On the trail of the Dudley Panthers and finding our way down on Lincoln Street for Tuesday afternoon practice

Made that trek to James B. Dudley High School and caught some of the Panthers’ practice this afternoon and all was good in the Panthers’ camp today…Dudley in day-before-scrimmage-mode and really not going all that hard, just making sure that they have the plays down correctly and shoring up the kicking game with Kinji Patterson kicking at his best and Myles White putting his best foot forward with the punting…
Coach Steven Davis is back to direct the troops and he has Coach Brandon Anderson running the defensive side and Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick and Coach DeNorris Best are making that offense will come alive and give its best…The team trainer/strength and conditioning coach, Curtis McMillian, was in the house and he said he’s in/under a year-to-year contract now and that he likes the days when the team does not have to go full, like on this day/Tuesday, one day prior to the Scrimmage with East Forsyth and North Davidson, in the “Homer Thompson Classic”, at WS Parkland…

We did get the chance to hit Coach Davis with the full Five Questions and here is how those inquiries went today…

The Five Questions for Dudley Panthers head football coach Steven Davis:
1)The player on the team that most reminds you of you?
There are two, Brion Seagraves on the defensive side of the ball and Hendon Hooker, on the offensive side of the football…Coach Davis, a QB in high school(Hooker) and a safety in high school(Seagraves)…
2)The record, realistically speaking, what does it have to/need to be, we should finish the season??
3)If I wasn’t coaching football this Summer, I would be doing what???
Going to visit my mom or my sister…If was not in football or teaching altogether, I might be in the military for life or until retirement…My dad was in the Army and my brother in the Air Force and both of them retired from the Armed Forces….
4)Put the ball in whose hands and say “You must lead us”????
Hooker(offense) and Seagraves(defense)
5)More than any team on the 2016 schedule you want to beat/have to beat?????
*****Dudley at the “Homer Thompson Classic” on Wednesday afternoon and back home for the Dudley Football Jamboree on Friday night going against/facing Western Alamance and North Mecklenburg…*****
+++++Dudley will be very strong on both sides of ball and don’t be surprised to see them ranked in the Top Five in the state, among classifications of schools….+++++

Video footage from the Dudley Panthers’ practice today(8/9/2016)
Click On Below for the video show…