Triad All-Star Games will be on Sunday March 20 at Walkertown High School:Lots of Guilford County kids(girls and boys) on the East squads(Ren Stewart-Caldwell Academy East Women’s head coach)

Sunday March 20 at Walkertown High School with the 2016 Triad All-Stars Basketball Games and Dunk Contest…
Ren Stewart from Caldwell Academy was the head coach of the girls East squad last year and this year we have Guy Shavers, from Southwest Guilford High School, from Southwest Guilford High School, as the head coach of boys East team/squad….
+++++Players had to be nominated by their coaches to eligible for the team and then they were scouted by the Triad All-Stars Games selection committee….+++++
*****All names brought to you by way of Twitter, that is where we found the All-Star Players*****

East girls with lots of Guilford County girls ready to play in the All-Star Game at Walkertown High School…
Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford High School)
Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford High School)
Kiara Harrison(Dudley HS)
Kelena Morris(Dudley HS)
Lasha Seaton(Northern Guilford HS)
Zamaya Clayton(Northern Guilford HS)
Jordan Quick(High Point Andrews HS)
Jazlin Taylor(High Point Andrews HS)
Destiny Timberlake(High Point Andrews HS)
Hannah Houser(Caldwell Academy)
Godwin Dooley(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Deja Cousins(The Burlington School)
*****More names may be coming later on and we are just grabbing all we can find on Twitter…Doesn’t seem to be a direct web site for the event, but they are real big on Twitter…..Also local names that you might know that will be on the West Team:
Madie Hallman(East Davidson)…Bayley Plummer(East Davidson)

Boys East Squad/Team coached again by Guy Shavers(Southwest Guilford High School)
Raymon Pratt(Smith HS)
Kaymon Mitchell(Southwest Guilford HS)
Orlando Smith(Southwest Guilford HS)
Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford HS)
Ce’Darius Dockery(Western Guilford HS)
Jalen Johnson(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Kwe Parker(Wesleyan)
Michael Buckland(Wesleyan)
Brandon Childress(Wesleyan)
Cayman Bennett(Westchester Country Day)
Marshall Lange(Westchester Country Day)
Carrington Young(The Burlington School)

$$$$$Darius Moore(Greensboro Day School) and Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford HS) among those on last year’s teams….$$$$$


  1. The day and time we live in this is obviously more about equal representation than best players. Good luck to those chosen!!

  2. @funny No, it’s actually about which kids are willing to play in a local game and which kids think they’re too big for this game. Some of the best seniors in the area (and remember that a lot of really good players in the Triad are underclassmen and ineligible for this game) told the Triad All-Star people they weren’t interested, and the national seniors like Adebayo won’t go anywhere without the promise of ESPNU coverage and all the Nike/adidas/Under Armour gear they can carry home. That’s what “day and time” it is.

  3. Pretty much all of the Greensboro Day School top 5 players are underclassmen with Moorman, Perkins, Newman, Dillard and Mayo and they had at least one man, Darius Moore up there in the game last year…

    A game like this could be a boost for young men like Ramon Pratt(Smith) and Orlando Smith(SWG) if they can get some serious looks…

    Interesting too look at the breakdown of the East Triad and the West Triad…

    It is what it is and then they will roll…

  4. Off the subject a little bit, but I thought this was interesting with two former area guys heavily involved with Mark Price’s Charlotte 49ers in their win back on Saturday…

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Braxton Ogbueze(Southwest Guilford High School) scored 19 points and Charlotte hit 14 3-pointers in taking a 103-79 victory over North Texas on Saturday.

    Ogbueze made five 3-pointers for the 49ers (10-15, 6-6 Conference USA), who hit the 100-point mark for the second straight game and fourth time this season.

    Joseph Uchebo(Oak Ridge Military Academy)added 15 points for Charlotte…

    Ogbueze was at Southwest Guilford maybe for one year as a 9th grader and Uchebo was not around long either, maybe for one season with Stan K. at ORMA….I think Uchebo went back to Raleigh after that and he might have connected with Word of God or United Faith and Uchebo was due in at N.C. State, but it never happened….

    Looks like Mark Price is doing a decent job at Charlotte…

    I saw where PG Diante Baldwin(High Point Christian/Western Guilford HS) had 21 points and 9 rebounds for UNCG in a win over Wofford tonight/Monday….A good night for him too….

  5. Whoa! How long have they had this event? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

    Legit did not know that Ogbueze had spent one year at Southwest. Pretty cool.

    Oh…and the kid at Westchester’s name is actually Marshall Lange. Very fun to watch. Got a bit of “White Chocolate” to his game.

  6. @nominating’s point, kinda similar to the Heaco all tourney, guess having 4 NW girls is too may, even though they playing at a higher level than most other nominees. To @funny, its the day and time we live in abbout being equal, esp on the girl side, and from these nominations, its obvious.

