Final Brackets Ready Time to CLICK ON:High School Basketball Seedings/Pairings and Brackets from the NCHSAA/Women’s Final Pairings RIGHT RIGHT NOW:Click On!!!


Games on Tuesday for the Women(Final Pairings):
#32 Mount Tabor at #1 Northwest Guilford
#24 Hopewell at #9 Dudley
#20 North Mecklenburg at #13 Page
#18 Southwest Guilford at #15 Glenn
#17 Southeast Guilford at #16 Hough

#26 Eastern Guilford at #7 Topsail
#25 Northeast Guilford at #8 Eastern Wayne
#21 Wilson Fike at #12 Northern Guilford
#18 AC Reynolds at #15 Southern Guilford
*****#30 Morehead at #3 Rockingham County*****

#26 Midway at #7 High Point Andrews

#28 Bishop McGuinness at #5 Gray Stone

Final Men’s Brackets CLICK HERE….

Men’s Bracket….

Games on Tuesday from the Final Men’s Brackets….
*****All in the WEST*****
#31 Page at #2 Charlotte Catholic
#26 Ragsdale at #7 Hoke County
#20 Grimsley at #13 Berry Academy
#17 Smith at #16 Richmond County
#25 Glenn at #8 Dudley
#22 Myers Park at #11 Southwest Guilford
#28 Charlotte Vance at #5 Northwest Guilford

#22 West Craven at #11 Eastern Guilford
#18 Northern Guilford at #15 Southern Guilford
#26 Western Guilford at #7 North Iredell

#19 HigH Point Andrews at #14 East Burke

#24 Bishop McGuinness at #9 Mt. Airy

from earlier today…
Back in the day we used to say, “Let’s all go to the GGO”…Today as our teams get ready to play, we have to lean toward the word of the day, “Let’s all go to the NCHSAA” as in the NCHSAA site at and check out those high school basketball sectional pairings/brackets as they come out on this Saturday….It is like Christmas Day and you find out who you will play and we hope to have next week’s games up here as soon as the NCHSAA releases them…

Stay tuned as we hit the hard curve/leaning curve during this next phase of the post-season…..


  1. Nothing so far from the State Association and we will keep watching, with maybe a break or two here and there…

    Hope they hit it some time this afternoon…

    All teams had to turn in their season info by 11pm last night/Friday…

  2. Yes, prelim for Men now available…

    CLICK ON like crazy above….

    Great job by the way by the SEG Falcons on hosting the Metro 4-A Tournament…Shawyn Newton, Mark White, John Swithardt and others excellent week for the tourney at SEG…

  3. Yes, there will be some changes and it will be interesting to see what they are…

    Stay tuned and from the early seedings, the NCHSAA sure didn’t do the Smith Golden Eagles any favors….

  4. We will keep a watch out, the NCHSAA has posted this bulletin….

    1A and 4A are being reviewed for possible revisions….

    Ought to be fun to finish….

  5. Only change so far has been Grimsley now going to Berry Academy in Charlotte instead of going to Cornelius Hough…The seeds stayed the same with #20 Grimsley on the road to #13 and this update came back at 2:30pm…

  6. New update just came in at 3pm and we should be getting close to what will be the finalized version….

    Most the of current selections and pairings like they will stick for our area teams….

  7. Seems like we have been on a helicopter ride to Raleigh and back today and we hit our head somewhere along the way, but we did notice this on the Girls 4-A side where you could see NWG vs. SEG girls in Round Two and NWG girls vs. Dudley in Round Three….

  8. from the State Association:
    Preliminary Women’s Basketball brackets are now posted, schools have until 6:16 pm to contact the NCHSAA with questions.

    Have we kept you informed today or what???

  9. Northern Guilford women will play Wilson Fike at home on Tuesday and not Burlington Williams, as previously listed on the Prelims….

  10. Smith screwed again. But why should the state respect us if we can’t even get any respect in Guilford County

  11. Thank you, Andy, for all the hard work that you do for high school sports in this area!! You and your staff always do an excellent job and today was no different. Guilford county is lucky to have someone so passionate about youth sports that does a great job promoting our young men and women!!! Can I get an AMEN?!?!?

  12. Looks like NWG women will earn their spot if they make it to final 4. The top half of their bracket looks to be strongest by far. Teams like Alexander Central, Myers Park, Hopewell, and West Forsyth will make for interesting games. Not to mention possibly Dudley who NW struggled with in the Haeco. Regardless, seems winner of this bracket wins states, the east teams always seem to not be up to the west teams standard.

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