Monday in the Middle:Back on the road with Middle School Basketball Updates and Scores(Grimsley at Page HS on Tuesday night)

+++++Grimsley at Page HS coming up on Tuesday/Tomorrow night…Grimsley beat Page big in the boys game at Grimsley back in January and what’s up next, as the Whirlies head over to the Mac Morris Gym on the Page campus?????+++++

*****(If you have any scores, send them our way.)*****
Made it over to the Guilford Middle School today since I was in the Guilford College area and caught the girls and boys games with Aycock Middle School vs. the Guilford Middle School…

We saw a split today on “Monday in the Middle”….
Finals:Guilford Middle School girls 38, Aycock Middle School 25….
End of 3rd Q:Guilford 28, Aycock 19…Guilford led in scoring by #15 Oliver and she had around 15 points today and she was the top player on the court for the girls…
*****One of the more interesting plays of the game came when one of the Guilford Middle School Tiger girls was called out-of-bounds because her hair was out-of-bounds as the hair laid on the baseline…The kid was in-bounds, but her hair(pony-tail was out-of-bounds…Lots of rebounds, baskets and strong dribbling by Oliver…*****

Final from the Boy’s Game:
Aycock Middle 40, Guilford Middle 25…..
End of 1st Q:Aycock 10, Guilford 5…Halftime:Aycock 18, Guilford 14…End of the 3rd Q:Aycock 34, Guilford 14…
Aycock led for the most part by #1 Chris Zellous, #21 Pierce and by #22 Dominique Key….Pierce is the big Aycock Lion center and he stands at least 6’3 and that is pretty tall for an eighth-grader and he shoots good free throws too…Probably around 70% at the line for Pierce…Guilford led primarily by their co-captain #14 and I think the last name is Guthrie….Picking up the names from the games by way of the Guilford Middle School PA man…I’m thinking the Chris Zellous kid from Aycock might be the brother of John Zellous, from over at Dudley High School….

There you go and that is our trip on “Monday in the Middle” for this day and if have other Middle School scores from today, please send them our way and who right now has the top middle school team, here in Guilford County…

The Middle School All-Star Game is coming in up in Mid-March….

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  1. Eastern, Mendenhall, Northwest & Southeast have the top girl teams this year. I believe Northwest may be undefeated.

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