A very good read on D.J. Reader(Grimsley/Clemson/Houston Texans), his dad David Reader and his mom Felicia Ford Reader from ESPN.com

You can bypass our introduction and go straight to the ESPN.com article/post on D.J. Reader when you

This on is a must read, on D.J. Reader, his dad David Reader and his mom Felicia Ford Reader and if you read this one on the Readers, you will read about the love of a father for his son, the son who hurt and missed his dad and the mom who found protection from her husband, who looked out for her and her son D.J. and how Mr. Reader could have possibly lived if he would have taken a kidney donation from his son D.J. or his wife Felicia, but David Reader said No, he wanted D.J. to be totally healthy, so he could have the chance to play professional football and he wanted his wife to remain healthy, so she would always be there for D.J./David Reader Jr. David Reader Sr. refused the kidney donations so that others could live and he had taught his family and others so many life lessons over the years that in death it wasn’t what David Reader took when he left this world, it was what he left behind to carry on and excel that really mattered the most…He taught us all so much and this read on the Readers from ESPN.com will touch your heart and your soul today, so do become readers of the Readers, when you

*****Here are just a few lines from the ESPN.com post that we wanted to share with you and they come in from former Grimsley High School football coach and a very good friend of the family, Pat Neal, now the defensive coordinator at Northwest Guilford High School…..*****

As D.J. grew older, he often shared his father with others. Other kids around Greensboro leaned on David Reader. He loved teaching, and had students even after he stopped homeschooling D.J.

“He really cared about youth,” said Pat Neal, D.J.’s football coach at Grimsley High School. “He cared about education. Kids couldn’t really pass the SAT, so he came to me one day and said let’s try the ACT. We had seven or eight that were getting scholarships but couldn’t pass the test. He took them, tutored them. All passed the test.

“He took time with other kids, not just his own. D.J. had to share his father with everybody else. You don’t find that with a lot of people. You find people who pick and choose.”


  1. D.J. Reader said the tattoo on his arm says it all,

    “asnf,” a son never forgets…..

  2. I was lucky enough to meet David while DJ was in high school. Great man and great family.

    This story really touched me since I recently lost my dad. I know how hard this is but could not imagine how hard it must have been at such a young age.

    So glad that DJ sought help and is back on the right path again. Nothing but the best thoughts for you and your family. You are in our prayers.

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