High School Basketball Tonight with lots of games to choose from:SWG boys, NWG girls and TBS boys still Unbeaten going into the gyms tonight/BW at NEG

Tonight as in Friday January 29…

Lots of talk about this one and it is a Sell Out:High Point Christian Academy boys(18-4/3-1) at Greensboro Day(24-3/4-0) 7pm and again NO Tickets will be sold it is a Sell Out…Wyatt Smith at that game to report for GreensboroSports.com…
Another big has the Dudley boys(11-4/5-1) at Smith(8-10/3-2) 7:30pm at Ben L. Smith High School…Large crowds expected for the games and we will be there broadcasting the game on GreensboroSportsRadio with the girl’s game at 6 and the boys at 7:30….Games LIVE on GreensboroSports Radio….Photos from Cameron Robles at Eastern Guilford-Northern Guilford….
Dudley girls(10-7/4-1 at Smith(8-10/2-2) 6pm
High Point Christian Academy girls(0-6/0-2) at Greensboro Day(13-12/3-1) 5:30pm
Glenn boys(5-12/1-3) at Southwest Guilford(19-0/5-0) 7:30pm SWG Cowboys remain Unbeaten…
Ragsdale girls(3012/1-2) at Northwest Guilford(17-0/5-0) 6pm….NWG Lady Vikings remain Unbeaten…
Caldwell Academy boys(3-12/1-7) at The Burlington School(26-0/13-0) 7:30pm…TBS boys remain Unbeaten…
Glenn girls(11-6/2-1) at Southwest Guilford(12-7/2-3) 6pm
Ragsdale boys(11-7/1-3) at Northwest Guilford(14-3/4-1) 7:30pm
Page girls(11-5/4-1) at Southeast Guilford(13-4/1-2) 6pm
Page boys(7-9/3-2) at Southeast Guilford(4-15/1-4) 7:30pm
Northern Guilford girls(13-7/8-4) at Eastern Guilford(9-7/4-6) 6:30pm
Northern Guilford boys(13-7/9-3) at Eastern Guilford(12-4/8-2) 8pm
Grimsley girls(3-11/0-4) at Southern Alamance(7-8/1-3) 6pm
Grimsley boys(11-5/4-1) at Southern Alamance(4-11/0-4) 7:30pm
Ledford girls(11-6/5-2) at Southern Guilford(13-5/6-1) 6pm
Ledford boys(8-10/1-6) at Southern Guilford(11-7/5-2) 7:30pm
Asheboro girls(12-5/3-3) at Western Guilford(4-15/1-6) 6pm
Asheboro boys(16-1/6-0) at Western Guilford(8-11/2-5) 7:30pm
East Forsyth girls(9-7/0-2) at High Point Central(1-13/0-2) 6pm
East Forsyth boys(6-10/1-3) at High Point Central(9-8/1-3) 7:30pm
Providence Grove girls(5-12/1-4) at High Point Andrews(11-5/4-0) 6pm
Providence Grove boys(6-11/2-3) at High Point Andrews(7-9/3-1) 7:30pm
Vandalia Christian School girls(7-8/3-5) at Gospel Light(2-12/1-5) 5:30pm
Vandalia Christian School boys(20-6/8-0) at Gospel Light(9-13/4-2) 7:30PM
Caldwell Academy girls(14-4/8-2) at The Burlington School)15-4/9-0) 5:30pm
Davidson Day girls(14-1/2-0) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(15-8/3-1) 5:30PM
Davidson Day boys(4-18/0-3) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(16-7/2-2) 7pm
Westchester Country Day boys(16-8/11-2) at Carolina Friends(3-9/2-5) 7pm
East Surry at Bishop McGuinness Girls at 6:30 and Boys at 8pm
*****Burlington Williams at Northeast Guilford tonight JV boys 5:00pm, Varsity Women at 6:30pm, Varsity Men at 8:00pm*****

New Garden Friends School(OFF)…from Wednesday:New Garden Friends School boys 68, Forest Trail 67…

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  1. How did the Page girls get out scored 30-7 in the 2nd half when you were leading by 3 pts at haftime? Did one of the main players get hurt or what?

  2. HPCA goes into Freedie’s Done pulls out 50-48 in OT! Those refs sure ref different at G’day!!

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