Things Our Youth Need From Us #2 Goal Oriented:Josh Williams(JANESH) former Guilford College RB with the Weekly JANESH Blog

Things Our Youth Need From Us #2 Goal Oriented
from Josh Williams, former Guilford College Quaker runningback with the Good Word for this week at JANESH….

Types of goals our youth should have:
All Conference
All American
Team Captain
A Honor Roll
Work An Internship
Volunteer Twice A Week.

These are some things that our athletes can accomplish while in middle and high school. It is our responsibility as leaders to build a drive in our youth athletes. They are going to go as far as we guide them.

Find a few of these goals and make them a frequent conversation. These goals are merely stepping-stones for our children in the grand scheme of things but if we get them used to setting and accomplishing goals, we will be doing our job as their leaders.

At some point these kids will be responsible for providing for themselves. Goal setting is a skill that they will need. And you want them to be able to obtain these goals on their own. So for now, just give them the goals that they need to have ingrained in their head, then supply the resources for them to obtain these goals.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” These words came to me as I thought about the consequences of not instilling goals into our youth. I wouldn’t want to see our young men and women getting to be my age and still not figured out who they are.

Last week I spoke about keeping distractions away from our children. As leaders, we must direct their paths. Limit the activities that aren’t advancing them toward their goals. Just as we do as adults, prioritizing is just as important for our kids.

These days, there are so many ways for our kids to stray off their paths. We can’t control much of how the Internet and social media influences our kids but we can control the actions they take. The crowd of kids they choose to take. What they do in their free time. How much time they spend practicing and working out.

A tight leash at this age won’t be bad. The children will fight the discipline and guidance but ultimately, we know the direction our child needs to go. Stay informed and in control of what is your child is into. Ask questions. Tell them no. Go meet their friends. Another tool that we can use to manage our children’s mind is to link them up with other youth that are moving in positive directions.
(Time + Time + Time = Influence)

I feel that it is difficult to grow up in this generation. So many distractions for our kids to choose from. And with the Internet, things are within arm’s reach of our kids. They need us now more than ever to apply stern guidance. We are their parents and leaders for a reason. We have to take our control over them and lead them down the right paths. If we let them free fall, the world will pull them from every direction. So much that they will bounce from direction to direction ultimately not going anywhere at all.

Our kids look up to us not only for provision but for guidance and insight. As long as they are under your watch, it’s your responsibility to take them through their young lives. Step by step, blocking away what doesn’t fit and attracting what helps.

Josh Williams