New State-wide High School Basketball Polls from with NWG girls #1/NWG boys #7/SWG boys #8

The new high school basketball polls are in/out this week from and we see the Northwest Guilford girls(23-0) at #1 in the 4-A poll, then the Northwest Guilford boys(19-3) line up at #7 in the Boys Poll and the Southwest Guilford Cowboys(23-1) hold down the #8 spot in the Boys Poll for this week….

Also in and around the polls this week are the East Davidson girls at #2 in the 2-A Poll, the Eastern Alamance girls are #7 and the Rockingham County Cougars are #8 in the girls 3-A Poll….On the boys end of the court, you have Eastern Alamance at #6 in the 3-A Poll and the Cavaliers, from Burlington Cummings, are the #9 team in the 2-A Poll….Two more you may want to keep an eye on are R.J Reynolds at #6 and Mt. Tabor at #9, in the Boys 4-A Poll for this week….

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  1. I hope this team gets to play a range of teams from throughout the state in the playoffs, they traveled to Wilmington to play a top 10 4A ranked team (Hoggard) earlier in the year, they played East Davidson (#2 in 2A), I just don’t want them having to play local teams they have already played. Other teams, and their fans, need to see this team. It is special, and a well balanced, special team, that i hope can showcase their special abilities in route to a state title.

  2. How is SWGHS boys 8 with one loss and NW boys #7 with 3 losses and they split on their head to head matchup??? Confused.

  3. It looks like they/NCPreps are giving the clout/boost to Northwest Guilford for the Vikings win over Southwest Guilford last Tuesday night at SWG, 87-80…

    NCPreps is putting a lot of stock in that one win, but that was a very big win when you look at the fact it was the very first loss of the season for SWG and I think it was the first conference loss for SWG in over 2 1/2 years…

    Wonder what SWG fans have to say and if they think this jump was a justified jump…

    NWG fans should also have a voice and let us know if they feel like the win they got gave them the move they needed to leap frog over and ahead SWG….

    Expect you will hear a lot from these two teams going head-to-head with not much space in between them, over the next two years/seasons….

  4. We’ll see Nwest in the conf. finals!! It’s just a ranking, but I don’t think they should have jumped us.

  5. Keep in mind who NW lost to this year. When they lost to the team up in Mt Airy they did not have Tre plus they can drop a lost for tournament purposes. The other 2 losses were to SW and GDS. NW has had a great year and hopefully will be seeded as such. Many of the other teams in the state with no losses or just 1 or 2 did not play teams such as SW or GDS this year. Hopefully these type of teams will serve NW well in the playoffs.

  6. As far as polls go, if I were a SW fan, I’d probably be a bit perplexed, too. But, polls aren’t very important, and have nothing to do with the ultimate goals of these teams. These teams are pretty close, obviously. If they continue to win, they’ll get the accolades that they seek.

  7. The poll is surprising for these 4 local schools. Mt. Tabor lost to Reynolds a few weeks ago for the first time in close to 10 years. SW has handled every single one of their opponents without question , except for the one bad qt against NW. Bottom line is all these schools still have to overcome the Charlotte area in the playoffs. Should be exciting.

    6. R.J. Reynolds 21-3 – 28

    7. Northwest Guilford 19-3 – 24

    8. Southwest Guilford 23-1 – 20

    9. Mount Tabor 21-2 – 19

  8. It’s just a poll! It means nothing! They could put NW #1 and SW #24 and it would mean zero. All that matters is your conference record and your overall record. In the end the best will be at the top!

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