Josh Williams’ JANESH Weekly Blog:The message this week is from Ohio State Coach Urban Meyer on how to handle recruiting

Coach Urban Meyer(Ohio State University) has the speech that will teach how they(The Buckeyes) reach out to high school football recruits…It may seem like Meyer will preach during his speech, but his message is one that all young high school football players and even young high school football coaches need to hear/listen to….You can CLICK HERE for Coach Meyer’s speech or you can Click On below too….

from Josh Williams(JANESH), former football running back for the DIII Guilford College Quakers, of the ODAC Conference……

This is a message from Coach Urban Meyer about how they handle recruiting affairs at Ohio State and any other major college. Listen to Coach Meyer. This lesson of “team first” is something that I have seen make or break an athlete’s college recruiting chances.

The most important piece of an athlete’s recruiting campaign is the relationship between them and their head coach. The high school coach controls your play time, the position you play, and he or she is the pipeline between the athlete and the pursuing college coach.

High school coaches have been known for being honest when communicating with college coaches. You want their honesty to go in your favor.

Click the link to hear the speech: