7 on 7 Football Action for Today(6/21/16):Game Report on Dudley at HP Central with LEX and W’town/NEG at North Surry tonight and MAC is supposed to be there too

Report on Dudley at High Point Central from Tuesday morning….
Dudley 21 HPC 0
Dudley went 3-0 this morning against HPC, Lexington and Walkertown. Other 2 games were bigger blowouts. A lot of reps for younger guys. This was Dudley’s second 7on7 . They were in the Carolina 7 on 7 last week along with Northwest Guilford. The Panthers went 5-1 losing a close one in the playoffs. Will be at NC State 7 on 7 Friday…

Tuesday morning:Dudley at High Point Central
Northeast Guilford at North Surry 6pm….Also looking for McMichael to be there…

at Ragsdale High School, in Jamestown:
West Forsyth
Lee County
Ben L. Smith and the Ragsdale Tigers all get together for 7 on 7 games…
Start time of 6pm

Thursday June 23:Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford 6pm

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