Looking for a Good Deal for Nigel Peele(Dudley High School)

You would think we would be hearing more about Nigel Peele, the Dudley Panthers’ senior linebacker, who is training hard for the upcoming 2016 high school football season…

We have been seeing much about quite a few players from our area and have heard of many colleges that have been on the ‘Triad Trail’ with names like Hendon Hooker, DJ Crossen, Brion Seagraves, Bryson Speas(all from Dudley HS), plus Thomas Hennigan and Tre Turner from Northwest Guilford HS and Madison Cone from East Forsyth, Brendan Faison-Walden(Grimsley HS), plus Will Jones and Javon Leake from Page and there are plenty more who are getting the college looks and calls and theIr names have been WAY out there, but I have not seen nor heard much about the Dudley Panther LB Nigel Peele….

To me Peele has the appeal…

He will be a senior LB for Dudley this season and he has been on the Varsity since his freshman year in high school….

The appeal on Peele is for real with some of these numbers for us all to look over….

Junior year Numbers at Dudley:
Nigel Peele Linebacker had 93 Solo Tackles/63 Tackle Assists, for a total of 156 Total Tackles….

Sophomore year Numbers at Dudley:
Nigel Peele Linebacker had 46 Solo Tackles/32 Tackle Assists, for a total of 78 Total Tackles…

Freshman year Numbers for Nigel Peele at Dudley:
Not Available

Nigel Peele stands at 6’0 and weighs 220 pounds and maybe some of the colleges are saying the 6’0 is too small for them at linebacker and they want someone taller, but Peele was one of the Top Tacklers in the state of North Carolina during his Junior year at Dudley and he might have been the Top Tackler in Guilford County, during that same year/season…Let’s take time to remember that NFL All-Pro linebacker Sam Mills was only 5’8 and he gave a pretty good account of himself over his years with the Philadelphia Stars(USFL), the New Orleans Saints(with Coach Jim Mora with the Stars and the Saints) and Mills stop with the Carolina Panthers wasn’t too bad either, the Panthers now have a statue of Sam Mills, out in front of their Bank of America Stadium…

Nigel Peele, 6’0/220 pounds, some of those larger colleges need to start making the rounds, when they hit our town….Peele and Mills, they even sound a little bit alike and there you go….Go Peele and I spoke with his sister at the Shane’s Rib Shack last Thursday and she said the family is hoping Nigel can make this thing go his way, on to the NCAA and NCAA DI status….

We are putting out the Appeal for some school to make a Deal with Nigel Peele, we think he could be a Real big Steal…..Time to get the Feel for Nigel Peele and make the Wheel squeal….Let’s get Peele all the way up to DI daddy……

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  1. A lot of colleges goes by the number system(Height, Weight and speed). Beside looking at the player and saying is he a football player. You have some players that have the size and speed and can’t play. Then you have the guys that don’t have the size that balls out. Start looking at the player and see if he can play instead of his size.

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