Friday Night Finish:Some Shockers out there on the First Friday of the New Season

I have been reading the reports of the Friday Night Games and it looks like we saw a good start to the new 2016 season…Was on assignment downtown at the Grasshoppers game for Friday, but saw the scores coming in the scores that I was getting were showing big games coming in from Northwest Guilford and Grimsley…

Northwest Guilford did not miss a beat and I saw a Tweet tonight from Thomas Hennigan saying NWG was more than jus Thomas and Tre Tuner and it does appear the Vikings proved that on Friday…Vikings got a big game from Zach Tyler and he was talking about how he used to run the ball 40 times a game and that is a load…Was curious if there was a Henningan out there with maybe Thomas’ brother suiting up at LB for NWG…You never know with a Hennigan out there that might have made a difference…When NWG gets Turner, Henningan and Finnie back, that will be crazy, because if the can build upon what they were doing tonight and mix those guys in, that sounds like a very potent formula….

Grimsley got it done with defense in the win at Ragsdale and not sure about the Whirlies’ offense….Looks as if the defense and the special teams sure did their job the right way for the Whirlies and sounds like Nile Harris got himself a nice return for a TD…

Not sure what went wrong with Page, but it showed that they got behind, battled back and gained the lead and then could not stop Davie County in the 4th quarter….I remember a game a few back over at Page when Davie County came in and stole one and I believe that was the Davie County team that had RB Cooter Arnold, who later played RB at UNC…Page had K Matt Millisor and he missed a late FG that would have won it for Page and then DC took in OT if my mind is still on it the same Page as my notebook….Tonight the look was Javon Leake and Will Jones, but it sounds as if the Page ‘D’ was not able to hold off Davie County in the 4th Q….

How about my old team Western Guilford winning and I picked them to beat Morehead and not many people did…I bet Coach Tommy Norwood is one unhappy camper on this early Saturday morning and now with the loss his team took tonight, they have get back on the drawing board and feel like something was not there in the form of Jarious Drayton’s running tonight for the Ragsdale Tigers….

Eastern Guilford edged Southern Guilford and Southeast Guilford took care of West Charlotte, while North Davidson pounded High Point Central….Southwest Guiflord was on the money too as the Cowboys topped WS Reynolds…

North Davidson and Davie County look to be two pretty tough teams on the other side of the river and that would be the Yadkin River, right….

Should Northwest Guilford move ahead of Page in the Top Ten???

Is NWG the #2 team in the county now right behind the Dudley Panthers??? Dudley was Dudley, and that is what Coach Dennis Green used to say, “They are who we thought they are” and Dudley is Dudley…..They will get a test in the first half of the season when they make the trip down to Rockingham to face the Richmond County Raiders….But Dudley is Dudley and there are not too many teams that will be able to stand toe-to-toe with them for long this season….

The Northeast Guilford Rams for some reason did not have it tonight and you wonder how long they can hang on since they need a win early in a bad way, and with High Point Central next, that won’t be easy, but to NEG’s advantage, they have HP Central coming to Northeast….

Next week already crossing our minds with Page at Northern Guilford and Northern has to be thinking, we might have a shot at these guys since it has been proven that the Pirates can be beaten….Grimsley goes to Southern Guilford as Coach Brown goes home and with the start that Grimsley got at Ragsdale, they will need the same kind of defensive effort when the Whirlies go down to SG and Grimsley is going to have to find that offense….

Page is going to have to find that Defense and another key will be how they finish….Must be ready to kick in the lock-down defense down the stretch to get the finishing touch….

Northwest Guilford takes on Western Guilford and WG is much-improved but NWG just defeated a 4-A and NWG was missing four of its top players and that is just about crazy, but it is true…If back in the day if you told me that NWG was coming to WG and that NWG would not have say Dennis Cole, Bobby Joyner and maybe Jack Southern, I would tell you that Northwest should just stay home…But the times have changed and this NWG team is playing on and playing well with the Top Four, watching in street clothes….Heard a little bit about it, but it must have been a good beginning for new QB Jacob Leonard as he took over the reins of the team and the QB spot/position on Friday night….

We will start looking over some of the game numbers in the morning and begin to put them in order with our Saturday Morning Rewind….

Time to turn it in and turn it off for tonight and our return hour will be some time around 9:30 or 10am in the morning…

The talk is here and it is cheap/inexpensive and we take it to the max with our coverage….Good to have all of you board and watch for Don Moore’s Scoreboard and great job by Don on Friday night to kickoff the season and posts from Dennis White, Wyatt Smith, Kris Walser and more here at the site….Lots of good games and posts on the way, so keep it here at……

Again some of the games we are already looking toward for next week include….
Doing these by memory for now….Page at Northern Guilford, Northwest Guilford at Western Guilford, Grimsley at Southern Guilford, High Point Central at Northeast Guilford, Ragsdale at Dudley, High Point Andrews at Southwest Guilford and this HPA-SWG is a Big One gang….That is now all 15 of our Guilford County teams right there and we are not leaving out Eastern Guilford at Southeast Guilford and Smith will be at Lee County, we are doing all of these listings by memory and the mind is a terrible thing to waste….

Gone for now and back on here later on….


  1. News And Record account of the game reported “a phantom whistle on a Page interception.” Anyone have any details on that?

  2. The inadvertent whistle was blown after Page had intercepted the ball in the end zone, and incorrectly placed on the 2yard line, instead of the 20 yard line.

  3. I don’t know anything about the Page game but did the whistle change the game or not? I am not sure why the whistle was written about if it did not affect the game.

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