High School Football 7 on 7 Thursday Update looking at games, practices and player profiles:A look at the NCHSAA “Dead Periods”

TODAY/Thursday:Grimsley at Eastern Guilford 7 on 7 9am
Eastern Guilford with returning talent including Dominique Graves, Bryant Barr, Isaiah Finerty and James Artis among others, while Grimsley can line up Brelin Faison-Walden, Nile Harris, Lance McMillan, Garrett Hudnell and more….

Northeast Guilford has finished their 7 on 7 schedule and the Rams are in the weight room this week and also working on conditioning…

The Page Pirates will be in Charlotte on Friday and Saturday for the Powerade 7 on 7’s, with 32 teams on hand…

Smith High School going with afternoon workouts this week…Most on-field drills led by new head coach Brandon Wiggins going in the five o’clock hour…

There is going to be another dead period early next week with the NCCA High School All-Star Games and Coaches Clinics in town, but for this week, this is what have been looking at so far, with Page at Northwest Guilford completed on Tuesday morning and wouldn’t it be great to see those two teams meet in the post-season this year, say about Round Three of the playoffs, but NWG is now without Tre Turner for 4-6 weeks as he recovers from the bum ankle he suffered in the AAU Basketball Tournament last weekend…If you know of more 7 on 7 or practice information, please send it our way and thanks to coaches that we have heard from this week and here is your updated 7 on 7 and practice info for today/Wednesday….

Crazy is as crazy does, as I listen around, here are the quarterbacks that people are talking about on a regular basis, prior to the season…..
Hendon Hooke(Dudley HS)…Senior
Will Jones(Page HS)…Senior
Jaron Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS)…Junior
Gerald Simpson(Northeast Guilford HS)…Junior
Eric Williams(Ragsdale HS)…Junior
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS)…Sophomore
*****And this is pretty much the order that they are talking about them in….As always plenty of talk about ATH Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) and WR Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS), plus RB Javon Leake(Page HS), RB Ezra Perkins(Dudley HS), WR/DB Brenden Faison-Walden(Grimsley HS), RB Jarious Drayton(Ragsdale HS), WR/DB Ford Moser(Northern Guilford HS), Myron Frazier Jr.(Northern Guilford HS) and more and you may have a few more names for this list for us…..*****

Other names that keep popping up in print and on the net are, Crossen, Speas, Peele, Tisdale, Myles White, Niles Harris and more on the way…..

The word from the NCHSAA on the “Dead Period” coming in from www.nchsaa.org:


Monday, July 4 to Sunday, July 10 and
Monday, July 18 to Sunday, July 24

During the “Summer Dead Periods” no NCHSAA member school-sponsored activities may be organized or conducted by any NCSHAA coach or school staff member (whether full-time, part-time, or volunteer) that involve students at NCHSAA member schools.

School-sponsored activities include any of the following (i.e. these activities MAY NOT be done):

Activities, other than Third-Party Outings and Bona Fide Competitions (both as defined below), conducted (1) at any NCHSAA member school; or (2) at any location if the activity is organized or controlled by an NCHSAA member school, coach or staff member (whether full-time, part-time or volunteer) (e.g., summer skills development or camps, open facilities, conditioning exercises, laps around the school track, etc.);
Activities at any location where attendance by students is deemed mandatory, whether actual or perceived (e.g., coach organizes an event away from school property and states, suggests or implies in any way that any students not attending will suffer consequences of any kind … whether this means making a team, enjoying playing time, becoming team captain, etc.);
Examples of activities that would be considered “non-school-sponsored activities” and MAY be done:

Third-Party Outings: Coach or staff member takes students to a third-party camp at a non-NCHSAA member school (e.g., college-sponsored summer skills or team camp, etc.) where attendance by students is NOT deemed mandatory, whether actual or perceived (as described above);
Bona Fide Competitions: An organized league is conducted through a bona fide third party organization where (1) the organization purchases appropriate liability insurance and pays for all game-related expenses (e.g., facilities, staffing, etc.); (2) students are not required to attend or participate; (3) student transportation is not provided by NCHSAA member school vehicles; and (4) students use their own equipment.