Going Back to Indiana, Again and Again:Greensboro White headed to the 2016 COLT Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana(How ’bout that Grimsley baseball field???)

Final from today’s 2016 COLT Baseball East Zone Championship Game at Grimsley High School:
Greensboro White 5, The Bronx, N.Y. 3
*****Greensboro White headed to Lafayette, Indiana on Wednesday for the 2016 COLT Baseball World Series*****
Here is your LINK to the COLT World Series in Lafayette, Indiana…CLICK HERE and you are there on the main page that will give you all of the necessary information….
Greensboro White Team

        Player                                       School                                                             
1.      Logan Fields                                 Northeast Guilford
2.      Tommy Zente                                  Southwest Guilford
3.      C.J. Neese                                   Grimsley
4.      Clay Dilday                                  Western Guilford
5.      Brandon Bledsoe                              Northern Guilford
6.      Jalen Pruitt                                 Dudley
7.      Landon Smith                                 Chatham Charter
8.      Jackson Hartley                              Eastern Alamance
9.      Luke Pegram                                  Page
10.     Devin Bartley                                Dudley
11.     Mason Chu                                    Southwest Guilford
12.     John Spillman                                Ragsdale
13.     Jacob Edwards                                Southwest Guilford
14.     Justin Guy                                   Dudley
15.     Jalen Guy                                    Dudley
16.     Landen Smith                                 Wheatmore
17.     Will Davis                                   Williams

Coaches: Reid Holmes, Brett Garrett, and Pella Stokes

*****Greensboro team headed back to Indiana for at least the 10th straight year and Greensboro always seems to send a COLT Baseball team back to Indiana and we seem to do well..We don’t always win it, but Greensboro did win it back in 1965(COLT World Series Champions) and how crazy is that, since now that was over 50 years ago and most of the kids on this Greensboro White team, their parent weren’t even born then…Man, fifty-plus years ago with Ronnie Collins, Ronnie Rudd, Vic Coffin, Ric Coffin, Barry Councilman, Mike Nunn and many more of those locals and most of those guys are still with us, but many of them are now gone on to the “Diamond in the Sky”….Fifty-one years and now maybe time for the Greensboro team to do it again, in Lafayette, Indiana…*****

+++++A few numbers on the Sunday win by the Greensboro White team over The Bronx/Batista….
Greensboro 5
The Bronx 3

WP:Jackson Hartley(Eastern Alamance)…Hartley goes 6 2/3’s Innings with 21 first-pitch strikes and 8 total Strikeouts….Hartley’s WHIP was 0.90…
HR for GSO:Devin Bartley(Dudley/Southeast Guilford HS) 3-Run home run by Bartley and it came in the third inning…Some of the key GSO hits, that I picked up on and I arrived in the 5th Inning coming in off of the road from church and you had Brandon Bledsoe(Northern Guilford HS) with an RBI Double, CJ Neese had a big Double for the GSO squad and this Neese kid has been hitting the ball hard all week long(2 Hits on the day for Neese)…You had a single for Jalen Pruitt(plus a BB for Pruitt) and a single for Jacob Edwards(2 Hits total today for Edwards) and those were the key hits that transpired after I arrived, in the fifth inning…3 Quality at Bats for Neese and two QAB for Pruitt….

Game Breakdown from the Grimsley Scoreboard and the Greensboro White team was the visiting team on the board today and they batted first…
End of the First Inning:3-0, The Bronx on top…End of 2nd Inning:3-0, The Bronx was hanging on…End of 3rd Inning:Greensboro moves in front aided by Bartley’s three-run HR and after Three Innings:GSO 4, The Bronx 3…End of the 4th Innings:GSO 4, The Bronx 3…End of the 5th Inning:GSO 4, The Bronx 3…End of the 6th Inning:GSO 5, The Bronx 3…Final:GSO 5, The Bronx 3…+++++

$$$$$And curious to see what the fans have to say about the Grimsley Whirlies’ baseball field, as the COLTS made the move from Stoner-White Stadium, at Jaycee Park, to the Grimsley Field for this year’s 2016 COLT East Tournament….How about that Grimsley Field and the job Gary Flynn did making it ready for a great week of baseball in the tourney….Thoughts on the Grimsley Field and the job turned in by Gary Flynn and his field crew…Looked great to me and seemed to a move that really paid off on the plus side for the local GSO COLT Baseball people and organizers…How ’bout that field over at Grimsley?????$$$$$
(Always good to get your Final Thoughts, as the tournament closes out here locally.)

More from the Sunday game at Grimsley High School….Game Changer…
Bautista falls to Greensboro White 5-3

        1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
GRN	0	0	4	0	0	1	0	5	9	4
BTS	3	0	0	0	0	0	0	3	6	0