Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball and Softball Tonight Finals for (3/24/16)

Baseball Tonight:
Southwest Guilford 14 Ragsdale 4
Southwest Guilford JV 11 Ragsdale JV 8
Northern Guilford 4, Morehead 0
WP-Josh Pike, 13 K’s, complete game
Randleman 12, Southeast Guilford 9
SEG now (9-1)
Northwest Guilford 4, High Point Central 3
NWG now (2-0) in the conference…
Max Beck(NWG) walk-off 2 RBI Double….Beck 2-4/Double/Triple/2 RBI…
WP:Foster/6 IP/8 K’s/5 Hits/3 Runs/1 ER…LP:Giles 7 IP/6 K’s/8 Hits/4 Runs/2 ER…
Eastern Guilford 5, Rockingham County 4
WP:Andrew Robinson/LP:Angel Zarate
Robinson Complete Game 7 Innings/2 Earned Runs/7 K’s…
EG Offense:2-4/2 RBI/Run/Drove in tying runs on a single and scored winning run on an error to center field for a Walk-off single…Spencer Clapp 1-2/RBI/BB/Run…Travis Hunt 1-3/RBI/Run…Andrew Robinson 1-3/Run/Double…Caleb Kennedy 1-3/Double…
RC Offense:Tony Deluna 2-3/Run/Jay Zarate 1-4/2 RBI…Angel Zarate 1-1/RBI…Landon Warner 1-3…Gavin Taylor 1-3/Run/HBP….
High Point Christian Academy 3, West Stokes 1
Josh Nifong pitches 4 innings for the win and Dylan Wilkinson gets the save….
East Forsyth 4, Glenn 3
Harrison Hayse was the hitting hero for East Forsyth with 2 hits and the game-winning RBI…

        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
GLN	1	0	1	0	1	0	0	3	2	0
ESTF	0	0	0	1	0	1	2	4	7	2

Softball Tonight:
Northwest Guilford 21, HP Central 0
W: Gracen Staunton (1K, 0H, 0BB). L: Sara Shea
Leaders: NWG-Sarah Spence (2 for 2, 4 RBI, HR), Ty King (2 for 2, 2RBI), Olivia Templeton (2 for 2, 2 RBI . HP Central-.
Records: NW Guilford 6-1 overall, 2-0 conference; HP Central 4-6, 0-2.
Western Guilford 12, Southern Guilford 1 (5 Innings)
Northern Guilford 9, Morehead 5
W: Lambeth L: Jones Leaders: Northern Caitlyn Ray 2-4 3RBI 1R, Mallory Price 1-2 1RBI 1R Morehead Noel Foster 2-4 3R, Kailey Walker 2-4 1 R Northern 10-1,8-0. Morehead 7-2,6-2

7 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball and Softball Tonight Finals for (3/24/16)

  1. HPCA 3-1 over West Stokes
    Josh Nifong pitched 5 innings giving up 1 unearned run. Dylan Wilkinson pitched 6th and 7th for the save. Brody Lawson 2-3, Luke Gesell 1-3, Curtis Dillon 2-3.

  2. Gypsie wow I see SE lost tonight- guess u won’t be on here beating your chest this week!

  3. More just totally ridiculous umpiring at the Southwest Ragsdale JV game tonight. Ump was totally off his game. Bogus batter interference call against Ragsdale and the worst infield fly rule call ever. Hey Blue – if you are reading this – there has to be a runner on first to call that. Ragsdale coach got tossed for disagreeing with the call. The ump rung him up instantly even though the coach did nothing more than disagree with the call.

    Never seen an ump spend so much time yakking with the fans instead of doing his job.

  4. Never said I pulled for SE- just don’t like the private school attitude of “we are the best, nobody will play us crap”-guess you haven’t figured that out by now! Don’t see any public school around here (in 4A) gowing very far in the playoffs.

  5. Since I listened to an interview with a guy who umpired all the way to the big leagues and is now working in the top D1 conferences out west, I’ve been trying to give umpires the benefit of the doubt because they have a thankless job and every call they make is going to make one group of people angry. The only thing that I get disappointed about is when I see or hear umpires getting into it with the fans, unless the fans are belligerent and cursing. Hopefully he was having a bad game, I hate to hear that though. I don’t have a dog in the fight, just thought that I would try to give a different perspective, since its such a thankless and stressful job, and a lot of people don’t look at them as human beings who make mistakes. That being said, since there was an ejection, the state should review it.

  6. To same ol same ol……actually, first and second at a minimum must be occupied, and less than 2 outs for the “in field fly rule” to be enforced and acted upon!

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