Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Playoffs Edition:Scores Rolling in and if you have more send them our way and THANKS

High School Basketball Playoff Scores……..

Girls Basketball
Northwest – 66
MT Tabor – 16

Northwest Scores:
Hayley Barber: 15
Toni Tucker: 13
Cayla King: 12
Morgan Pointer: 8
Catherine Moore: 6
Elizabeth Kitley: 4
Savannah Neas: 2
Lindsay Gauldin: 2
Bria Gibbs: 2
Sandra Womack: 2

Southern Guilford 66
Asheville Reynolds 50

Eastern Guilford 49
Top Sail 29

Northern Guilford 71
Fike 42

Page 55
North Mecklenburg 41

Dudley 55
Hopewell 35

Southwest Guilford 49
Glenn 30

High Point Andrews 79
Midway 31

Eastern Wayne 64
Northeast Guilford 51

Hough 48
Southeast Guilford 41

Boys Basketball
Northern 61
Southern 59

Eastern Guilford 76
West Craven 44

Northwest Guilford 81
Charlotte Vance 75

Western Guilford 67
North Iredell 64

Southwest Guilford 88
Myers Park 67

Hoke County 78
Ragsdale 53

Dudley 77
Glenn 70

Charlotte Catholic 70
Page 48

Berry Academy 85
Grimsley 45

Richmond County 87
Smith 80

East Burke 87
High Point Andrews 68

Going to go ahead and get this post up and ready and as you see scores or got some scores tonight, send them our way and the readers’ way by posting them in the Comment Box on this post here at the site…

Good way to get those scores started and if you get a score, send it our way and then we in turn can turn around make it/them available here for those who will coming by the site tonight….

Thanks in advance and please send us your scores…..…..We have a lot of people that will be looking for them….