Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Playoffs Edition:Scores Rolling in and if you have more send them our way and THANKS

High School Basketball Playoff Scores……..

Girls Basketball
Northwest – 66
MT Tabor – 16

Northwest Scores:
Hayley Barber: 15
Toni Tucker: 13
Cayla King: 12
Morgan Pointer: 8
Catherine Moore: 6
Elizabeth Kitley: 4
Savannah Neas: 2
Lindsay Gauldin: 2
Bria Gibbs: 2
Sandra Womack: 2

Southern Guilford 66
Asheville Reynolds 50

Eastern Guilford 49
Top Sail 29

Northern Guilford 71
Fike 42

Page 55
North Mecklenburg 41

Dudley 55
Hopewell 35

Southwest Guilford 49
Glenn 30

High Point Andrews 79
Midway 31

Eastern Wayne 64
Northeast Guilford 51

Hough 48
Southeast Guilford 41

Boys Basketball
Northern 61
Southern 59

Eastern Guilford 76
West Craven 44

Northwest Guilford 81
Charlotte Vance 75

Western Guilford 67
North Iredell 64

Southwest Guilford 88
Myers Park 67

Hoke County 78
Ragsdale 53

Dudley 77
Glenn 70

Charlotte Catholic 70
Page 48

Berry Academy 85
Grimsley 45

Richmond County 87
Smith 80

East Burke 87
High Point Andrews 68

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  1. NW should have won by 30. They did not look like a championship team. Vance was getting to the basket too easy against NW. NW needs more guards and less bigs to win against quality teams. I am a NW fan but tonight did not make me feel good about their chances to play beyond next week.

  2. Comments in thread earlier today and in N&R talk about how NW (and SW) can’t win because they don’t have enough size. But, “Not a championship team” says NW has too many bigs. Been following NW pretty closely for the past couple of years, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that NW needs less bigs. NW should have won by more, but Vance was even smaller than NW, and quicker, especially in the frontcourt.

    NW needs to play better than they did tonight, for sure, but they’re in better shape than 32 other 4A teams that played tonight are. Survive and advance. Go Vikings!

  3. Okay so let me clarify my statement. NW basically tries to trap every team out of their flow and get easy layups when the other team is tired in the 4th quarter. Thus NW rarely blows teams out in the first half and pulls away in many case in the 4th. When NW faces teams with quick guards and teams “in shape” NW often has problems with these teams. For a team as good as NW, they often seem to have major problems against teams with players that can dribble drive with quick ball movement. If the other team can dribble drive past the first defender, then the second line of defense for NW does a terrible job of reacting. Even though NW beat SW twice, SW showed how poor the 2nd line of defense is at NW. The night that NW loses will be to a team with at least one big that can change directions off the dribble in the paint and 2 quick guards that can beat the first line of defense. The “bigs” or paint guys at NW is the greatest liability facing this teams ability to get to the elite 8 much less the final 4. The season will be over by the end of next week. I seriously hope I am wrong.

  4. Damn dog? is this the NBA or high school basketball? Support your team instead of critique them. Northwest isnt favored to go win the whole thing or anything so enjoy it while it lasts and go support them. Its high school basketball with kids. Anything can happen

  5. I know it’s not Guilford County but I’ve got to give major props to North Forsyth. They just took down Concord in Concord 68-67. What a massive upset.

  6. If NW can’t take a little “critique”, then they should not be playing competitive basketball. I am quite sure this team understands what they do good and bad. All of those players have thick skin. Obviously some of the readers on this site don’t. I agree with all of the statements made above about NW. I did not read any specific negative statements about any one player but instead statements about the team as a whole. This all seems fair to me. Do you disagree with what was pointed out about the issues that NW has on defense? All I know is that this Vance team and teams like SW keep exposing the fact that NW has problems with quick guards. NW may not be favored to win it but they have the type of players that can get to Chapel Hill this year. They are not playing their best basketball currently. Hopefully they can correct it by Thursday. Reynolds has the type of players to beat NW. The Thursday night game should be entertaining.

  7. I merely pointed out that I’d not previously heard anyone suggest that NW “needs more guards and less bigs”. In fact, for the past 2 years, the dig on NW is that they’re not big enough. So, that commenter clarified his comments. Fine.

    If they play a big team, they need more bigs, if they play a smaller, quick team, especially one with a big that can change directions off the dribble, they need more guards. Got it.

  8. They do not need more guards, but rather, the guards they do have need to be better at defense. I know NW has not been known for its defense over last 3-4 years, they simply run, and shoot 3’s and trap and if you can handle that pressure and their scoring, they are vulnerable. Team with solid big and solid PG can beat SW and NW. Neither makes the final 4 in states.

  9. So what you are saying is they should take a page out of the NWG girls book? This girls team has won for two years because of amazing defense. Defense never has nights off but some nights you do not shoot well. Defense wins championships!

  10. The NW girls have a different problem. They play great defense and they play a solid team game. What they do and will have a problem with is a team with at least 2 quick guards that can beat you off the dribble one on one and a big that can handle business in the middle. NW does not match up well against quick/scoring guards. This is why they were blown out in the state semi finals last year. If NW can continue to hit their 3s, then they can potentially beat such a team but sometimes the pressure of the moment freezes some players. Hopefully last years experience will be what is needed to face those problem areas this year. It is interesting that both the girls and boys teams have the same problem – their guards can’t guard other good guards.

  11. That Myers park team last year was uncharacteristically solid. 3 major D1 players that were seniors and gone and a highly recruited player that is currently a junior. The PG from last year is now at Southern California and getting solid minutes and contributing, she was amazing and did what she wanted to whomever she played against. This NWG girls team beat an Ardrey Kell team last year that had guards like you are referring to, so they can get it done. Push comes to shove, they play zone vs a team that has two quick guards and take their chances with the other team hitting 3s. The team you describe will present NW a problem, but knowing the landscape of the NC girls 4A, I don’t think such a team exists. Girls can play zone and excel, different game than boys play nowadays.

  12. Myers Park, Southeast Raleigh, Hillside and Millbrook are all good enough and big enough to beat NW. Hopefully neither the NW boys or girls are looking down the road but focused on the game in front of them. Last year the girls the hunting team still searching for respect from the top teams. They have everybodies respect this year and they have had to live as the hunted. NW is the only Guilford Co girls team with a championship roster. Hopefully they can bring it home.

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