Southern was all about the new opportunity to go to Grimsley and turn that program around…

    Hoping to bring Grimsley football back to where it used to be back in the day and he will be at Grimsley after school in a couple of weeks to get the weight training program going and hopes to start attending some Grimsley sporting events next week to get a chance to see what all is going on over at Grimsley…

    Coach Brown said as far as staff/assistant coaches go, you have to wait and see what positions will become available at Grimsley, that is teaching positions and then your potential assistant coaches can apply for those jobs as they become available…

    Coach Brown is very excited about this opportunity and he said he had never looked at the Grimsely job before or even thought about that job before, but it just seemed to be the right place and the right place in time, for him and his family….

    Good luck to Coach Brown at Grimsley and the Blue(Grimsley) is getting a bit of the Brown…..

    Coach Brown also said there is a lot of history and tradition at Grimsley and that made the job appealing….

  7. A great Hire by Grimsley principal. A certified teacher and proven winner. The Grimsley community has finally gotten what they’ve been asking for for years. Time to throw our support behind Coach Brown and his staff and to hold principal to all the promises of support he made.

  8. Grimsley, YOUR SCHOOL JUST HIT THE LOTTERY. This man get results and is a great motivator. You will see instant success. This is a HUGE loss for Southern…

  9. Who will SG turn to now to lead the football team. The football coach is such a huge part of the school when football team is successful. Coach Brown has been the leader of the program for 11 years and will be very hard to replace. I hope that administration will make the right decision and get the right person. Hopefully will get someone with ties to SG and hopefully to Coach Brown as Coach Brown was a graduate of SG and grandson of legendary Coach Siler who’s name is on the stadium. We need the successful SG Football Tradition to continue. AD and Principal please hire someone that will continue that.

    Any ideas?

  10. Glad to see that the principal has gotten involved with the athletic dept at Grimsley. Leadership needs to come from the top. Good luck to the team.

  11. Good for Grimsley they have got a good one, BUT not to rain on any parades BUT, what if this turns out like the last several coaches. This board was aglow when Coiro was hired and then again when Neal was hired, saying some of the same stuff that is being said here. And in Guilford county Principals do not stay that long. So what happens when the Principal leaves and you know who is still there??? Just saying

  12. Just a crazy thought that hit me, but there might be something to it…

    “Sometimes you keep changing shirts to you get the right one”..Maybe the Brown shirt(Darryl) is the right one/right fit…

    I guess only J.C. Penny would know for sure and he left town didn’t he….Aren’t all of the J.C. Penny stores gone from here now…

    The are a lot of layers to look at here and sometimes you to put on more than one shirt and those assistant coaches will be crucial, they always are….

    Wonder if Coach Coiro would be in line for the Northern Guilford job? He has head coaching experience and he was an assistant coach out at Northern this past year…

    High Point Andrews
    and Southern…

    Wonder is Coach Neal could get a shot at the Smith job…He has head coaching experience too and he is a graduate of Ben L. Smith and he has been on the staff there previously…

    Some school systems don’t like to recycle coaches, so find it is OK based upon need….

  13. @Antispin –

    …actually, @Martin_Samek – Could you kindly turn your attention to your own school? Don’t you think it’s time?

  14. If I recall when Grimsley’s last head football coach was hired, every armchair AD who posts on this blog said the last one was the best hire; he was a blessing to the Grimsley community. The principal finally became involved in choosing the best coach. Now Coach Brown is the best for the job? In Guilty, I meant Guilford County, I ponder what qualifies good/great coaching? I truly need some adjectives to modify great coaching. I’ve read the hysteria before with the last football HC F Grimsley. The school’s district is large, but the majority of its inhabitants are beyond the baby making age.

  15. @Anwar, I can’t speak for the last coaches but I can assure you this about coach Brown. Every player will play hard for this man, I can assure you. I know because I been around the program as a parent when he started. He started young and he put in work. This man knows the game and he can motivate kids at another level, watch and you’ll see. He runs a honest program and is very, very loyal to his players. Grimsley will improve his very first year and you heard it from me!!

  16. Folks let’s be careful here about calling former coaches out and about who is who and who is responding…

    We would like to keep the comments going and running in a positive manner and that is the best way to keep the discussion alive and make for the good of the teams…

    Like to keep it going, but if necessary, may have to head back to barn….

  17. @Anwar — I hope you will at least give this guy and his staff a chance before you judge. This hire could be very positive for the Grimsley community if he gets the required support and the kids “buy in”. SG has enjoyed great success in football but it didn’t happen overnight. The program was built piece by piece with a lot of hard work — if you are holding someone to the standard of going from 2-9 to 11-0 in one year, you may be upset a year from now. If he didn’t think he could do it — why would he leave SG?? He was successful and well liked by everyone. Coaches tend to stay at that school for a long time. It is obvious that he feels like Grimsley is the right place for him at this point in his career, so be thankful your principal and AD made a great decision on this one!

  18. The differences with this hire and the last 2 are many:
    1. An experienced head coach with a winning record
    2. A certified teacher
    3. A pre-existing relationship with the principal thus eliminating the guy in between.
    4. The connections to hire a good staff not just former teammates and longtime friends.

    Let’s move forward, MANY things are changing at Grimsley.

  19. My comments were neutral. I wish the Grimsley program the best. God children of mine played for Grimsley, and I have no malice against the school.

  20. There is a big difference in playing in the 4A and playing in 3A with the best RBs in the state. Let’s see how he does playing against Page, Dudley, SE Guilford, East Forsyth and others. saying the guy is a proven but fact is he had better players than most teams. Now he won’t have better players than most teams and they have you know who still running the show. How many losing seasons will they allow before they run him off too?

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