Anything happening this week on the Guilford County 7 on 7 High School Football scene???(Have just received very important information from Top-Notch sources)

*****Have been informed by very high-level sources that this week is a Mandatory Dead Period for Summer Football activities and this is Dead Period #1 and there can be no high school football activities whatsoever this week, but that all 7 on 7’s and Summer Workouts will resume next week on July 11….I repeat this is a very important message, as it pertains to high school football workouts for the Summer of 2016…..*****

Any new news for this week, on the 7 on 7 High School Football Scene???

We know we have the Northeast Guilford Rams in the Lineman Challenge at West Stokes on Thursday July 14 and Eastern Guilford and Grimsley are due to lock it up in 7 on 7 action on that same day, July 14, but do we have any more 7 on 7 action/games going on this week?????

Send us the good word if you’ve got it and we will have it in print before you know it, or before you can say the Cleveland Browns are your next Super Bowl Champions and Johnny Manziel will return and take them to the Title…..