Friday Night Finish:This may have been the Hottest Friday I have ever seen and we have some Hot Teams too

The coldest night that I ever saw was in November of 1973 and it was in the 30’s that Friday night in Jamestown and it was falling toward the 20’s when you kick in the chill factor….Playing at Ragsdale that night and I will never forget it….

Tonight, August 26, 2016 was directly the opposite….

This might have been the hottest night I have ever seen or been around on the high school football scene….
(And I am trying to forget it, as I work to dry out, after all the sweat that came calling/falling.)

I arrived today at Northern Guilford at around 5:30pm and I was in no real hurry, because I knew when I got into the Nighthawks’ press box, it was going to be HOT….The sun is shining right on top of that press box as it goes down in the West and the NG press box is of the mobile building variety and it makes the press box building turn into a tin can with windows and that sun comes beating in there through those glass windows and it makes for a “Hot Box”/Hot Press Box…

Last year for the Northwest Guilford at Northern Guilford game, to me that was the hottest ever until today….I have never sweated so much and when go out to NG and arrive early in the five o’clock hour, you are in for it and “The Heat is On”….

Was sweating and working to get all of our GreensboroSports Radio equipment set up and you have to work a while and then step outside, and get some air, if there is any stirring and then go back into “The Hot Box”….

Today was ‘The Hot One” and at Northern, AD Brian Thomas does a great job with he has to work with, but that Press Box has to rank among the hottest in U.S.A. I would like to know what the temp was in there today, I am betting about 127 to 130 degrees and it probably stayed that way until around 7pm when the sun began to go down in the West…

That was a “Hot Spot” and today would take and make “The Hot Spot”, the “Top Spot” on our Hot List….Hot Spot and I am glad I was there for it, because it gives us/me something to talk about, coming out of the Friday night games…Fighting this heat teaches you to battle and it makes you thankful when your work and game is done and you have time to get to the fluids and get some hydration working and work your way back to normal….

Good work out, out at Northern tonight and Page sure brought their Football Shoes and Javon Leake gets you thinking and saying CJ and Chris Leake if you are not focused and ready for the real Leake….Leake stands strong back there in the Pirates’ formation and when he is standing back there in punt return formation and when he takes a punt, and he has time to take off with a full head of steam, he could well be headed to the house….Leake is the real deal and Will Jones is the full package too, for the Pirates….

Page even looked good with Nick Baker back there running the second team offense and with Kiandre Page standing back there as the lone RB, Page is not losing much, when the 1-2 force of Jones and Leake call it a day/night….With Jones and Leake you get a jolt and with Baker and Page, you get a bolt….

Not much you can say about the Northern Guilford team other than the fact that they are a long way away from being a good team….Lots of work to do and other than their first drive of the game, when NG took the ball down to the Page 18-yard line, Northern never mounted a threat on this Friday….

So if Page with Jones and Leake now looking to peak, who else is now Hot these days/nights and is ready to join “The Hot List”?????

Northwest Guilford is staying HOT and with last week’s what was it 46 points and then this week, 62 points, not sure now if next Friday night’s game with NG at NWG, is even going to be game….NWG has begun to hit the gas and bear down hard on that gas pedal/throttle/accelerator…..

NWG HOT, and Easttern Guilford is HOT….News Bulletin, Eastern Guilford is (2-0) and they just defeated a very good Southeast Guilford team on this Friday night….EG is hot and I have not seen the Game-Cap yet, but we will and the bet says Bryant Barr, Dominique Graves, James Artis and others were stepping up for EG, at SEG…

EG becomes the Real Deal having beat SEG at Southeast and also having topped Southern Guilford last week, 18-14 and Southern just took down Grimsley, here on this Friday night….EG beat SG and SG beat Grimsley, so that means EG could beat Grimsley and a lot more teams in our area….EG is winning close games and that is a sign of a good team, the one that can beat the teams that have the ability to take you out….

Who else is HOT???
SWG is HOT…..

Southwest Guilford went past High Point Andrews and the Cowboys shut out the Red Raiders and SWG has reached the HOT Status….A game with SWG vs. NWG would real nice right now, but that game is still several weeks away…You have to be thinking that Jaren Rainey was leading the Cowboy charges on this Friday night and if somebody else took over, that will make Southwewst a better team in the end….

DUDLEY stays HOT….

Dudley has been HOT since back when Victor Floyd took over the Panthhers’ in the early 2000’s and the heat has been on, and stays on since then…..Ragsdale is the latest team to feel the force of the Panthers on the Prowl…Not sure who Dudley has next, but Ragsdale will be hosting Northeast Guilford if my schedule-maker is working correctly….Ragsdale-NEG is one of the all-time great even matchups….Neither team has an edge that the other club can’t overcome….They both are even and almost identical when it comes to the football field….Both have good QB’s in Williams and Simpson….NEG and Ragsdale make for a big weekend in Jamestown next week….

and these guys are all (2-0) to start the new season…..

Boy, the Smith Golden Eagles lost what had to be a heart-breaker tonight down at Lee County….27-26 and Ben L. takes the “L” and that one has to hurt….

Page wins, Dudley wins, Smith falls, Grimsley falls, Southeast Guilford falls, NWG wins, SWG wins, HP Central wins, Ragsdale falls, EG wins, NEG falls, NG falls, SG wins, WG falls, HP Andrews falls and it has been a good start to the season for the (2-0) High Point Christian Cougars…..

Right now this is the way it is and these four teams are HOT….

