State Championship Basketball Games Today in Chapel Hill at UNC, with Northern Guilford and Northwest Guilford going for NCHSAA Titles

5:00 pm – 4A Women’s:
Millbrook Wildcats (29-2) vs. Northwest Guilford Vikings (30-0)
*****NWG in the Smith Center and you can hear today’s game inside the Smith Center on GreensboroSports Radio and on 97.7 FM…..You can catch the game along the web/www, at GreensboroSports Radio….Dennis White will be there to broadcast the NWG-Millbrook game…Wyatt Smith there in Chapel Hill for a write up/post/article on the games and Cameron Robles with photos from Chapel Hill…*****

5:00 pm – 3A Women’s:
Northern Guilford Nighthawks (25-7) vs. Freedom Patriots (31-0)
Full recap of both of these games coming here at later on this evening…

*****In several of the polls that are floating around, NWG is favored by around 5-7 points and Northern Guilford is an 8-9 point underdog…We wish the best of luck to both of our teams and we know Nighthawks’ center Elissa Cunane has to have a very big game for the NG Nighthawks in order for them to win and for NWG, they have to take advantage inside too, with Morgan Pointer, Bria Gibbs and Elizabeth Kitley….Pointer and Gibbs combined for 25 rebounds last Saturday afternoon in the NWG victory over SWG, at UNCG….*****

+++++Very strategic approaches on the part of both teams, NG and NWG….For sure they have been taking care of business during this past week, leading up to today’s Finals….+++++NWG has those guards that can get you key points and if they can off to a strong start, it could make for a good afternoon….NG will need to find some scoring help for Cunane and defensive help as well, but they have done it all the way up to the front door of the Carmichael Auditorium….Time to do it one more time today…+++++

Games at Smith Center
12:00 pm – 2A Women’s:
North Pitt Panthers (29-1) vs. East Davidson Golden Eagles (30-1)
2:30 pm – 2A Men’s:
Farmville Central Jaguars (27-0) vs. East Lincoln Mustangs (28-0)
5:00 pm – 4A Women’s:
Millbrook Wildcats (29-2) vs. Northwest Guilford Vikings (30-0)

7:30 pm – 4A Men’s:
Cary Imps (31-1) vs. Charlotte Catholic Cougars (31-1)

Games at Carmichael
12:00 pm – 1A Women’s:
Plymouth Vikings (29-1) vs. Winston-Salem Prep Phoenix (27-3)
2:30 pm – 1A Men’s:
Voyager Academy (31-4) vs. Winston-Salem Prep Phoenix (22-7)
5:00 pm – 3A Women’s:
Northern Guilford Nighthawks (25-7) vs. Freedom Patriots (31-0)

7:30 pm – 3A Men’s:
Terry Sanford Bulldogs (30-1) vs. Robinson Bulldogs (28-3)

Overall: 30-0
Conference: 10-0 1st Pied. Triad 4A
Head Coach: Melissa Joyner
Location: Greensboro, NC


#3 - Haley Barker -    5’ 5” Fr
#4 - Lindsay Gauldin - 5’ 9” So
#5 - Tiffani Thorpe -  5’ 6” So
#10 - Hayley Barber -  5’ 7” Sr*
#11 - Lauren Hopper -  5’ 5” So
#12 - Catherine Moore -5’ 7” Sr
#15 - Sandra Wommack - 5’ 9” Jr
#20 - Toni Tucker -    5’ 8” Sr*
#21 - Cayla King -     5’ 10” Fr*
#22 - Bria Gibbs -     6’ 0” So*
#25 - Savannah Neas -  5’ 8” Sr
#31 - Mikayla Harkey - 6’ 2” Sr
#32 - Morgan Pointer - 6’ 0” Sr*
#33 - Elizabeth Kitley 6’ 4” Fr
#34 - Stevie Holland - 5’ 11” So

* Expected starter
PG – Hayley Barber – 4th year Varsity, 2014 & 2015 HAECO
Inv. All-Tournament MVP
SG – Cayla King – 1st year Varsity
SF – Toni Tucker – 4th year Varsity, 2X All-Conference, TIMCO
All-Tournament Team
PF – Morgan Pointer – 4th year Varsity, 1st team all-conf as
freshman, Rookie of the Year
C – Bria Gibbs – 2nd year Varsity