  7. I have to echo the sentiment of the above few posts, how can 4 of the top 5 contributors on a team that is 51-1 during last two years and a state champ contender last year and this year, not be on a triad all star team? Again Andrews has 3 on the team? and they have no been as successful and they play 3A, not 4A (highest level of competition)? Makes you scratch your head.

  8. There are at least 5 on that list that contribute way less to their team (and their teams are not nearly as successful) than the two mentioned from NW. This area doesn’t appreciate what this group of seniors at NW has accomplished and is yet to accomplish. From media coverage not being strong until here lately AND opposing fans nit picking and bashing them. It’s really sad.

  9. I am not singling out players, that is totally classless, for this topic and to the kids. Go watch these teams play and it is obvious who the contributors are. From minutes played to scoring and defense.

  10. Hayley Barber and Morgan Pointer are the best two players at northwest guilford. Period. The other kids on the team help make them dominant without a question. But Hayley and Morgan are the best and thinking anything else is just crazy. Both of them are also the only 2 seniors on that team that had multiple D1 offers as well.

  11. I agree with the comment about Hayley Barber and Morgan Pointer being the best two players on that team. The next most contributing player is a freshman starter. Cayla King. Sounds like there could be some jealousy floating around northwests team as oppose to being happy to be a part of it. Losing only one game in two years is amazing and takes more then just twp girls. But if there has to be recognition for their teams success, the two best players were chosen for this game. The third best is inelgible because shes a freshman.

  12. If questions persist about the selection process the best thing for us to do might be to contact the Triad All-Stars Games officials..

    Not sure how to get in touch with them, but we will work on that for later…They have a very active Twitter account, but did not see a web site for them anywhere..

    Good luck to all of selections and Guilford County has done a good job this season…

  13. well, we know how to finish that statement, possibly the next best is a freshman, but this isn’t about picking the best two, Andrews has 3? Is that their best 3? Fact is all 4 seniors had D1 offers, others found better fit at other schools. Not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone here but the fact that 4 girls were heavy contributors to this teams success LAST year and THIS year deserves some sort of recognition, for career accomplishments. Just my opinion.

  14. Reading these last few posts as a person who has been around this team for last 5 years, the jealousy comment is absurd. These girls have been a TEAM for 4 years, no one player has averaged more than 12ppg and no less than 7ppg in the entire span of their playing career. There has never been any drama among the kids, nor has anything ever shown on the floor as being selfish or jealous. Kudos to the coaches for this but more importantly the character of the kids for letting this be the case. This is rare with teams that lose OR win. The kids don’t need these “made up awards” the way they play and carry themselves is enough award for them. Awards and trophies tarnish and fade away, character lasts forever.

  15. Im not around the northwest team enough. but will only speak on what i have observed. But it seems as if this topic has came up quite frequently this year. I believe morgan and Hayley got all tourney in the haeco tourney and one or two posters on here bashed the other kids from other schools comparing stats saying “the other two” girls from northwest should have been picked. I specifically remember people on here throwing the page point guard under the bus. She didnt ask to get picked. As is the case that nobody from andrews asked to get picked and neither did hayley or morgan or any of the other girls. You cant pick 4 girls from one school and throw them in an all star game. It takes away to many slots from players at other schools. I hate to say it but the best players from each school get picked. I dont know who the other two players are from northwest that some folks on here think deserve recognition as well, but the fact is that you cant pick 4 girls from one team. So the top 2 players make it(andrews having 3 is odd but i have never seen their team). Ive seen northwest play quite a few times the past two years and Hayley and Morgan are the two best players on a team full of GREAT PLAYERS.

  16. It would be nice to know more about the selection process, but like many have said, you can’t take anything away from that Northwest Guilford girls team…One of the top teams in the state over the past two years at (51-1) and they have handled it well…

    All you have to do is look back at the Lady Vikings win over East Davidson last week and that was a total team effort and I think the top NWG scorer had 9 points….NWG had a ton of balance and help coming from all over the place in that game…

    On the boys end you do have four players from one team and again not sure about the selection process, but you have Jalen Johnson(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
    Kwe Parker(Wesleyan)
    Michael Buckland(Wesleyan)
    Brandon Childress(Wesleyan) and those are very good players too…

    Still would like to find out more about the criteria, but for teams that are in the hunt for State Titles, and many of our teams still are, now is the time for team focus and to put the basketball game in focus and the All-Stars and post-season action will come later on….

    I was reading something today and the article post was saying the Top Four Qualifiers make the State Tournament and back when I was young in those same tournaments only the Top Two finishers made the states and I remember one year I came in third and was reading that today and was thinking, man take me back, but you can’t go back, you have to take it as it is and keep on moving down that road….

    If you don’t make one of these All-Stars Teams use that to your advantage and go out prove the people wrong that selected the teams…

    Work so hard that when the others are done and their career is over, you are still going and still out there in the hunt and not ready to go home and quit yet…Use it to your advantage and don’t let the odds knock you down….

