Going north to Northwest Guilford for Tuesday morning football practice

Stopped in at the Northwest Guilford Vikings’ football practice this morning and although the field was a bit muddy and wet from last night’s rain, the game plan was get the work done, since time is of a short supply with the first official game of the 2016 season just 9 days away and the Smith Golden Eagles are looming in the sights of the Vikings and before all of that, they will board the buses tomorrow morning at 5:15am for a scrimmage at Pinecrest High School and after that jamboree, the Vikings will be in the NewBridge Bank Jamboree on Friday…

Busy week so to speak and we had the chance to talk with NWG Vikings head football coach Jared Rolfes and got his thoughts on The Five Questions that we have been carrying around from station-to-station around the county….

*****The Five Questions with Coach Jared Rolfes…*****
1)Who is the player that most reminds you of yourself on this Viking team?
Cody Miller, our senior defensive back…
2)The record for 2016, realistically speaking, what does it need to be??
We just have to get better each week and show that we are improving from year-to-year…When we first came in we were young and now this team is showing the signs of becoming an experienced team/squad…You have to develop experience and then the year-to-year numbers will show and stand where they need to be…
3)If you weren’t coaching football this Summer, what would you be doing???
Would be at the water park or the pool with my kids/children…Spending a lot of time playing with my kids….Just about every other day, Coach Rolfes is arriving at Northwest Guilford High School at 5:30 in the morning and when you are going from 5:30 to 5:30, that is a long day at the school..
4)Put the ball in whose hands and say, “You must lead us”????
Thomas Hennigan, the hybrid back who will play QB, RB, WR and probably take on some sort of defensive role as well…(That is our thinking on the defensive role, the coach was primarily referring to Hennigan’s offensive duties)….When Hennigan is not under center, Jacob Leonard will be the Vikings’ signal caller and Coach Rolfes, has a lot of confidence in Leonard and he calls him the QB of the future and the QB of the present…
5)More than any other team on your schedule who do you need/have to beat?????
The Northern Guilford Nighthawks….(We would think that it needs to happen this year, so the Vikings can focus on all of their other business at hand as well.)
+++++WR Tre Turner should be back in on the field for the Vikings by either the Western Guilford or the Northern Guilford game…In therapy today and making progress on his injured ankle….+++++

Video from the Northwest Guilford Tuesday morning practice to follow….

Tuesday morning Football Practice at Northwest Guilford High School with the Varsity and JV’s both working on drills and fine-tuning plays…Click On Below to see all of the video…