Top Ten Scorers for High School Basketball with Boys and Girls from Friday night’s games:New Top Ten Polls turning over the coals/colds

Let’s go with our lists for this Saturday morning and if we need to add or adjust, we will as the day grows long…

Boys Top Ten from the game’s played on Friday night and based upon the scores and numbers that we had turned in to us and what we were able to locate/procure today and last night…Roll the footage/dice…

33:Noah Dunn(Vandalia Christian School
30:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford High School)
29:Tyrece Cheeks(Ben L. Smith HS)
26:Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)…Kameron reached the 1,000 point scoring mark in his high school career last night….Congrats
26:J.P. Moorman(Greensboro Day School)
24:Ryan Moon(Bishop McGuinness)
21:Diondre Overton(Page HS)
21:Kobe Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
21:Jordan Twyman(High Point Central HS)
20:Edrice Adebayo(High Point Christian Academy)
20:Michael Hueitt(High Point Christian Academy)
20:Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)
Honorable Mention:Ramon Pratt(Smith HS) 19…Montez Venable(Eastern Guilford HS) 19…Jaylen King(Page HS) 18…Brian Free(Ragsdale HS), Tylan Tatum(Page HS), Jarrett Boyd(Northern Guilford HS), Andy Pack(Northern Guilford HS) and Brandon Lamberth(Dudley HS) all with 15…Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford HS) and Keyshaun Langley(Southwest Guilford HS) with 14…Andrew Robinson(Eastern Guilford HS) 14…Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley HS) with 11…
*****Dy’Karian Brown(McMichael High School) just outside our area hit for 30 points last night…*****

Girls Top Ten List of scorers from Friday night
20:Kiara Harrison(Dudley HS)
20:Kaitlyn Dillard(Northeast Guilford HS)
20:Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford HS)
18:Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford HS)…Hayley reached the 1,000 point scoring mark in her high school career last night and Congrats to her…
18:Faith Price(Southwest Guilford HS)
18:Jamaya Blanks(Western Guilford HS)
17:Bailey Kargo(Page HS)
17:Tia Cappuccio(Bishop McGuinness)
17:Mercedes Wampler(Northern Guilford HS)
16:Avery Hobbs(Northeast Guilford HS)
15:Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS)
15:Julianne Altoe(Vandalia Christian School)
15:Pamela Mock(Northeast Guilford HS)
15:Jewell Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS)
Honorable Mention:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS) 14 points/16 rebounds…Leigh Ramsey(Grimsley HS) 14…Kassie Robakiewicz(Northern Guilford HS) 14…Emma Heard(Page HS) 12…Symphony Jackson(Smith HS) 12…Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School) 12…Chole Brewington(Greensboro Day School) 12…Marnae Oatis(Western Guilford HS) 12…
*****Kodi Centry(McMichael HS) with 27 points last night from just outside our area and her teammate Imani Phillips hit the 12-point mark…*****

*****Top Ten Polls….*****
Ready for the Week of February 6, 2016

Public School Top Ten Polls
Girls Top Ten Poll:
1)Northwest Guilford(20-0)…..(48-1) over the past two seasons…
2)Southeast Guilford(18-4)
4)Northern Guilford(16-7)
6)Southwest Guilford(15-7)
7)High Point Andrews(15-5)
8)Southern Guilford(13-7)
9)Northeast Guilford(11-10)
10)Eastern Guilford(10-10)

Boys Top Ten Poll:
1)Southwest Guilford(22-0)
2)Northwest Guilford(17-3)
5)Eastern Guilford(15-6)
6)Northern Guilford(15-8)
8)Southern Guilford(12-8)

Boys Private School Poll:
1)Greensboro Day School(26-4)/High Point Christian Academy(21-4)
3)The Burlington School(29-0)
4)Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-8)
5)Vandalia Christian(23-6)
6)Westchester Country Day(19-8)
7)New Garden Friends(12-7)
8)Forsyth Country Day(19-8)
9)Bishop McGuinness(12-9)
10)Caldwell Academy(4-14)

Girls Private School Poll:
1)Forest Trail(18-4)
2)Bishop McGuinness(10-10)
3)Wesleyan Christian Academy(16-9)
4)Caldwell Academy(16-5)
5)Greensboro Day School(14-14)
6)Forsyth Country Day(11-10)
7)Vandalia Christian School(8-10)
8)Greensboro Home School(3-6)
9)Calvary Baptist(6-16)
10)TIE:Oak Ridge Military Academy(1-9)/High Point Christian Academy(0-12)

Boys Combined High School Top Ten Basketball Poll:
1)TIE:Greensboro Day School(26-4)/High Point Christian Academy(21-4)
3)Southwest Guilford(22-0)
4)The Burlington School(29-0)
5)Northwest Guilford(17-3)
7)Wesleyan Christian Academy(18-8)
9)Eastern Guilford(15-6)
10)Northern Guilford(15-8)


  1. Northern Guilford girls
    Mercedes Wampler 17pts
    Elissa Cunane 14pts; 16rbds
    Kassie Robakiewicz 14pts

  2. Just looking back over my notes, and wanted to mention that Tyrece Cheeks(Smith HS) had six 3-pointers on Friday night. SO 18 of Cheeks’ 29 points came from behind the arc.

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