Kodi Centry goes to 1,000 points tonight for McMichael vs. Morehead

Kodi Centry hit the 1,000 point mark in her high school basketball career tonight for the McMichael Flying Phoenix…Kodi Centry has set a personal record and she has also set a new standard for high school basketball players at McMichael High School…

Kodi Centry First female ever at McMichael to do it as a junior.

*****Morehead gets the win 69-38 and the Panthers get the win over the Phoenix, but Kodi Centry needed 8 points to reach 1,000 and she got hers and a few more….*****

+++++Congratulations to Kodi Centry from McMichael High School for reaching the 1,000 point mark in her high school basketball career….+++++


  1. Got the switch and I have been working on a lot of names today, but hey got the “K” for Miss Centry and not Gentry and what is the word there on Highway 220 North near Madison and Mayodan….

    I am on that McMichael now as Phoenix, but what was the nickname for Madison-Mayodan High School back in the day, were they known as the Falcons…I remember their colors were Carolina Blue and White, but as working on Kodi’s notes today, it got me thinking to what name Madison-Mayodan was using back in the day?????

    Again, good job Kodi Centry….

  2. It was the Madison Mayodan Falcons and the Stoneville Eagles that combined to make the McMichael Phoenix.

  3. Good point on those Stoneville Eagles…Haven’t thought about them in years and that was a mainstay team up that way back in the day….On the other side of Rockingham County, I think they had Bethany, Ruffin and another school or two that combined/merged to form Rockingham County High School back in the late 70’s….

  4. The Eagles were state champions in 82-83 I think it was. Kodi’s father was part of that championship team. Looks like she inherited the love of the game.

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