  17. We got Bayley Plummer…Made the update…We have had Hayley, Bayley, Hailey, Bailey, Dailey, Daily, Rainey, and on we go…We do have a nice group/list of names here at this site….

  18. You already singled the 5 girls out. You was already being classless. If you are apart of the girls basketball community. You know which kids do not have the “stats” to make the this team. Every player in guilford county looks at this site.

  19. On the issue of 4 players from one team on the All-Star Teams, just from an observer’s standpoint it seems like it might make it for better overall representation to have fewer players from one team, say such as a minimum of 2 players from each high school team and that way you can have more high schools and their players represented…

    Lots of excitement about the games, but not sure about the overall selection process and sometimes that is just the way it is and the way it is going to be…

    Not too far down the road we will be seeing the All-District teams voted on by the North Carolina Coaches Association coaches and the coaches have to nominate players for the players to have a chance to make that team…We are in District 5 if things are like they have been before/in the past and I’m pretty sure East Davidson is in our District and you have to believe that both Hallman and Plummer will be on that team, especially if East Davidson wins the State 2-A Title….

    Don’t really know a lot about the Triad All-Star Games…Remember some of the players from last year and saw player listings for this year’s game on Twitter…Maybe others know more about this group…

    As we post here at 4:05pm Conference Tournament action under way down at Southeast Guilford High School with #4 girls Smith vs. #5 girls Southern Alamance in the Metro…

    Good and busy week for high school basketball….

  20. I don’t think the real question is why/why not were certain players picked. The real question is: Who’s doing the picking? And then; Who’s making money off this event? I believe a check would show it’s the same group who promotes the Triad Middle School “All-Stars”. And where does the money go from that event? To help deserving children receive a private school education. Now; ask for the names of some of these deserving children and compare what you see to the names of the event promoters.

  21. I never saw any mention on their Twitter site about the Middle School All-Star Games for the Boys and Girls and I could stand to be corrected and might be wrong on this one, but I think it is two different groups…

    As tough as it is to pull off the Middle School All Star Games, I don’t see how they could do both of these, but I have been wrong before…

    I know back in the early stages, the Guilford County Middle School All-Stars group tried to do an All-Star Game/Event in Forsyth County too, but it didn’t work and they dropped it…..

    As far as I know, there is no Twitter site for the Middle School All-Stars event, but we may need to keep researching and I’m sure we are not done talking about this one yet….

    Seems like it is more of a Winston-Salem/Forsyth County crew/effort working on the high school game and more of a pure Guilford County crew working on the Middle School games…

    Middle School games have been at Smith and Dudley the past couple of years and the High School games have been located pretty much at Walkertown and they may have met at Forsyth Country Day one year….

    Alan Hooker group heads up the Guilford County event and not sure who the Forsyth leader is, but I did see a brief blurb about where the proceeds went on one Tweet..Not sure about the exacts…

    Sure has become a hot topic here in the past couple of days…Wonder what the Forsyth County folks are saying over on the side of the West All-Stars???

  22. New news on the Triad All Star Games:
    Coach Ren Stewart-Caldwell Academy East Women’s Head Coach

    TriadAllStarClassic ?@TriadAllStar 19m19 minutes ago Winston-Salem, NC
    Coach Ren Stewart of @CaldwellGso have accepted to be our 2016 Women’s @TriadAllStar #EastTeam Head coach. Thank you sir!????????

  23. Triad All-Star Sunday March 20

    @ Walkertown High School

    3:00 pm – 4:25 pm – Women’s Triad HS All-star Game

    5:15 pm – 5:30 pm –Triad All-Star Dunk Contest

    5:35 pm – 7:00 pm – Men’s Triad High School All Star Game

  24. As a NW parent, let me squash the jealousy rumor now. The core NW team has played together for 6 years in both school ball and travel. That’s 6 years of year-round playing together in some combination. Not only are they teammates, they are friends and sisters. As such, they have their squabbles as any friends do. but in the end, on the court they play as a TEAM. As was mentioned by jealousy?, these girls have great character. They are some of the smartest toughest kindest kids I know. So, when you’re posrinf your comments about these kids, and they are just kids, please keep in mind that they didn’t ask for any of this. All they did was show up to play the game they love and do the best they can. They dedicated countless hours, sacrificed countless vacations or birthday parties or family or friend outings to be where they are. They do homework on buses or in the backseat of the car or in hotel lobbies to keep grades up. and, you can trust that they read these posts. They are 18 and younger, and have enough stress without all this.

  25. I think that person was talking about the parents being jealous. I doubt the kids really care honestly.

  26. With the new announcements of more kids being added to this “all star” team, I think they should change the name to “participant” as some adds are laughable. Obviously it is an event to celebrate seniors and equally from each and every team, and not anything about it is “elite or all star” worthy. Again, obviously a money maker for someone to deepen their pockets and profit.

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