Northwest Guilford Schedule/Results
11/24 Northern Guilford 69 – 50 (W)
12/3 @ Page 47 – 34 (W)
12/5 Northside Christian Academy 52 – 36 (W)
12/9 Lexington 62 – 18 (W)
12/10 Western Guilford 68 – 18 (W)
12/12 @ Hoggard 40 – 19 (W)
12/15 @ North Surry 50 – 32 (W)
12/17 Dudley 72 – 44 (W)
12/18 North Rowan 62 – 48 (W)
12/26 Grimsley** 83 – 27 (W)
12/28 Dudley** 68 – 55 (W)
12/29 Page** 47 – 32 (W)
1/8 @ Ragsdale* 59 – 16 (W)
1/11 High Point Central* 59 – 9 (W)
1/15 @ Glenn* 58 – 30 (W)
1/21 Southwest Guilford* 74 – 62 (W)
1/26 @ East Forsyth* 52 – 25 (W)
1/29 Ragsdale* 66 – 22 (W)
2/2 @ High Point Central* 62 – 15 (W)
2/5 Glenn* 69 – 27 (W)
2/9 @ Southwest Guilford* 60 – 47 (W)
2/10 East Davidson 41 – 39 (W)
2/12 East Forsyth* 63 – 39 (W)
2/17 Southwest Guilford# 64 – 46 (W)
2/19 Glenn# 60 – 34 (W)
2/23 Mount Tabor^ 66 – 16 (W)
2/25 Hough^ 62 – 30 (W)
2/27 Dudley^ 75 – 69 (W)
3/1 Myers Park^ 59 – 43 (W)
3/5 Southwest Guilford^ 58 – 41 (W)
* – denotes Conference Game
** – denotes HAECO Little Four – G-boro Col.
# – denotes Conference Tournament Game
^ – denotes NCHSAA Playoff Game
The Vikings ran into cross-town rival Dudley and took out the Panthers 75-69 in an overtime thriller. They then had to face the two-time defending State Champion Myers Park in round four, pulling away for a 59-43 victory. Three players on the team have signed letter to play college basketball. Barber with Campbell, Pointer with Gardner Webb and Toni Tucker with Catawba.

Overall: 25-7
Conference: 12-4 3rd Mid-State 3A
Head Coach: Kim Furlough
Location: Greensboro, NC

#5 - Zamaya Clayton -         5’ 8” Sr 3.3 ppg, 1.2 reb, 1.3 st
#10 - Stephanie Chandler -    5’ 4” Fr
#11 - Kassie Robakiewicz -    5’ 5” So* 10.2 ppg, 3.3 reb, 3.6 ast
#12 - Mercedes Wampler -      5’ 8” So* 6.8 ppg, 2.9 reb, 2.2 ast
#14 - Elyssa Emerick -        6’ 0” Fr 0.6 ppg, 1.3 reb
#15 - Kelly Lomax -           5’ 9” Jr 8.5 ppg, 6.1 reb, 1.0 ast
#20 - Skylar Shuford -        5’ 8” Jr 2.9 ppg, 2.1 reb
#21 - Sami Furlough -         5’ 9” Jr 7.0 ppg, 3.9 reb, 3.3 ast
#25 - Carrington Webb -       5’ 7” Fr
#32 - Elissa Cunane -         6’ 3” So* 18.3 ppg, 14.5 reb, 1.6a
#42 - Lasha Seaton -          5’ 6” Sr* 3.9 pp, 1.9 reb
#43 - Alex Dixon -            6’ 1” So

* Expected starter
#11 Robakiewicz (Roba-kev-itch); #32 Cunane (Coo-nane)
#42 Lasha (Lay-sha); #12 Wampler (Womp-ler)
PG – Kassie Robakiewicz – 2nd year Varsity, ‘16 All-Conf., 2X
Academic All-Conf. 2016 All-Tournament Team
SG – Mercedes Wampler – 2nd year Varsity, 2015 Defensive Award,
2X Academic All-Conf., 2016 All-Tournament Team
SF – Sami Furlough – 3rd year Varsity, 2X Academic All-Conf.
PF – Kelly Lomax – 3rd year Varsity, 3X Academic All-Conf., 2015
HAECO All-Tournament Team,2015 Most Improved Award
C – Elissa Cunane – 2nd year Varsity, 2016 Mid-State 3A Conf.
Player of the Year, 2X All-Conf.,2016 All-Tournament MVP, 2015
HAECO All-Tournament Team

Coach Kim Furlough says that this year’s Nighthawks team has steadily matured throughout the year, and that has been a key to the team’s success. The team’s second round win over Chapel Hill in the playoffs 64-49 was the school’s first win against the storied Chapel Hill program, and a real testament to this team’s fortitude.

