Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for (2/10/16):NWG Vikings remain Undefeated and move record to (22-0)

Final from Northwest Guilford:
Northwest Guilford girls 41, East Davidson 39
NWG(22-0)…East Davidson(22-1)…NWG now (50-1) over the past two seasons…
JV Girls:East Davidson 45, Northwest Guilford 41…Late comeback by young Vikings and they made it close at the end…Good signs on both teams the future is bright for both schools….
Balanced effort from Northwest Guilford Varsity and a good team win for the Lady Vikings this evening and we need to give some props the boys basketball team….They were there in full force supporting and cheering the girls on and sounded like the guys had been a pizza party before the game and they were energized on their carbs and pulling hard for the ladies tonight….We had nine for Morgan Pointer, 8 each for Toni Tucker and Cayla King, 6 for Hayley Barber, 5 for Bria Gibs two each for Savannah Neas and Catherine Moore(maybe missing a point or two in there somewhere)…Very good team effort again by the young ladies from NWG tonight…Plummer and Hallman were tough and Northwest had to find ways to work around them and get the win this evening and NWG got it done….Gibbs was going hard inside, Pointer was on her game had several big rebounds, the freshman King hit some real big shots, Toni Tucker came out on fire early and carried her team early on, Neas off the bench was her usual dependable self and did a great job and how about Catherine Moore coming and hitting those two clutch free throws in the third quarter????? Hayley Barber was diving for those loose balls and getting the key rebounds along that back line on defense like she always does and tonight Hayley had to dig in with some extra elbow grease because the East Davidson Golden Eagles were on her all night long and Hayley got into some foul trouble, but that was from playing hard ball….Hayley had help tonight and all of the Vikings stepped up and won this really big late-season non-conference game….You have to give the Vikings credit, this was a hard-earned win over a credible opponent….

Pretty much a two-girl game for East Davidson with 18 points for Bayley Plummer and 10 for Made Hallman…Seven points with two three’s going in for Kendall Simmons…Hallman and Plummer are as good as our top Guilford County players and we were real impressed with working game of Plummer…She is a strong player and shoots steady free throws hitting 4 in the fourth…

Page girls 50, Eastern Guilford 32…
Bailey Kargo with 21 to lead Page…Jasmine Harris with 12 for EG…

Northeast Guilford girls 61, McMichael 51
+++++Page picks up two wins for this Friday on the JV level….Forfeits For Friday for the Page junior varsity basketball teams and not the Varsity…+++++
Page boys 74, Eastern Guilford 50
Jaylen King with 16 for Page and Jaylen Alston with 10 for Eastern Guilford

End of 1st Q:Page 16 boys, Eastern Guilford 11
Halftime:Page 33, Eastern Guilford 22
End of 3rd Q:Page 55, Eastern Guilford 37

9th Grade Boys:
Page 56, Eastern Guilford 39…
25 points for Trent McIntyre for Page and 14 points for Dylan Zagurski from Eastern Guilford


  1. There was great fan support for this NW game tonight. You would have thought the boys played based on the size of the crowd. A lot of fans on both sides.

  2. The Page varsity men and women’s teams will play @ Southern Alamance on Friday @ 6 and 7:30.
    It is the Page jv girls and jv boys teams that will receive forfeits from Southern Alamance on Friday as Southern Alamance has internal issues and can compete on Friday.

  3. Our biggest internal issue is lack of leadership. 4a school with a 1a AD! Boys havnt won a football, basketball or baseball playoff game in over 10 years maybe. But we have kids going to play college ball every year.

  4. How does an AD determine how many playoff games you have won? The money box and concession stand dictates who and how many playoff games you win….and we all know that all is needed is a strong pulse and a slight desire to play at the next level is all you need…..Why do you think there has been an influx of community college athletic programs pop up over the last decade? In the 90s and early 2000s there were NO community college athletic programs….why did they start? Cause community colleges knew they could make a profit….if you have some money your kid to can say they were a collegiate athlete…..

  5. Last night’s girls game at NW really was entertaining. It was a great crowd, with a very large contingent from ED coming over. Great atmosphere, hard fought contest between two very good teams, with the outcome not decided until the final shot of the game. I don’t believe ED ever had the lead, other than possibly very early. But, don’t believe NW ever led by more than 5. The tall girl from ED is very skilled. Kudos to both teams and their fans.

  6. The post player from East Davidson had a very nice shot selection and liked her reverse layups the best…

    She/Bayley Plummer can play at the next level and she hit some key free throws too….Seems to have a good understanding of the game, but the win goes to the Vikings and they played balanced team basketball to earn that victory on Wednesday night…

    Excellent game and this ought to help both teams as they head toward the postseason….

    Page JV basketball gets the Forfeits for Friday from Southern Alamance…I was doing some thinking this morning and if that happened on the Varsity level, that would really throw off the Metro Tournament and put that in a flux, but JV forfeits for Friday only in boys and girls basketball….

    Busy time and things going in a lot of different directions here at the end of the season….

  7. Folks – let me be clear about my post above. It was never my intention to drawn negative attention to Coach Russell (AD) at Southern Alamance. My post was intended to correct the headline of the initial article and make clear that varsity will be at Southern and there will be no JV games @ Page. It is my understanding that The inner issue with Southern Alamance JV basketball, was the JV coaches had conflicts (Re: coaching other teams and personal conflicts) that would not allow them to play on the scheduled conference date. Coach Russell and I looked at other options to reschedule but those dates conflicted with Page events that were already scheduled. I personally hate when games are cancelled because kids lose the opportunity to play.
    I cant speak to the concerns that some have expressed in replies above, but if you don’t like what you see or you don’t understand. I have a suggestion: Schedule a meeting with that AD or Coach and go sit down and talk with you personally (to address concerns/question). Easier to get the facts person to person verse looking for them on a website.

  8. Mr. Lee , sorry that I followed your remarks without being totally clear about my own. I hope no one thinks Mr. Lee was commenting on SA’s athletics other than to correctly state the basketball schedule. Sorry for any unintended backlash.

    I hear you scooby, but SA is just completely missing the boat on what it could be. Not enough time or people on this site to warrant any further comments.

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