High School Football Report with Combines coming up and QB’s coming back

Top QB’s returning from last year with names like Jones, Hooker, Rainey, Simpson, Taylor and more and see more on this below….

The Spring Football Practice season ended yesterday for pretty much all of our Guilford County Schools and they are now in a dead period until the start of the 7 0 7 Passing Games, which get underway on June 15…There will be many college football combines going on this weekend(we’re talking somewhere around 20 of them) and stops along the will include Wake Forest, North Carolina, North Carolina State, East Carolina, South Carolina and many more….Lots of the local high school football players will be hitting the combine camp trail this weekend and some kids are leaving out for the road today….

Here is a look at 7 of the Top Ten Returning Quarterbacks with their numbers from the 2015 Season..Here is how they were stacking up from last year, as we kept the numbers each week at GreensboroSports.com….

Will Jones(Page HS) going 195-325(60%) for 2,941 yards and 30 TD’s/9 INT’s……348 rush yards and 10 TD’s….3,298 Total Yards and 40 TD’s…
(For Will Jones, does not include State Championship Game numbers/#’s…)
Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) 127-198(64.1%) for 2,234 yards and 17 TD’s and 6 INT’s…148.9 yards per game…Hooker 3,451 Total Yards/32 Total TD’s…1,217 rushing yards and 15 TD’s…
De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy) 123-228(53.9%) for 2,084 yards with 22 TD’s 3 INT’s…173.7 yards per game…
Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford) 106-178 passing for 1,857 yards and 14 TD’s and 4 INT…/620 rushing yards for 2,477 All Purpose Yards
Mikey Kennedy(Western Guilford HS) 119-213(55.9%) for 1,401 yards with 10 TD’s and 11 INT’s…135.0 yards per game…Season Over
Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford HS) 75-138(54.0 %) for 1,171 yards with 8 TD’s and 5 INT……117.1 yards per game…927 rushing yards and 11 TD’s on the ground…1,998 Total Yards and 19 TD’s….
Larry McLean(High Point Central HS) 69-111(62.2%) for 1,132 yards with 7 TD’s and 7 INT…188.7 yards per game…

*****Jones and Hooker are the two that look to lead the QB Crew, but all-in-all, this is a very solid group of quarterbacks right here, in this grouping of eight….*****
+++++One that we see on the rise is the sophomore at Southeast Guilford, Ryan Douglas…Others, we would like to hear about them from you……+++++
+++++Ragsdale is hoping to get some good returns on their returning QB Eric Williams….+++++


  1. You’ve got to be thinking that things might be ready to change a little bit in regards to the SEG offense…Douglas is one that you can’t disregard and I do believe the Falcons will be putting the ball in the air much this year and even last season, they began to open it up some…First series of the game resulted in a TD pass for SEG vs. Dudley….

  2. I remember when Hackett(Joey) was quarterbacking and that was Southern Guilford and they didn’t throw it much either…Hackett was a lot like Douglas, tall and athletic and they both had/have much talent in both football and baseball….

    Times have changed and with Douglas as opposed to Hackett back then, you have to turn it loose some these days…Coach Siler had no choice but to run the ball…That is all they did back in those days…Then the QB’s major role was to hand the ball off to the RB’s or the QB would take off running if he got chased…

    Hackett could have let it go upfield and now with Douglas it is a matter of how much to throw the ball, not if you are going to throw the ball and the decision belongs to the Southeast coaches and they can make it go..

    I think they have averaged over 7-8 wins a season over the last 6-7 years…They will be fine and again, Douglas is a fine young QB and the point on this kid is he is a Winner and you like having a kid like him out there, out front leading your team…..

  3. Thomas Hennigan at NW Guilford is moving to QB this year for the Vikings. From what I saw at Spring workouts it looks like Rolfes wants a guy who can run the Zone read and option more. He could be very dangerous at QB running the option with Finnie and Cloud on the edge. Then you have deep threat Tre Turner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hennigan shred teams this year with both his arms and legs. This Vikings team could be the best offensive unit in the area.

  4. I think you may be on the call on Hennigan at QB for NWG…With Jake Smith deciding not to play this year due to health issues, Thomas looks to be the man that can take over and run this Northwest Guilford team…He is a pure athlete and one of the best all-out competitors that we will ever see…

    The Viking team should be in very good hands when Hennigan gets his hands on that football and with outlets like Tre Turner, Finnie and Cloud, NWG will be able to run the fast break offense on the football field…..

  5. Talking about playing a tough football schedule, here is what Mallard Creek has line up to begin/start off their season….

    Mallard Creek will open the season at S.C. 2A state champion Dillon, then play on the road against three-time N.C. 4AA champ Butler, a perennial national power. The following week, Mallard Creek plays another perennial national power, Duncan Byrnes (SC).

    After that, Mallard Creek has a bye week, before playing at S.C. 3A state champ South Pointe of Rock Hill (SC) on the road.

    Some tough comp there…

  6. Andy,
    I was at the NW Spring practices and I’m telling you this team can be as good as any team in the Triad area this season. Everyone knows about Tre Turner getting all the big offers but Hennigan and Cam Cloud look to be on another level this season.

    Looking at NW Schedule NW could very well run the table this year and be a top seed in the 4AA Playoffs. I also hope Rolfes runs the score up on Northern this year!

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