High School Football Practice starting up for some teams late night Tonight/Midnight Madness and all others on Monday morning and Monday afternoon(Time to Practice with Practice Times)

Both Dudley and Western Guilford will kickoff their new football seasons with practices scheduled for Midnight TONIGHT August 1….

Western Guilford will be going/practicing indoors at Ricky Proehl’s Proehlific Park and Dudley will being out-of-doors inside their home facility, at Tarpley Stadium…

Dudley and Western Guilford both going with Midnight Madness practices TONIGHT…Admission for the Dudley practice will be $2.00…..
^^^^^Last year we were at Western Guilford/Proehlific Park, then it was over to Page, then on to Dudley HS, and down to see Coach Brown at Southern Guilford(now at Grimsley HS) and finally we stopped at Ragsdale, all of those schools in the Midnight Hour last year/2015 and we won’t be looking to duplicate that feat/feet tonight….^^^^^

*****If I was a head coach and could get by with it, without it hurting my practice time needed, I think I would wait and start on Tuesday, just to do something different from everyone else and if you were not playing in Week One/August 19, you might be able to pull it off…For practice time, in Week One, which is mainly for conditioning, or at least it used to be, we go at 6pm and go until dark, if it is me….*****

I will be heading by the News and Record site and they have done a very good job of listing all of the Guilford County teams’ plans for the first day of practice on August 1 and we get that up here for from Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin at www.greensboro.com….

From the News and Record, your schools practicing on Monday morning
Eastern Guilford:8am
Southwest Guilford:8am
Southeast Guilford:9:30am

For the full News and Record listing of the High School Football Practice times(Afternoons/ETC.), CLICK HERE…..