Randy ‘Nat’ Norris has stepped down as the head baseball coach at High Point Andrews High School

*****We had mentioned last night here at the site, in regards to a comment, that we felt that Coach Randy ‘Nat’ Norris had stepped down at the head baseball coach at High Point Andrews High School and here is Coach Norris’ response…..*****

Hey Andy yes its true. I actually turned in my resignation 3 weeks ago. I appreciate the kind words you said and you were right on it.

My mom is very ill, as I traveled back and forth home we had a long talk a while back about her watching me play baseball when I was small, in high school and college. She never got to see me play professionally. One thing she told me was she loved watching me play, she would drive herself and my brothers and sisters to all my games, and she told me you need to do the same for Randy(Coach Norris’ son playing baseball at WSSU).

She doesn’t have long and she also told me watch him play as much as you can so I also will be able to tell him I loved watching you play. That right there meant the world to me, so with that I decided to step away from coaching and watch him(Randy) play. I won’t be able to get that time back that I missed, so I decided it was time.

I love the game its given me so much and I have also given back as much as I can. The kids at Andrews that I coached were awesome…They bought in and we did everything we could to give them the opportunity to win and be successful. A little bit of respect back in the program and they gave all they had and teams actually had to play to beat us. Weren’t going away easy.

Andy you have been great to me and my kids, Kari ,Ciara and my son Randy. I want to say thank you for all you do.

I promised my son Randy if he played in college his dad will be there to see him play and I will. Its been a good ride and I enjoyed it but its time to walk away and enjoy watching Randy play. It’s always the right time to do what’s right.

Thank you to Coach Hardin(William Hardin head baseball coach at Page HS) for giving me a chance to coach with him and being able to have the chance to be a head coach…He brought me in and thank you to Mrs. Foley(Page principal at the time Coach Norris was there) and Rusty Lee(Page Athletic Director) for hiring me. It meant the world to me to be able to do that.

Thank you to Ben Robinson(High Point Andrews) and Joe Stone(High Point Andrews) for hiring me as a Head Coach and being able to Coach my Son and be a part of my daughters Kari and Ciara’S high school careers and their graduation.

Last but not least Larry Farrer(Dudley HS baseball coach) and Ray Crawford(Dudley baseball legend) for helping me with the game being good friends and supporting me throughout the years at Andrews and taking in my son and helping him become a better player his last year of high school.

Thanks to my right hand man Lindsay Boocat Foster. He been there since day one. Can’t believe I almost forgot him, and to my cousin Coach Chris Ross. We all were there in the beginning. Thanks guys….

I know its a lot, but had a lot on my mind and something to say.

It’s always the right time to do what’s right,
Coach Randy ‘Nat’ Norris

+++++Coach Randy ‘Nat’ Norris began his baseball coaching carreer at High Point Andrews in 2010 and his Red Raiders finished at (5-18) in 2016/this past season….+++++