Northern Guilford Schedule/Results
11/19 Ben L. Smith 65 – 38 (W)
11/24 @ Northwest Guilford 50 – 69 (L)
11/28 Wilkes Central 63 – 59 (W)
12/1 Grimsley 65 – 21 (W)
12/3 Williams* 60 – 41 (W)
12/8 @ Page 63 – 55 (W)
12/11 @ Western Alamance* 72 – 30 (W)
12/15 Eastern Alamance* 40 – 54 (L)
12/16 @ Rockingham County* 46 – 55 (L)
12/18 Eastern Guilford* 49 – 29 (W)
12/26 Ragsdale** 63 – 44 (W)
12/28 Page** 45 – 53 (L)
12/29 Dudley** 47 – 56 (L)
1/5 @ Northeast Guilford* 60 – 48 (W)
1/6 McMichael* 74 – 41 (W)
1/8 @ Morehead* 80 – 53 (W)
1/14 @ Williams* 48 – 44 (W)
1/19 Western Alamance* 77 – 35 (W)
1/27 @ Eastern Alamance* 42 – 46 (L)
1/28 Rockingham County* 36 – 38 (L)
1/29 @ Eastern Guilford* 59 – 32 (W)
2/2 Northeast Guilford* 68 – 36 (W)
2/5 @ McMichael* 79 – 54 (W)
2/9 Morehead* 81 – 49 (W)
2/16 Morehead# 65 – 48 (W)
2/17 Eastern Alamance# 49 – 31 (W)
2/19 Rockingham County # 56 – 50 (W)
2/23 Fike^ 71 – 43 (W)
2/25 @ Chapel Hill^ 64 – 49 (W)
2/27 @ Nash Central^ 57 – 51 (W)
3/1 @ Terry Sanford^ 37 – 33 (W)
3/5 Eastern Alamance^ 44 – 26 (W)
* – denotes Conference Game
** – denotes Greensboro Coliseum
# – denotes Conference Tournament Game
^ – denotes NCHSAA Playoff Game
Past Championships
State: First appearance in State Championship Game Northern Guilford has been hot at the right time as they have gotten the better of the EA Eagles in both tournament games. The Nighthawks challenged themselves in the non-conference season as well as the tough Mid-State 3A where they finished third in the regular season. Those challenges have proved very valuable as they have reached the regionals for the first time in school history.

25 thoughts on “State Championship Basketball Games Today in Chapel Hill at UNC, with Northern Guilford and Northwest Guilford going for NCHSAA Titles

  1. Does anybody know if one ticket covers your cost if you went from the Smith Center to Carmicheal to watch a game or is the ticket only good while you stay in the same gym?

  2. Two heart breaking losses for our young ladies from Guilford County!! Both teams played their hearts out. Keep your heads up!!!

  3. What a time to have your worst game of the year! NWG with better team, and Millbrook with better athletes. Great game to watch for sure.

  4. I thought Nwest played a pretty good game. Two talentented teams leaving everything they had on the court. That’s what a state championship game should be like!! Shout out to my girl T.Tucker…she played her heart out!!

  5. Super heartbreaking loss for the Lady Vikings.
    However, I am super proud of the effort shown by the entire NW team and specifically my former Lady Cougars: Morgan, Savannah, Catherine, Tiffiani and Cayla
    58 wins and just 2 losses over the past two years is incredible! !!!!!!
    Sometimes “tears water our growth”, Shakespeare.
    Love you ladies

  6. Nw has the best team in the state… no excuse at all to not win this game. Funny me has like 7 coaches but never does any adjusting in game, millbrook had great athletes and be throws 2 bigs on the court at all times. It ain’t the 70s coach, match up athlete for athlete!!! There is a reason Nw has never won a state championship!!

  7. You are a typical fan. Blame the coaches for every loss smh. They were one box out from winning a state championship. But of course you blame the coaches. Nwg is well coached, millbrook had better athletes- without the schemes and coaching, millbrook would have won easily. You are just a typical fan- kids win games and coaches lose them. So silly

  8. Neg said what I did not want to say by keeping it on a high note—-no adjustments at all. 6 coaches and 1 a parent—-that never works at this kevel. Coach your kids in AAU, but not in HS. Games like this are pressure enough without daddy 2 feet away.

  9. Again, one box out and nwg is state champs. Without that father daughter combination, you wouldn’t even been there.

  10. response to fan I’m not sure how you can discount the lack of coaching in the loss tonight for NW. Was it ALL coaches fault? No, but 1-how does your senior who hit 4 threes a week ago not see the floor but a few minutes tonight? Why would you pull her out after she just nailed a three?? 2-how do you leave a player in the floor who can’t see the open player, who doesn’t recognize who has the hot hands, and continues to try to force poor shot choices? 3-how do you NOT use the inside game especially when your bigs are more talented and the other teams big is in foul trouble?? 4-one of the biggest strengths of his year’s team was how deep the bench is. So many talented players, yet in this game only 2 players came in off the bench. So, yes, coaching was not up to par tonight for the NW team. Add in extremely inconsistent officiating, and you it spells loss. Several players could’ve made better decisions at times, several players could’ve played better defense at times. It is after all, a team sport. But to say it’s silly to indicate the coaching was bad is just wrong. Know what you speak of, don’t just use your own experiences or one sided judgement to spout off and dish out insults. The most talent and the most experience was not on the floor enough tonight. And that, that is a coaching decision. Not the kids.

