Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Today/Tonight Scoreboard/Score Box for Saturday

Northwest Guilford girls 75, Dudley 69 (OT)…NWG girls now (28-0) and will face the Myers Park Mustangs at home next Tuesday night….
Southwest Guilford boys 66, Charlotte Independence 65
SWG travels to take on Charlotte Catholic next Tuesday…
Southwest Guilford girls 55, Charlotte Catholic 42
Northern Guilford girls 57, Nash Central 51 (OT)
High Point Andrews 49, Kinston 43
Matthews Butler boys 84, Northwest Guilford 83
North Mecklenburg boys 82, Dudley 57
East Bladen 59, Reidsville 38

Be sure to send us your scores later on today and you can post them in the comment box and we will update them here at the site tonight….Shoot those scores into the Score Box/Comment Box and we will all be better informed on our games today and we thank you for your efforts and your help with this on-going battle to see/get those scores…

Keep them coming and we will see them on MaxPreps, Twitter, by Text and other sources and again we appreciate you sharing those with all of us here….

Time to hit and get to the games….


  1. Tied with .36 left Indy with the ball out of a TO. Called for an offensive foul on possession turning ball over to SW. One of the Langley boys gets fouled taking it to the rack with about 6 seconds left. Hits 1 of 2. Indy gets nothing on their last possession!

  2. In the SWG boys game there must have been at least three key SWG steals late in that game and on one of them SWG got the 2 to tie the game and then came another Cowboy steal and one of the Langleys got fouled on the play and e came up limping and he couldn’t shoot his free throws, so SWG must bring in a sub and they do and Ty Radford hits one of two free throws and his made free throw gives SWG the one-point lead that allowed them to win the game…

    Independence had chance to win the game on a last-second shot, but thats all they had was one second and that kept calling their timeouts in the backcourt without reaching past half court that made the Patriots have to go way too far for a good shot and they ran out of room and out of time…

    SWG drew a late charge call when Charlotte had a chance to go for the win, but SWG stopped Charlotte again with great defense….Steals and deals and the Cowboys earned their post-game meals tonight…

    The last 30 seconds were like watching a great finish…SWG executed every possession and every defensive assignment to perfection…

    SWG won a Classic at “The Ranch”….

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