Guilford County/Area High School Football 7 on 7’s for Wednesday June 29

The name we know of that was set to be in action today is Grimsley…We spoke to Grimsley parent Ron ‘Bug’ Harris, back at the Guilford College 7 on 7’s and he said that Grimsley had their first and possibly their last 7 on 7 coming up on June 29….Grimsley coach Daryl Brown, really not much of a 7 on 7 fan, from over the years…He will play them when necessary, but if not that much interest, not interested….

Northeast Guilford is in action tomorrow/Thursday, in what will be the Rams last 7 on 7 on of the 2016 season….NEG will participate in a few Linemen Challenges but now the 7 on 7’s at most schools, are just about over/finished….

7 on 7 Season just about ready to give way to a dead period from around the 4th of July until the first part of August and that is when the real practice will begin/get started…

Know of any other 7 on 7 talk??? Send it our way and we will get it posted….


  1. I know Southeast has had a couple of 7 on 7’s. Any word on how they are looking?

  2. I would think SEG Falcon QB Ryan Douglas has been busy, but I don’t have anything definite….Hope somebody else does….

    Would like to also find out who Grimsley was playing against today and maybe Bug Harris or Bug Howard will check in with us…

  3. Thank-you Mr. Ron Harris and if you get a chance, please send us a report and I really thank you again on a response time of about 1 minute/20 seconds and I know that was just a coincidence, but still that is real good….

    Again thanks, and I can send us that report after Thursdays 7 on 7…I have been hearing so much talk about this Brendan Faison-Walden fella, I want to see what he does and I had heard that Hudnall would be QB for Grimsley this year….

  4. and he said that Grimsley had their first and possibly their last 7 on 7 coming up on June 29

    I don’t know where he got his information from because we have a 7 on 7 scheduled at Grimsley on July 13 at 9 AM.

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