Big Day for High School Football Scrimmages with The NewBridge Bank Jamboree and the Dudley Football Jamboree topping the list

*****Southeast Guilford at Eastern Randolph Football Jamboree on Saturday/August 13*****
+++++Northern Guilford at Richmond County today/Friday….Northern Guilford vs. High Point Andrews next Wednesday(Scrimmage), since both teams do not open until August 26….+++++

Looks like 13 of our 15 Guilford County Schools are playing among these two Jamborees and that would be the Dudley and NewBridge Bank Jamborees and the only two schools I don’t see out here today or tomorrow are High Point Andrews and Northern Guilford((NG at Richmond County today) and they may be elsewhere on this Friday or Saturday….

Dudley Football Jamboree TONIGHT night at Dudley’s Tarpley Stadium 6pm with Dudley, Page, Smith, High Point Central, Western Alamance, Charlotte Vance, North Mecklenburg, RJ Reynolds and others….
A player from North Meck., Kalvin McCollum(#10) was injured in a car accident yesterday and our thoughts go out to that North Meck. Viking…
5:30-6:40…30 plays you have Page vs. Vance and Dudley vs. Western Alamance…Page on Field 1 near the Fieldhouse and Dudley on Field 2, near the scoreboard…Plus you’ll have Reynolds vs. North Meck. on Field 1 and HP Central vs. Smith on Field 2…..
7:00 until 7:30 you have Vance vs. HP Central on Field 1 and Dudley vs. North Meck. on Field 2 in Game Situations…
From 7:35 till 8:05 you have Smith vs. Reynolds on Field 1 and Page vs. Western Alamance on Field 2 with both games in LIVE Action…..
Just a look at Dudley Football Jamboree…

*****If you know of others, let us know….*****

The Big One TONIGHT with lots of our Guilford County Schools at the NewBridge Jamboree…
NewBridge Bank High School Football Jamboree
Football Scrimmages

Friday August 12, 2016:
Gates open at 5:00 p.m.
Scrimmages begin at 6:00 p.m.

West Davidson High School – 200 Dragon Dr.
Tyro, NC
Varsity (Glosson Stadium – West Davidson)

6:00	Eastern Guilford vs. West Davidson		Lexington vs. Northeast Guilford
7:00	Eastern Guilford vs. Lexington		        Northeast Guilford vs. North Davidson
8:00	Ledford vs. Grimsley		                North Davidson vs. East Forsyth
9:00	West Davidson vs. Grimsley		        East Forsyth vs. Ledford

Junior Varsity (Tyro Middle School)

6:00	East Forsyth vs. North Davidson		        Ledford vs. Grimsley
7:00	East Forsyth vs. Ledford		        West Davidson vs. Grimsley
8:00	Lexington vs. Northeast Guilford		West Davidson vs. Eastern Guilford
9:00	Eastern Guilford vs. Lexington		        North Davidson vs. Northeast Guilford

Forsyth presented by Champion
Mount Tabor High School – 342 Petree Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC


6:00	Central Davidson vs. Glenn		        East Davidson vs. West Stokes
7:00	Mt. Tabor vs. Northwest Guilford		Carver vs. Reagan
8:00	Glenn vs. East Davidson		                Central Davidson vs. West Stokes
9:00	Reagan vs. Northwest Guilford		        Carver vs. Mt. Tabor

Junior Varsity

6:00	Carver vs. Reagan		                Mt. Tabor vs. Northwest Guilford
7:00	Glenn vs. Central Davidson		        West Stokes vs. East Davidson
8:00	Mt. Tabor vs. Central Davidson		        Reagan vs. Northwest Guilford
9:00	Glenn vs. East Davidson		                Central Davidson vs. West Stokes

Rockingham presented by Cone Health/Annie Penn Hospital
Rockingham County High School – 180 High School Rd.
Reidsville, NC


6:00	Reidsville vs. Southern Guilford		McMichael vs. Ragsdale
7:00	Morehead vs. Southern Guilford		        Rockingham County High School vs. Grimsley
8:00	Reidsville vs. Southwest Guilford		McMichael vs. Western Guilford
9:00	Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford		        Rockingham County High School vs. Western Guilford

Junior Varsity

6:10	Morehead vs. Southwest Guilford		        Rockingham County High School vs. Western Guilford
7:10	Reidsville vs. Southwest Guilford		McMichael vs. Western Guilford
8:10	Morehead vs. Southern Guilford		        Rockingham County High School vs. Ragsdale
9:10	Reidsville vs. Southern Guilford		McMichael vs. Ragsdale


  1. Good question and maybe they have relocated to somewhere down in South Carolina and Coach Roscoe is down there and Caleb/C.J. Freeman is down there, so maybe they all took off and left for South of the Border, in South Carolina…

    In reality, Northern sort of gets left out here since they have never done the NewBridge Jamboree to my knowledge and they have not been over to the Dudley Jamboree..

    Dudley used to use this date for a Scrimmage down in Burlington with Eastern Alamance, Williams, Cummings and teams like that, but in recent years Dudley has come home for their own Jamboree…

    For Northern Guilford, there was NO Novant Health Jamboree this year, as Ragdale and Reidsville, who both used to attend the Novant event at NG, they(Tigers and Rams) joined Eastern Guilford for the Wildcats event and not sure where Northern went…

    There was a year or two when Northern went down to the Pinecrest event, the one that Northwest attended this past Wednesday, but I think they went there a few times when it didn’t conflict with the Novant Health event…

    On this date on your calendar(Friday), Northern Guilford in the past has gone down to or up to Crest for a Jamboree with Crest, Shelby, some more NC teams and a few South Carolina teams thrown in for good measure…

    Northern is still around, but not sure where they were this past Wednesday and not sure where they will be today….

    Southeast Guilford in the past has been down at Northwood on this date…In Pittsboro for Northwood, Chatham Central, maybe Jordan Matthews and maybe Orange….

    At the end of the day though, Northern Guilford is still in Guilford County and Northern Guilford is still on Spencer-Dixon Road and they will open the regular season at home on August 26 vs. Page….

    All of the above mentioned Guilford County Teams/Schools are located in the state of North Carolina….

  2. Northern has a scrimmage at Richmond County this afternoon. Next Wednesday at Johnny Roscoe Stadium, HP Andrews and Northern will scrimmage at 7 PM. Go Nighthawks!

  3. Good call on the Northern Guilford and High Point Andrews situations and I think I remember Joe Sirera, from the News and Record, saying something about the NG-Richmond County scrimmage back on Wednesday night…

    Again good call and today I ran into former Nighthawk Chris Forlano’s dad out on High Point, at his tax office…The Forlano family a good NG Family from over the years along with many others out there on the Spencer-Dixon Road….

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