*****Tonight was a HOT one and now we get ready to crank it up another notch and get ready for Week #3 of the 2016 season…..*****

+++++If you are enjoying these Friday Night Features let us know and keep on reading and checking out the Game Reports…..+++++


  1. Dang but karma is a real (rhymes with witch). what happened at Northern? Did all the rich white parents forget to send their checks in? Did the illicit pool of recruits run dry? Sucks to have to play by the rules. That loud crashing sound you hear coming from the north end of the county? Just the sound of a dirty program coming back down to earth. I guess Coach decided that having Page hang 50 on Northern two years in a row is a bit much. Too bad.

  2. Dudley will be too much for Davie County , dont see a barn burner, but one sided …..Davie County will be hyped first quarter, then you will see Dudley take over, Dudley is the real deal folks , Dudley could’ve put 80 on Ragsdale lastnight no exaggeration. They senior stacked , the the team is too deep. I want them to play Mallard Creek

  3. And northwest is doing it with all kids who are in the right school district. Special group of hardworking kids over there.

  4. As my screen name suggests, I’m an NW fan. But, before NW folks get too carried away, I’ll remind them that one short year ago, going into their game w/Northern, NW had smashed both Smith and WG, and Northern had been smacked around by Page. Last year’s game didn’t turn out so well for NW, same as 100% of the previous meetings between the 2 schools. My advice for NW fans is to hold off on the smack talk until our team walks off the field as the victor. Then, talk to your heart’s delight.

  5. Rolfes might want to get off Twitter till the season is over. He sounds like a 17 year old kid on there. 2nd round ain’t gonna cut it this year coach.

  6. Lol NW beats too teams who haven’t done anything in years and they think they are something. If they played page or Dudley they’d get smacked just like northern. I wouldn’t be surprised if NW is a second round exit yet again this year

  7. Looks like all of you haters are mad cause the Vikings are going to roll through all your teams this year! Once we finish off the Nighthawks and their horrible team it’s on to the conference. Glenn, HPC, SW don’t stand a chance against this offense! Then it’s on to East Forsyth! Everyone we beat everyone will say they are down this year and NW is overrated. Thats fine! Then once we beat East Forsyth what will their excuse be? I hope Rolfes runs the score up on all of y’all crybabies and kicks onsides late especially East on their home field.

  8. Nighthawks fans, How does it feel to have an actual team from your district? Sorry you don’t have 3 or 4 D1 Football players to save your sorry tails again this year. NW by 50!

  9. On more for the NG-Page game, we do need to give much credit to Page defensive coach Norman Weeks and to his defense for the way they shut out and shut down Northern’s offense last night…Nighthawk offense had a tough night, but the Page defense was there and had all to do with how much the NG offense was allowed to to do….

    Like we mentioned last week, the fans turn out to see the offense, but in the End, Defense Wins Ball Games….Sort of a play on words, the Defense keeps teams out of the End Zone….

  10. Just make sure you get it done this year Vikings…no excuses to choke….again. You’re schedule is weak up till East Forsyth. Get past the 2nd round. Smith, WG, NG, SWG, and Glenn??? You’re really talkin smack with that weak schedule. C’mon…you’re better than that!

  11. Rolfes is wrong. NW has the weakest schedule around. You guys may be people by 50 until you reach the playoffs. 1st round is a cakewalk. 2nd round you will go home and dream about about what you should have done. Rolfes got shown the door at Northern because they know what kind of coach he is. Northern will be lucky to win 3 games this year. What is NW record against Northern? Rolfes has a long way to go to becoming a Roscoe. Doubt he will ever make it.

  12. This whole conversation is stupid. The metro only has 2 teams worth paying to see play any given week (i.e. Page and Dudley). Sometimes Southeast but the others normally can’t compete. Northern has run their conference for nearly a decade with only one Alamance Co school showing up on any given year. The other programs are terrible. NW and East Forsyth have run their conference for years with every blue moon seeing a program like HP Central or Ragsdale showing life. Basically it’s been a 2 man race for all of these conferences for nearly a decade and this will not change anytime soon. The whole conversation about this team or the other being so weak or having a down year will not change this year. Next year will be extremely interesting with the conference changes. Having Page, NW and East Forsyth in the same conference will be very interesting. Dudley will dominate what’s left in the metro even though Northern is coming. Northern will actually have the biggest adjustment having to deal with schools such as Dudley, SE,and SW in all sports instead of the weaker programs in Rockingham and Alamance Co.

  13. Ok Haters….For years all we heard was the PT4A was the roughest conference in the State now its a cake walk? GTFOH!

    We ain’t worried about East Forsyth! They won’t see a team like us until then either.

  14. Why is there so much talk from the NW camp about East Forsyth? You play them on the last week of the year guys. Does this have to do with a certain Defensive Coordinator who was once at NW for a long time Coach Rolfes didn’t want him and now he’s at East? Or are we still mad cause we thought the score was ran up on us last year? Not trying to talk smack just asking a legit question

  15. @Changes coming Page, Northwet and East Forsyth will not be in the same conference after realignment next year.East Forsyth will be in a league with Davie County, Glenn, West Forsyth, Reynolds and Reagan. Northwest will be in a conference with Page, Grimsley, Ragsdale and High Point Central.

    You obviously haven’t been paying any attention to all of the realignment stories and talk of the past year.

    Here’s a link to the new conferences for 2017-2021:

  16. Trust me nobody at NW cares about the coach that left for East Forsyth. Coach Rolfes and the administration didn’t think he was ready or good enough to be the DC for NW Guilford and that’s the end of story.

  17. NWG Admin? Isn’t he the guy who bowed down to some nut job and banned the Gadsden flag at your games because the nut job complained that flag is “divisive”???

  18. With Sunday upon us probably a good time to take a break here so nothing crazy comes rolling out in here on Sunday…We will look to resume our talks after church on Sunday and a good day of rest to all….


  19. Northern will get better. They are a young team with a young coaching staff. It will take a little while to gel but should gain confidence when playing conference competition. Cant expect this team to win against 4a schools.

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