Let’s Talk Baseball:Quite a few fans are ready to get rolling and who will be rolling this season???

Let’s talk boys baseball. Who is what this year?

Its about time to start getting some baseball talk going! What’s the predictions out there this year? Who are the teams and players to watch?? Baseball season is here!!

Mike is right!
Lets get the scoop on high school baseball this year? I’ve seen a lot schedules on max preps already. Lets break them all down – Impact baseball just completed there breakdown of all the public schools and looks this week they are going to break down private schools. That should be interesting . Baseball season is here! Lets GOOOOO!!!

Baseball is here
Lets get the baseball info rolling! Baseball is so big in our area and so competitive. There are so many local seniors players that have signed to play baseball at next level and a lot of juniors committed. Look forward to the baseball talk and debates!! I’m going to go out of a limb and say baseball may be bigger than any other sport in our area- neck and neck with basketball..

Guilford Baseball
SEG i think lost some but will still be good. Randleman should be strong. Page and Grimsley ok and then Dudley might make some noise.

Guilford Baseball
Baseball is just around the corner. Who’s practicing already? SEG, Randleman, Dudley, Page, maybe NEG or Northern? Those schools should do good against those Forsyth county schools.

The beautiful weather over the weekend sure did bring baseball to mind. I think that in Guilford Co, all tryouts/workouts will begin approx 2 wks from today.

I don’t know many teams in the county very well, but do know that Northern appears poised to have a big year, even though they’re still a relatively young team. Their junior class has some impressive talent.

Regarding NW, I think they’ll be similar to last spring, in that their pitching will keep them competitive in mose games (dependent upon a couple of kids with some history of arm issues staying healthy). There’s no Aker , but they do have some kids with excellent arms. Their bigger challenge will likely be scoring runs. Sonny looks to have set up a pretty tough non-conference schedule. NW plays Grimsley, NG, NEG, SEG, Randleman, Richmond Co., W Forsyth, DH Conley,Whiteville, N Davidson, W Alamance, Reagan, plus a couple more games in spring break tournament that could also be against some very good teams. That’s going to be challenging.


  1. Southern Guilford will have a lineup that is packed with seniors looking to finish their careers with a conference championship.

    Western Guilford will be starting an exciting new era under new coach Matthew Wood.

  2. Don’t forget Northeast Guilford with Carter Williams, Jacob Brown, Parker Strader and more and Eastern Guilford with the Robinson Brothers(Luke and Andrew), Finerty and more…

    The Mid-State 3-A Conference is one of the best baseball conferences in the state…Northern Guilford has young players available that saw lots of time last year and they will be very good too…The catcher at NG is an old hand now…Started since his freshman year and now a Junior…Logan King, I think it is…A couple of very good arms too…

    Lots more to talk about and the Devin Bartley kid at Southeast may be one of the strongest kids in the state and still one more Williamson at Dudley and Page has the kid who may be the best left-handed pitcher in the state in Kevin Westlake….Westlake should be ready for “Primetime” this season….Dudley with a couple of Pruitts too in the mix…

    Wesleyan and High Point Christian on the private school end will be loaded as always and the edge still goes to WES based on their past experience…