  11. Then please tell me how Nw was up 6 at half and distracting tempo and basically the game? Then millbrook comes out after half changes a few things up and scores 15 in that quarter while Nw scored 5!!! Hey Nw you got 14 eyes watching the game from the bench, MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT!!! Either with the lineup or the scheme, Nw should have won the game by 10-12 points.

  12. Not sure why you guys are trying to make daddy/ daughter thing an issue. I’m pretty sure nwg didn’t play for championship last year. Also pretty sure you guys are just looking for someone or something to blame. My last statement off the night. One box out and state champs! And we wouldn’t have to read this nonsense

  13. Let me say as a parent of a NW player and one that pays attention to the details of the game. The coaches did a great job. This game came down to simply plays that players made a few errors. The baseline hand off that went out of bound in the final minute or so, not getting your hands up on the final free throw, or a missed wide open layup off of a steal within 2 minutes. These plays were extremely big when you consider the final outcome of the game. These were all player control plays that you must make and had nothing with who was on the floor or decisions by the coaches. These were plays made by senior that understood the moment but unfortunately made simply mistakes at the wrong time. The coaches and players earned these opportunities together and loss the game together. Blaming any one player, coach or play is wrong. The player/coach mix that you spoke of was/is a great asset to this team. Sometimes that is just how the ball bounces. Great year and I think NW will have a great team again within the next 2 years.

  14. What were the scores from the games today? When your winning everyone loves you but wait till you lose and then you see who your friends are….

  15. It’s not a good sign when you lose 1 game all year and there’s finger pointing. Nwest had had a great 2 year run and all I see is people complaining. Give the girls some praise and let everything else go!!

  16. I was at the NW game tonight and do not have a daughter on the team. It was a great game that had an unfortunate ending for the home team, but mixture of things laid it out best. The loss was not because of coaching. The staff made several adjustments late in the game when NW trailed in the 4th. One of those was the “coaches” daughter took the point, started attacking off the dribble because the Millbrook athletes had shut down Haley. Then they went inside to Pointer twice for good strong buckets to retake the lead. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way, remember the other team is trying to win too!!
    Great season for NW basketball!!

  17. Piggybacking on the comment about the kid who hit 4 threes in the previous game, I have to agree this kid has have this team a jolt of energy off the bench 4-5 games his year when they desperately needed it!! And she very well could have this game too but wasn’t given that chance! I could be wrong but while she was in game scored effectively and defense was solid too!! Oh well in the end the coach knows she let one go not many team lose states with 4 current college players and 2 future ones (underclass men)

  18. Hats off to Savannah Neas, Morgan Pointer, Hayley Barber, Toni Tucker and Catherine Moore. These girls have worked and worked and sacrificed over the years. This senior class is very special, and deserve nothing but praise. They step on the floor every night, despite injuries, and give it their all. It’s heart breaking for them as this is their last HS game. Now we move on to the next chapter. A big shout out to Pointer coming in tonight and having a great game only 3 days after a major auto accident.

  19. You’re jealous and you’re really making yourself look pathetic. Congratulate the girls on a great season and move on with your life. Your probably the same guy that has complained about the same things all year, all about your daughter. Nwg will be much more enjoyable when some of the crazy parents leave. The girls are great, as are most of the parents. But some of you are unreal.

  20. Let me guess your dad can beat mince up too?? The whole jealous thing? Really? I don’t have a dog in this race and have have watched this team many times this year and I call it as I see. Truth hurts, this team will be enjoyable, if you enjoy watching a one man team that will lose regularly

  21. As always, some NW fans think they know better. It has to be horrible to coach or teach there. Great season by the players and coaches. I saw them play 3 or 4 times and they are one of the most complete high school team I have seen in a long time. Just enjoy the great year

  22. Andy, I think it’s time to shut this one down. Delusional parents and fans can’t just appreciate the egoist a and accomplishments of this great team and coaches. Nothing positive is coming from this when this team’s accomplishments should be celebrated and applauded. I coached against this team several times this year and it’s a great tea with great kids. Please don’t let the fans and some parents ruin this great year for this team with ridiculous comments. Congrats to NW on a great season.

  23. Correction it was actually two missed box outs both by Nw bigs in the final 4 seconds, first was a miss on the shot that millbrook missed when driving to bucket, then the second missed box out was on the ft, both are inexcusable.

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