Providence Day tops HPCA in NCISAA 3-A Final:Providence Day Girls win 7th consecutive title[JP Moorman and John Newman(GDS), Bam Adebayo(HPCA), Brandon Childress(WES) All-State]

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*****NCISAA Men’s 3-A Championship Game*****
FINAL:Providence Day 67, High Point Christian Academy 51
Providence Day Chargers(30-3)…High Point Christian Academy Cougars(24-6)
NCISAA site had the final score at 67-51, HP Enterprise had it at 67-53 and Charlotte Observer at 67-53…Just hoping to get the right news across and the news on this final was varied…67-53 seems to be the score that wins out tonight…We are going with 67-53 as the official score…
Final:Providence Day 67, High Point Christian Academy 53

Bam Adebayo- High Point Christian Academy
Brandon Childress- Wesleyan Christian Academy
Devon Dotson- Providence Day School
Grant Williams- Providence Day School
Jairus Hamilton- Cannon School
John Fulkerson- Christ School
John Newman- Greensboro Day School
Josh Howard- Providence Day School
JP Moorman- Greensboro Day School
Mike Okauru- Ravenscroft School

Providence Day girls over Ravenscroft 42-21 in the 3-A girls game and the Providence Day School girls have won their 7th consecutive State Title…

Shaniya Jones- Wesleyan Christian Academy
Nicole Mackey- Wesleyan Christian Academy

Marshall Lange- Westchester Country Day School

John Meeks- The Burlington School
TJ Jeffers- The Burlington School

2016 NCISAA 1A Girls Basketball All State Team
Deja Cousin- The Burlington School


  1. 67-53 was the final

    At one point HPCA was down 19-4. At halftime Bam had 3 fouls and had not scored. Just not their night.

    After being down 22-6, HPCA out scored the Chargers 16-9 to close the gap to 31-22 at the half. The offense was clicking as several guys hit some 3 pointers.

    Bam picked up his 4th at about 2 minutes into the second half. Clifford. sat him for a few minutes, then actually brought him back in and he played the last 10 minutes or so with 4 fouls.

    Providence Day is REALLY good with several senior leaders. Great patience on offense and excellent rebounding team. They boxed out extremely well and HPCA was essentially kept completely off the offensive glass for the first 3 quarters of the game.

  2. The one kid for Providence, Trey Wertz, had 25 points for the Chargers and he is only a sophomore..Wertz is a good young basketball player…Heard the PD point guard is very tough too and their big man was giving Ban fits from what I saw at some sites..Bam to Kentucky and the Providence big man is headed to Tennessee…When Bam went down with foul trouble the other HPCA Cougars did give the team a boost and they made a run in the first half…

    Wasn’t the halftime score something like 31-22 and that is a big recovery, because from what I was reading, Providence came and took an early 16-4 lead….

  3. I saw the game online and HPC does not play defense well. HPC missed some open shots but their defense especially on the perimeter with their guards looked lazy and slow on rotations. Their offense was too predictable to beat the teamwork of Providence Day. HPC won a lot of games this year because of their mass talent but I never really saw 7-8 players playing together more than a quarter of two all year. Good players on HPC but too many individuals playing as individuals. Teams win championships at all levels. In the public schools, some of these guys may have dominated but at this level of private schools in NC you must bring your entire game and play team basketball and trust your teammates.

  4. Next year will be very interesting. GDS will be absolutely loaded with everyone coming back. WES was extremely senior lead and HPC is losing 4 or 5 seniors that started or played the majority of the minutes. FCD will also be one to watch along with Ravencroft and Providence Day next year. NW will be the only public school in the area playing at that level next year. It will also be interesting how SW will deal with the 3-4 seniors that they are losing that play a significant role.

  5. HPCA had more individual talent and more depth and less chemistry than anyone in 3-A NCISAA. Winning 30 games with that talent and not winning the game that counts means absolutely nothing. Great teams and great coaches win games they are not supposed to win like Johnson and coach “K” and then there are coaches like Roy, etc..

  6. SW will return 3 of 5 starters. Very young team with several freshmen and sophomores. Watch out for them, they will be better next season.

  7. Yep, and HPCA should have beaten them 3 times by 10 points, so you made my point. Thank you.

  8. Winning 30 games against the schedule they played is quite an accomplishment. GDS has never played a schedule that competitive. Putting their kids and coaches down because they didn’t win their last game is low class. Typical of your posts over the years.

  9. Preach it brother Jake. Could not agree more.

    We should all sit back and be thankful for a moment that whether you support WES, GDS, or HPCA, there is some TREMENDOUS basketball played in the Triad Area. Especially in the last 6 or so years. Hmmmm., that’s when HPCA hired Clifford, but I’m sure Dale will let us know that is just a coincidence (admittedly they were not that competitive with WES/GDS his first few years, and obviously Keith has done some very good things at WES).

    Great season. Next year promises more of the same.

  10. FYI – HPC only won 24 games so they didn’t win 30 as previously mentioned by Jake.

    HPC had a fine year but you have high expectations when you have all those transfers including Bam. They didn’t win their conference or state association.

    We are lucky to have good basketball in the area. I just wish Seegars & Ty would have stayed at Page.

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