Local Greensboro/Area Baseball for Today(7/7/16)

American Legion Baseball
Post 81 Eastern Randolph(8-20) at Post 53 Greensboro Red Wings(17-8) 7pm at Caldwell Academy…Greensboro leads Best-of-Five Series, 1-0…
Winston-Salem(11-9) at Post 87 HiToms(17-4) 7pm at Finch Field in Thomasville…HiToms lead Best-of-Five Series, 1-0…
Post 45 Randolph County(23-7) at Mocksville-Davie(10-15) 7pm….Randolph County leads Best-of-Five Series, 2-0…

Greensboro NABA:
Lex-Ash Braves vs. Piedmont Pirates…7:00 PM…Western Guilford High School

South Atlantic League Baseball:
Kannapolis Intimidators at Greensboro Grasshoppers 7pm at NewBridge Bank Park

Greensboro Colt Baseball:
at Stoner-White Stadium:

at Western Alamance High School:

at Grimsley High School:

Coastal Plain League:
HiToms at Lexington County, S.C. Blowfish 7:05pm

Kernersville Bulldogs at Piedmont All-Stars 7pm at Hooker Field

Appalachian League:
Burlington Royals at Greenville Astros Doubleheader with set to resume Wednesday’s game in the first inning that was suspended due to a power failure and then pick up game at around 7pm….Start Game One around around 5pm…


  1. According to the Post 87 twitter feed, their game against Winston Salem is at Finch tonight at 6pm.

  2. Yes copy on that…..Went back and checked the HiToms site and that is how they had it…

    I guess they gave up on trying to play any more games on the Mount Tabor Field in Winston-Salem…

    Thanks for the heads-up/update….

  3. Mysterious rain in Winston Salem last 2 days??? Have pictures of field conditions at Mt. Tabor from yesterday at 6:00 on Twitter and all the field needed was drug and some lines!! No standing water , outfield wet but not unplayable! Someone should have to answer for cancelling when field conditions were playable. Monday the field at Trinity was wet but Coach Shore , Suire and players got there early go the field ready to play ! Sometimes it just takes a little elbow grease!!

  4. Why in the name of a home game would you give up a home game????

    I thought you always did all you could to get the home games in and if you had any type of home field advantage at all, you died to keep it…

    Crazy giving away home games and if ask the old baseball hands like Charlie Pannell, Charlie Teague if he was still living and Bill Slayton, they would tell you, you never give away a home game….

    Hard to understand….

  5. I am thinking he didn’t really mess up his home field advantage because now they are saying there will be a double header tomorrow night at Mt. Tabor.

  6. I can’t believe something like this is going on. The Home Field is Sacred. Never let a home game get away or you are half way lost when you get to the next game at say High Point or Greensboro. If Bob Doss was around and saw this he would be going bonkers. Alan, Tony, you ask anybody that has coached, the Home Field is half the game in the playoffs with a good Home crowd it really can make a Major Difference. Any answers on this one, I would like to know more.

    Coach Lawson

  7. I have seen the pictures of Mt. tabor’s field on FB and twitter that the Post 87 players were posting last night. Looks pretty dry! According to Scott above the field was in good shape. Guess Winston never thought someone from High Point was actually drive out there and look at the field. Good investigative work! A lot of teams may want to hire him to go and inspect other rained out fields to keep these coaches honest. Information coming down the pipe line is that Winston had played 5 or 6 games in a row before Monday night in game 1. They only showed up with 9 players to start with and one of them got hurt. There pitching staff was maxed out and guys needed days off before they could throw again. Magically you have 2 rainouts and suddenly you go from a series being done on Wednesday and a teams #1 or 2 never take the bump. With 2 “rainouts” now you have your pitchers back! How amazing is that!! The Area 3 director should hold the Winston coach accountable–my understanding the coach has track record of things like this during high school seasons at Mt. Tabor . Also the game last night was offered to be played at Trinity being there field was “unplayable” and that was refused by Winston!!Don’t take a brain surgeon to figure this situation out

  8. Doubleheaders, I hate Doubleheaders.

    You could lose the entire series in one day or night on the other guy’s field.
    Winston-Salem needs to get a tarp and put it on the field before they go home at night.Lots of teams have them and I think even the Caldwell Academy has one.
    On a day like today, the tarp should be on the field up till about game time and then you get the tarp off of the field, grab the paint can and get the lines down and you are ready to play.

    I’m no Brain Surgeon, but it sounds to me like Winston-Salem does not want to play High Point.

    Doubleheaders, I hate them. They will make you go nine and all of your pitching will be gone for the next day if you don’t win out. You will end up using 6-8 pitchers in most Doubleheaders..

    Doubleheaders, I hate them. For WS, get a tarp if you really want to play baseball at home in July.

  9. From what I have detected and followed on the Rankings/Ratings among the teams remaining in the Area III Playoffs you have:

    Post 87 HiToms#1
    Rowan County #2
    Post 45 Randolph County #3
    and Post 53 Greensboro Red Wings #4….

    Rowan County is already in the Final Four for Area III and if things hold up you will have Post 87 vs. Post 53 and Rowan County vs. Post 45….Rowan County defending Area III Champs and I believe defending State Champs as well…..

    I like others do wonder if they will look into the Winston-Salem rain delay debacle…It sure does give their pitching and added boost/rest…..

    As others were talking, it got me wondering, how much does a good tarp, new or used cost and how many facilities already have tarps on hand and do they use them properly???

  10. Post 87 Hi Toms 5-3 over Winston-Salem. Riley Isenhour pitched 8 2/3 . Evan Edwards 2 run HR. Dylan Wilkinson pitched last out for the save.

  11. Was at Post 87 game tonight- was invited to watch a friends son play. I heard all the talk about Winston Salem field yesterday and I said to myself no coach would lie about something like that… I watched the Hi Toms coaches and players work their Butts off putting the tarp on field and hard heavy rain came -put down a lot of rain. Then they pushed all the water off the tarp and rolled the tarp off the field . The whole time I’m sitting there thinking that the other teams coaches / players would step up and help out so they could play. That didn’t happen- pretty classless to sit there and watch them work to get the field ready . If I had a son he would never play for that coach over in Winston.

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