Updates on the Triad All-Stars Basketball Games coming March 20 to Walkertown High School

Roster Updates by way of Twitter and the N&R on-line….Kishon Bishop is the event organizer….Former boys coach at Caldwell Academy….

Sunday March 20 at Walkertown High School with the 2016 Triad All-Stars Basketball Games and Dunk Contest…
Girls game at 3pm….Boys game at 5:30…

*****All names first brought to you by way of Twitter, that is where we originally found the All-Star Players*****

East girls with lots of Guilford County girls ready to play in the All-Star Game at Walkertown High School…(Ren Stewart Caldwell Academy girls East head coach.)
+++++The following young ladies have been added to the East Girls Roster
Emily Casper(Page HS)
Meghan Speckman(Caldwell Academy)
Toni Tucker(Northwest Guilford HS)
Cierra Turner(Dudley HS)+++++These top four players, Casper, Speckman, Tucker and Turner are now on the East Girls Roster….
Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford High School)
Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford High School)
Kiara Harrison(Dudley HS)
Kelena Morris(Dudley HS)
Lasha Seaton(Northern Guilford HS)
Zamaya Clayton(Northern Guilford HS)
Jordan Quick(High Point Andrews HS)
Jazlin Taylor(High Point Andrews HS)
Destiny Timberlake(High Point Andrews HS)
Hannah Houser(Caldwell Academy)
Godwin Dooley(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Deja Cousins(The Burlington School)

Boys East Squad/Team coached again by Guy Shavers(Southwest Guilford High School)
+++++Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford HS)
and Zavian Jackson(Burlington Cummings HS)….have been added to the East Boys Roster+++++
Raymon Pratt(Smith HS)
Kaymon Mitchell(Southwest Guilford HS)
Orlando Smith(Southwest Guilford HS)
Jaylen Gore(Northwest Guilford HS)
Ce’Darius Dockery(Western Guilford HS)
Jalen Johnson(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Kwe Parker(Wesleyan)
Michael Buckland(Wesleyan)
Brandon Childress(Wesleyan)
Cayman Bennett(Westchester Country Day)
Marshall Lange(Westchester Country Day)
Carrington Young(The Burlington School)


  1. Seems with all the ex Caldwell and current Caldwell affiliates, the name needs to be changed to this. What a joke and waste of these kids time, which is why so many decline.

  2. Quite a few new kids have been added and I think this benefits more than just the Caldwell kids..

    There aren’t even any Caldwell boys on the roster…

    Lots of kids from all over the area public and private schools…

  3. You THINK, to bad you don’t KNOW, for all we know it is a complete benefit for them. Its a sham and those adults involved should be ashamed.

  4. Let’s say it was a fundraiser for Caldwell and it is not, but if it was and all agreed to it, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, they have a pretty good school over there at Caldwell…

    Why would it just be a fundraiser for Caldwell?

    If that was the case they would be playing the games at Caldwell…

    Are you tying to make this a conspiracy theory…

    Not buying that and we probably need to let this be….

    Good things come from Caldwell Academy and I have seen and heard about them with my own eyes and ears…

    Why don’t you just go to the game and get a better feel for what is going on….

    I will encourage you to that, attend those games on March 20…

    Caldwell Academy is an outstanding school and the focus on this post should be on the Games at Walkertown High School…

    I do know that is the right direction here…

    Way too many conspiracy theories these days…

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