Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals:SWG boys(20-0) and NWG girls(18-0) remain Unbeaten/HPCA in OT over GDS/Smith tops Dudley/EG goes OT and beats NG/Shocker with WG boys beating Asheboro

*****We are adding a bunch of scores…Records and info to follow…*****
Western Guilford boys 56, Asheboro 43
Southwest Guilford 107, Glenn 76
Northwest Guilford girls 66, Ragsdale 22
NWG now (18-0) and 46-1 over the past two seasons…Ragsdale(3-13/1-3)
Northwest Guilford boys 80, Ragsdale 51
Smith boys 78, Dudley 62
High Point Christian Academy boys 50 Greensboro Day School 48 (OT)
Eastern Guilford 73, Northern Guilford 70 (OT)
Dudley girls 50, Smith 38
Southeast Guilford girls 52, Page 32
Page boys 65, Southeast Guilford 45
Grimsley boys 59, Southern Alamance 48
Northern Guilford girls 59, Eastern Guilford 32
Ledford girls 63, Southern Guilford 44
*****Ledford boys 67, Southern Guilford 45*****(Original score from MaxPreps)
Southern Guilford boys 69, Ledford 42+++++(Score from N&R and HP Enterprise)
Greensboro Day School girls 61, High Point Christian Academy 24
Burlington Williams girls 60, Northeast Guilford 50
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 94, Davidson Day 66
Davidson Day girls 73, Wesleyan Christian Academy 71
High Point Central boys 49, East Forsyth 42
Southwest Guilford girls 72, Glenn 45
Asheboro girls 73, Western Guilford 25
High Point Andrews boys 65, Providence Grove 51
The Burlington School 80 boys, Caldwell Academy 33
Bishop McGuinness girls 57, East Surry 30
East Surry boys 54, Bishop McGuinness 28
*****Smith 9th Grade boys team 75, Dudley 62*****


  1. Anybody got any highlights or write ups on HPCA and GDS?? Like to hear what went down… Only highlights I’ve got so far is What happen after game with GDS players and HPCA fans and players?? Anyone got any more scoop on that?

  2. @ What happened- don’t know- what I was asking – twitter was blowing up about HPCA students & players pushing and shoving after game with GDS players? Im sure emotions were running high. Just seeing if there were any details first hand. Hope nothing to serious..

  3. Game write up on GDS-HPCA coming soon here tonight/morning from Wyatt Smith…Not sure about the extra curricular activities but Wyatt should have…He was there and has to be aware…

  4. My game recap is being edited right now and will be up on the website around 12:15. There was some extra-curricular stuff going on during the game between Jalen Seegars from HPCA and John Newman at GDS. It appeared that Bam lost control of his elbow around that time and the referees didn’t see that. Nothing was called against anyone in the game.
    GPD had two officers there, and they were over the PA system advising HPCA students to exit the gym at the end of the game and GDS students to remain seated. Nothing too bad happened between the students unless it was after I went to get quotes.

  5. I was pretty sure they were cousins..They were in a photo together in the Haeco Tournament program and along with John’s sister Hunter and his dad John Sr.

    Two outstanding young men and two very good basketball players…

  6. The HPCA students cheered for there team all night just like our GDS students did. HPCA kids get into their games just as our GDS students do as well and all are very good fans that love their basketball teams. The HPCA students stormed the court after the buzzer as HPCA won. Just as GDS did over at Guilford College. It was an intense game with a lot of emotion but all in good fun. There was some shoving between between players after the game. The big story should be about the police having to go in stands and try and calm down Graves dad down early in game. He was complaining that the HPCA students should sit down so he and his family could see. There turned into some seriously bad language from Mr. Graves . That turned into arguments with other fans and other players families in the stands. Might explain why maybe they have transferred so many times. Glad he didn’t come to GDS. Very disturbed by what happen and his choice of words for the administrators that came to talk with him. Hopefully something gets done about his behavior in stands. Its uncalled for. Adults are suppose to be the role models- I’m sure it impressed the Boston College coach that was in the stands last night.

  7. We have to look out for these kids and not drag them into harms way, whether it be Ty, Guy, Nijae, or somebody on the sly…

    For that matter Jalen, John, Jack, Jim, Joe, and more and if things got bad let’s hope it didn’t take away from the game and the HPCA Cougars can enjoy their victory…

    We may hear more from Wyatt Smith on this game later, he was there and would have all of the necessary details and Joe Sirera was there too from the N&R and let’s see what they write over the next few days…What they saw will go a long way in determining what really happened out there last night….

