High School Baseball/Softball Games from the Weekend with a look at Page, HPCA and SG-EG

Baseball Finals…
from Friday:
Page 7, Jack Britt 0
from Saturday:
Fayetteville Douglas Byrd 6, Page 5 (8 Innings)
Glenn 3, High Point Christian Academy 2


Softball Final:
Southern Guilford 6, Eastern Guilford 5

5 thoughts on “High School Baseball/Softball Games from the Weekend with a look at Page, HPCA and SG-EG

  1. You mean mighty high point Christian lost to a public school? One which SE just pounded! rut roh…

  2. The mighty Cougars loss?? Figured since we didn’t see the score/names on every post. Big win for a public school..

  3. Andy could we possibly do a High school baseball starting 9 picks? Like we did last year. Interested to see who people would pick as their top in

  4. No one has ever said anything about the Cougars being mighty. My great nephew plays for them and They did lose to Glenn and credit to Glenn’s lefty pitchers kept HPCA at bay. Its called baseball and it was Glenn’s day and anyone can win on any given day. No excuses – they lost and that’s all there is to it. Apparently you and Mike have an issue with it or you wouldn’t have made your comments. Don’t be a hater. Triadsports not very professional being a bias reporting person that you make a smart comment about the Cougars losing. There kids and every baseball team loses at some point. No excuses for the Cougars they got beat – on a blown call at the plate in the bottom of 9th. The pictures have surfaced on Twitter. Apparently some of you have a beef with HPCA for some reason – What have any of those boys ever done to you – since apparently you and other people have some sort of animosity towards them. Do you even know any of those kids?? You have to remember there kids – I’m sure Coach over there will regroup his guys and they will be ready to roll the rest of the year.

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