Young Guilford County football player died Tuesday after health complications at football practice on Monday

Terrible news today on the local Greensboro/Guilford County High School football front….

Karson Cross was just getting started on his high school football career at Page High School and about to begin his time as a student-athlete at Page HS.
from the News and Record site/
Karson attended Cornerstone Charter Academy last year. He was remembered Wednesday as a “a delightful kid,” said Traci McKee, who teaches eighth-grade science at the school.

“He was happy-go-lucky,” McKee said. “He was outgoing — very athletic.

Just getting ready to enter the 9th grade and the news hits hard coming in from last evening/Tuesday…..

Last night/Monday night at the Page football practice, Karson had health issue problems. He was airlifted to the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

For a time there Karson was in stable but critical condition, but as is the case so many times, his condition went/headed in the wrong direction and Karson Cross passed away.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Karson Cross family and to the entire football family at Page including Coach Kevin Gillespie, Coach Weeks, Athletic Director Rusty Lee and many others in the Page football family and especially right now, our thoughts are with the Karson Cross family….

Please remember them and be mindful of them today…

Thank-you for remembering them and the Page football family…..

Read more on Karson Cross, from Wednesday afternoon, when you CLICK HERE at the News and Record site….


  1. I hate this for Page and I hate it for the Cross family.

    This should not a bad reflection on football. It is a great sport and they should practice and play it every day and keep hitting like there is no tomorrow.

    You have to go all out or you shouldn’t even be going out there and playing.

  2. Here is what one lady was saying in the comments section over at the News and Record and I think she might have been coming at this a bit over the top…..

    T Janice Vaughn
    This is just heartbreaking. My son played football in the 80’s at Page. I usually picked him up following practice. On one particular day, I waited in my car for what seemed like eternity (45 minutes, not typical) and decided to go inside to check on him. To my shock and dismay, he was laid out on a table appearing to be totally disoriented as if he had just started to come around following a blackout of some kind. I asked those in attendance why he had not been taken to a hospital, however, responses were not forthcoming. I took him to his pediatrician the following day and his doctors’ comment to me was “I wouldn’t want anyone I care for playing this sport”, assuming he was referring to “the brainwash tactics” used to toughen these kids up–a water break every 30 minutes is not acceptable as dehydration can come on suddenly and can be deadly. Collectively, football players are not created equally… My husband played football in high school and college back in the 50’s and was put through rigorous training as well. In my son’s case, those responsible for his welfare that day “placed his life in jeopardy” by taking the position that he didn’t need medical attention. How often does this happen and is not reported?

  3. I think Page head football coach Kevin Gillespie and Page Athletic Director Rusty Lee have a strong handle on everything that is Page football, top to bottom, they have it covered..

  4. T Janice Vaughn,

    That’s why girls don’t play the sport! Not only is it demanding on your body physically it forces you to work as a team with people from all races, creeds, religions, and backgrounds. There are always trainers all over the field and if kids need medical attention it is given to them right away. If they’re just out of shape that’s a different story. Football gets bashed all the time and for what? This sport does so much good for so many kids and all the media and soccer moms in well off communities look at is the one or two horrific accidents that happen every other year. What about the kid it takes out of section 8 housing for 3-4 hours a day and provides a way to actually pursue a college degree? What about the kid it gets off the street and away from drugs and violence? What about the kids that are forced to maintain a high GPA and go to class everyday to play football each year? What about being around Coaches that demand excellence in every aspect of life? Football does way more good than bad and all the critics want to focus on is the bad Andy. I hate what happened to the kid at Page and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family though this very tough time. I couldn’t imagine the heart ache they’re going through at this time. May God bless them with peace and lasting memories of the best times with their son. I will say most times when kids die during workouts its heart related. Not saying that happened in this case because I don’t know.

  5. Thoughts and prayers to the family and the Page football program from the East Forsyth football community. May God give you all strength and peace in this tough time. We’ll be praying for you.

  6. I think some of you are off point !!Another Page Pirate has entered haven, Mr Karson Cross RIP May God Bless and keep you on your journey. My condolences to your family.

  7. SORRY FOR THE LOST ONCE A PIRATE ALWAYS A PIRATE RIP HURAH HURAH!!! Trust and believe the staff at Page is very well thoughtful and knowledgeable in waterbreaks I’ve never seen anyone denied waterbreaks I know when Kirby was in charge u just took off to get water without asking all that being said it’s a sad day for all us PIRATES

  8. I think the Page Football Family becomes stronger together through all of this and that the Cross family also finds strength in this time of need…Just have to remember Through It All they will find the answers…

  9. As a Pirate alumni and father of a current Nighthawk I am deeply saddened for the Cross family and the coaches and players for Page. I cannot fathom the grief of the family and all of those close to them. I am praying for them all.

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