    GDS may be coming along, I heard one of the Hutchinson kids is over there now…

  3. Just my opinion – been watching baseball in this area for 30+ years these are just my thoughts doesn’t mean their what everyone else thinks. So don’t shoot the messenger. Public school wise – from a area stand point not necessarily Guilford Co. Randleman could be one of the strongest public schools regardless of classification. Some good talent down there with Webster and Clemons. Eastern will ride Robinsons one more year- past those 2 boys could be slim pickings after that. NE – has talent whether they perform is different story. North Davidson has 4 or 5 D1 commits taking the field for them this year- could be the year to win it all down at ND. Reagan in Winston has some good talent couple kids going D1 – Blake and Lane. Glenn should be fair – they have the kid Kiare going to Clemson, a couple pitchers. They should finish right behind NW in that conference. That Piedmont conference will be down this year – not as good as it has been. Don’t see SW and East with much pitching- East lost there #1 to HPC and SW hear lost a kid to HPC as well. Reynolds lost a ton, they have the Orr kid going to UNC. Page has Westlake. Dudley should be pretty good with Williamson, Pruitt , Stokes should be better- don’t know any of their other kids. I know there are a lot more teams out there that’s just off top of my head without taking more time. Private schools- I know this is always the big debate no matter what sport it is, but you have to give credit where it is due. HPCA and Wesleyan will be top Private schools and probably the best 2 teams in the state overall this year public or private. Charlotte Christian lost there 95 mph stud to Florida, but they will be good just don’t know how good, but you can count them in for being a contender. HPCA gets the nod over all of them based on what they have coming back and what came in. Talking to people close to the program sounds like this could be there year to win it all. I’m told they have 3 D1 pitchers (Gesell, Lawson and Nifong (Duke) Lawson came from East Forsyth all pitching around the 90 mph mark and some other good ones throwing in mid /upper 80’s they say over there. That’s a pretty good high school staff. Offensively they have Gesell, Wilkinson and the catcher Fishvote, Nifong they say he is 6’7 now ,when he is on mound that ball will be on you quick and the transfer from East (Lawson)don’t know much about or heard much about the kid from SW, they also got a kid from Davie Co – not sure if he was there last year or not. Wesleyan has Isenhour lefty pitcher, and have the sophomore pitcher that pitched a lot as a freshman last year. They have Blakney, Lassiter, Dixon, Junior catcher committed to NC State . Will be interesting.

  4. @ Andy – what past experience are you referring to on Wesleyan? They lost a lot from last year and wont be as good this year. I think they play North Davidson and Charlotte Christian early and HPCA plays Charlotte Christian early as well- so that will be some good comparisons. HPCA will be the team to beat with all they have , they will be hard to beat with their pitching just like North Davidson – ND could be the team to beat in the state 4A this year like Teams and Talent stated above. You figure Randleman will run the table as well.

  5. I saw Wesleyan in the Grasshoppers HS Baseball Tournament last year and was impressed with what I saw..

    They had the Icenhour kid, still have Nate Blakeney, there was a freshman pitcher last year and I wil need to visit their roster and get his name and I will need to check to see if Horkey is still there…WES has been the top private school around here over the past 5-10 years and HPCA has been coming on strong, but when you have a coach like Scott Davis calling the shots, you are going to find WES to be a very tough out and a tough team to beat….

    The pitcher I was looking to remember from Northern Guilford is Josh Pike(not to be confused with Jared Pike from WKZL) and Pike is still one of the best around….

    I need to win that one big game I am still taking Kevin Westlake from Page from this year’s crop of pitchers…From what he did last year at the end of the year and especially down at Ardrey Kell, he has may vote on the day before the Iowa caucuses…

    And you always need to keep the Ragsdale Tigers on your “Watch List”….They will start the season strong and they always do, but they want to finish strong too and they have to get what they want to get done, done….They are coming come out of the dugout hard and fast and they just want to make that they can make it last…..

    Before WES can be dethroned, you have to knock them off first and it sounds like HPCA has a good lineup to give that a strong effort….If Blakeney gets rolling, I’m not sure what WES might do and I still need to check on Horkey…Like I said earlier, WES made a believer out me last year at the Grasshoppers HS Tournament….

    And one more thing, Luke Robinson, from Eastern Guilford, might be the top overall player around here if he gets it going….Very big and he might be looking at the draft if he has a real good senior season at EG….

  6. Yes, Jared Pike is the morning man at 107.5 WKZL and he got the free plug of the day…

    Back to Josh Pike, he is one good young pitcher and we will get his named corrected on the comment above.

    His sister was a very good softball player back in her day and she may have played college softball at Tennessee or someplace that size….She could play some softball from what I was hearing….

  7. Coach Mike Meadows at North Davidson gets the job done and there aren’t many better overall coaches around than Jake Smith down at Randleman….Jake runs a first-class operation….

  8. The Cougar baseball team will speak for themselves when they take the field this year. They will field 5 division 1 players this year – 3 of which pitch. Expect to hear a lot about the Cougars as they make a lot of noise . Cougars- will be hitting rockets and throwing pills!

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