Greensboro Colt All-Stars for the 2016 Playoff Season

ALL STAR NEWS….Greensboro Colt All-Stars for 2016 with the White and Green teams listed….

Player School
1. Logan Fields Northeast Guilford
2. Tommy Zente Southwest Guilford
3. C.J. Neeses Grimsley
4. Clay Dilday Western Guilford
5. John Small Page
6. Brandon Bledsoe Northern Guilford
7. Jalen Pruitt Dudley
8. Landon Smith Chatham Charter
9. Logan Jarosz Eastern Alamance
10. Luke Pegram Page
11. Devin Bartley Dudley
12. Mason Chu Southwest Guilford
13. John Spillman Ragsdale
14. Jacob Edwards Southwest Guilford
15. Justin Guy Dudley
16. Jalen Guy Dudley
17. Landen Smith Wheatmore
Coaches: Reid Holmes, Brett Garrett, and Pella Stokes
Practice: Thursday(7/21) 8am , Sunday(7/24) 6pm, Monday(7/25) 6pm, Tuesday(7/26) 6pm all at Grimsley High School.
Player School
1. Justin Brady Northeast Guilford
2. Cade Darnell Page
3. Jack Ratliff Page
4. Matt Goard Western Guilford
5. Jake Bloss Grimsley
6. Luke Brown Eastern Alamance
7. Mason Canoy Chatham Charter
8. Dawson Purvis Chatham Charter
9. Drew Tippett Northeast Guilford
10. Edwin Kayhko Page
11. Dylan Leonard Wheatmore
12. Ryan Waltman Western Alamance
13. Dylan Faucette Northeast Guilford
14. Sincere Dalton Dudley
15. Reuben Santos Southern Guilford
16. Myles Alexander HP Central
17. Spencer McLure Page
18. Grayson Chaney Chatham Charter
19. Colin Smith Eastern Guilford
20. Isaiah Cogdell Dudley
Coaches: Donnie Strader – 336.317.0036 , Larry Farrer, Eddie Holloman
Practices: Wednesday at Page 6:30, Friday at 7:00 at Page (THESE ARE GREEN TEAM ONLY)
Please text Coach Strader with any questions.


  1. Why is the tournament being played at Grimsley High School this year instead of Stoner White? As far as I can remember its always been at Stoner White. A lot of history and tradition there.

  2. Burlington Williams beat Dudley 7-5 to claim the Colt Tournament Title…

    From what I heard from one source the other night and it was a good source at that, the Grimsley field is in better shape right now than the field at Stoner-White…

    Gary Flynn has worked his tail off and has gotten that Grimsley Whirlie field in great shape…So if you can play on the better of the two fields and for the sake of the players, you want to give them the best, you take the field at Grimsley this year and that is a credit to the work turned in by Gary Flynn…

    Not a slap back at Stoner-White, but giving credit where the credit is due to, Gary Flynn, over at Grimsley….That is the word is was hearing the other evening…

    They did play the Zone at War Memorial in the past, I remember watching games there, but there is concern about their field at WMS right now, possible soil concerns that must be corrected…

  3. More details from what I was able to dig and you to remember that War Memorial Stadium is now solely owned and operated by N.C. A&T State University….

    More on this year’s move to Grimsley for the East Zone Tournament….

    The reason for the move is that pony officials went to the field and the field did not meet zone tournament requirements.
    Conditions at Stoner-White Stadium:
    1. No concession stand – working
    2. The condition of the field did not meet pony standards.
    The field is in rough condition with baselines and pitching mound.
    This will be the first the Zone tournament is not played at a city of Greensboro complex.

  4. What’s the Parks and Rec dept been doing? Must be a budget problem with the City. Hate to see stoner white go downhill like that. I played there in the 80s and the City has always kept it up, until recently.

  5. You won’t find a much better field than Grimsley High School and that is all due to the hard work Coach Flynn has and continues to put on that field. Stoner-White isn’t close to Grimsley in terms of field quality.

  6. I would be interested in hearing what it is that enables those with the superior fields to be better than the others. Talking about the differences in the HS fields, not compared to Stoner-White, Memorial or other city/county owned sites.

    Is it simply spending the time to do the work and having the money to pay for dirt, equipment, etc.? Or, is it having more “specialized” knowledge of what needs to be done? If it’s mostly an issue of spending time working on the field, who is doing this work at the superior sites? Boosters, players, coaches?

  7. You have to give the games up to Grimsley. They have the best baseball field in the county right now. The Colt Games have to be at Grimsley.

  8. You might want to take a look at Northeast Guilford when you speak of “best” in county…no disrespect to Grimsley. Coach White does a great job and has NE’s field recognized every year as 1 of best state wide.

  9. Yeah, the NE field is beautiful. Theirs, and N Davidson stand out to me as the nicest HS fields I’ve seen.

  10. If we took a vote, I bet you Grimsley would win “Best Baseball Field in Greensboro”. They are that good right now. It is the best field and I am glad the Colts and PONY baseball chose to play there next week. Thank-you Grimsley and let’s close out this debate right here, Grimsley has the #1 baseball field.

    Thank-you Gary Flynn for all the work you have done on that field at Grimsley.

  11. Let it be said….let it be heard…”Ted” says Grimsley has best field!!!
    I’m sure everybody at Grimsley agrees….and if there is anything Grimsley fans know…it’s Baseball.

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