    We had people/fans jumping out of the stands and on to the court over at Smith last night, but it was in celebration of two unbelievable dunks…The one by Hendon Hooker and the one by Tyrece Cheeks…

    Mr. Graves has done a lot to help a lot of kids in this area and has taught them good basketball skills and he means the best for the kids, maybe he and some other fans just got excited last night…

    In the end, their best interest is the kids and their welfare and their game…They are doing what they think is right and they have that right, but I hope things did not get too heated last night at GDS…

    Like I say, I wasn’t there and I don’t know, but I do know this, it sounds like it was another great basketball game there last night at the Dillard Athletic Center and how long before that court over there becomes the Freddy Johnson Court…

    I thinking maybe it already is….It is hard to remember what is written on all the courts around here these days….Freddy Johnson Court at the Dillard Athletic Center?

    Phil Weaver Court at the Bob Sawyer Gym at Grimsley…

    The John Primm Gym at Northeast Guilford HS…

    The Roger Nelson Gym at Northwest Guilford HS…

    The Jim Coggins Gym at Southwest Guilford HS

    The one we almost forget about since he has been gone for a while now, with the Mac Morris Gym at Page HS….

    Do they have the Jim Modlin Gym over at Ragsdale???

    The Dudley Gym has a name, but I don’t know that name and they need to have the David Price Court over at Dudley HS…We need to get that David Price Court idea moving forward…

    Do we have any other Guilford County Gymnasium names out there and what about other court names? Pretty sure they do have that “Freddy Johnson Court” over at GDS….


    Makes for an interesting topic and who are some names that might be going up on these gyms and on these courts in the future????

    The David Price idea at Dudley High School should carry some clout….Three NCHSAA State Titles….


    How about the “Andy Durham Annex”, at the David Caldwell Log College???

    Let’s see Hanes Gym at Greensboro College, Fleming Gym at UNCG, Ragan-Brown Field House at Guilford College, Corbett Center on the N.C. A&T campus…

    This topic is like going to college, it gets you thinking…..

  8. At some of these games some people say if you don’t like it move and quite a few have…

  9. Just now catching a look at the follow up quotes from last night. GPD and a administrator from GDS did go into the stands to talk to a parent last night. I was at the media table, and was honestly watching the game, bc that’s what I was there to watch. I feel the need to put in my professional opinion on this topic as an unbiased member of the press.

    There was a very intense atmosphere inside the Dillard Gym last night. It was apparent from the first game, as I sat and actually stood most if not the whole game, behind the HPCA students that there was going to be a strong celebration by the winning team’s fans. The rivalry has gotten very intense.

    In my personal opinion, there should’ve been technical foul warnings issued to the HPCA students during an play when GDS was inbounding the ball directly in front of their students, and they were waving their hands directly in the vision of the GDS player. I was surprised that didn’t happen.

    As for the shoving match after the game, I’m sure that it boiled over from a very intense and physical game and the players who were involved were solely running on adrenaline at that time.

    I quickly exited the gym area following the game, and went below the stands to gat my quotes so if it got bad after that, I can’t attest for it.

    Can’t wait to see these two teams play when they meet in the state playoffs!

  10. Does anyone know if the pacis conference has a conference tournament, and if so where / when is it?? Was at the game last night and would love to see these teams play again.

    Also, about the incident where the administrator and police officer came into the stands to address someone. I was sitting several rows back and saw what led up to this. I have no idea who the person was but his behavior and language were completely inappropriate for a high school game or for any sporting event for that matter.

  11. There is no PACIS post-season conference tournament…

    The teams close things out for the regular season the 2nd week of February and then head into the NCISAA State Tournament…

    Providence Day, out of Charlotte should be the #1 seed going into states with GDS and HPCA being either #2 or #3 and it probably won’t matter they would meet again and it would be in the semifinals of the NCISAA State Tournament…

    If things stay pretty much the same, then Wesleyan might be your number 4 team in the seeding and they still have one more meeting with GDS and that is due up at WES I do believe…

    Could see Providence #1, GDS or HPCA #2 and #3 and WES at #4, but I think I remember Ravenscroft defeating WES, so Ravenscroft might slip in at a #4…

    Providence is something like (19-3)…GDS(24-4), HPCA(19-4) and WES(17-7)….Again, Providence has beaten GDS and HPCA….You might see GDS and HPCA again in the semis…

    Tourney could in Charlotte, Raleigh or Asheville…Sometimes in Winston-Salem, but not often in Greensboro..

    Last time NCISAA was in Greensboro, GDS beat Charlotte Christian and Steph Curry in the Championship Game….

  12. Jalen Seegars and John Newman fathers are first cousins and John Newman mother and Jordan Perkins mother are sisters. That’s the relations between the kids.

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