Soup, Soup and More Soup on Saturday as the “Soup Bowl” gets stirring with Greensboro College at Guilford College

It will be Soup Bowl 2016 on Saturday night at 7pm at Guilford College with the college football Kickoff set for 7pm, with the Quakers of Guilford College hosting the Pride from Greensboro College…..

Bring canned goods and get in the game FREE….I will have to get you the set amount that you need to bring to the game, but it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-5 cans of food and with that, you are in at No Charge….

Dave Walters, the Sports Information Director at Guilford College and Wes Gullett, his counterpart/SID at Greensboro College, will be sending us a Press Release some time over the next couple of days and then we will add that to this post….

FREE entry to the Game with the canned goods/cans of food and the more cans of soup you bring the better it will be for the local Food Bank….

Guilford and Greensboro College have been running this special game promotion now for many years and it gets bigger and better with each passing season and speaking of passing, Guilford’s quarterback from last year will be coaching the Tight Ends for the N.C. A&T Aggies on Saturday night and with Matt Pawlowski gone, I feel Guilford will turn to more of ground game led by top RB De’Eric Bell and we will find out if I am right, come Saturday night at 7pm, when the Quakers and Pride take to the Herb Appenzeller Field inside the Armfield Athletic Center, on the Quaker campus, just off of West Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road….

You’ll find parking easier up on the New Garden Road side of the Quaker campus and there will be a crowd on hand for this game and you can bet on that and if you were a betting man, and do you remember Johnny Seals I think it was in the Hamburger Square Post and he had his column and it was called, “If I were a Betting Man” and he always went heavy on the Crimson Tide from Alabama, but if I were a betting man and I am sure glad not to be a bed wetting man, but anyway in this game, I would take Guilford to win it, 35-13….

Guilford 35-13 and last year Guilford won this game when it was played over at Jamieson Stadium and the final was something like 70-14 and Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford HS) threw for something like 7 TD’s for Guilford and that came in just 2 1/2 quarters of playing time for Matty P. and this it won’t be quite as bad, with Guilford having a new QB and Greensboro College having a new head coach in Coach Crum, who I have not met, but I’m sure he will up for the task on Saturday night, but when the task calls for Greensboro to beat Guilford, not going to happen at night and for sure, not on Saturday night at Appenzeller Field…

I will be there and I will have the video camera ready for the post game interview and I will be talking to Coach Chris Rusiewicz from Guilford when the game is complete….

You have to love local games like this one, involving our local teams and this is what dreams are made of…I do have a strong gut feeling that Herbie Bridges from Greensboro College and Southwest Guilford High School will have a big game for the Pride….Herbie is a senior and he has been working at the Sheets Convenience Store down on Battleground Avenue all Summer long and this young man knows how to take care of his business and Herbie will be on the ball from his defensive side this Saturday night and don’t be surprised if he leads the Pride team in tackles on Saturday evening and may have a pick or two, to go with those tackles….

Guilford has two very strong local kickers in Zac Ellison from Northwest Guilford HS and Harrison Kiser from Page HS and the crazy thing is check out these numbers, Ellison is wearing #90 and Kiser the Kicker is #96….Sort a deep on the snap with numbers in the 90’s for your kickers….BTW. both of those kid kickers, Kiser and Ellison, are just freshmen and Kiser could have been kicking for Mississippi State, of the SEC…..

Guilford also has Ke’Desh Edwards(DB) and Steven Gordon(OL) from Western Guilford, Steven Baldwin(RB) from Southeast Guilford, TE Bryce Craig from Ragsdale HS, Kemar Batchelor(DL) from Southern Guilford HS and Kemar is now a senior at 5’8 and 280 pounds and a true stump for the Quakers….Many more locals on both of the teams and check out the rosters at both teams web sites….Bracey Maynard(Western Guilford HS) and Hunter English(Western Guilford HS), are both assistant coaches for Guilford….

Greensboro College lines up Quentin Chavis from High Point Christian Academy at QB and they also feature Demario Smith, from Southwest Guilford High School at a WR among those with local ties from the Pride’s side and there are more on the way from the Pride’s Side and we will have them for you later on……Not sure if Chavis will be the starting QB for GC, but we can wait and see….

This is a true local community Soup Bowl affair…..

See you on Saturday night at 7pm at Guilford’s Herb Appenzeller Field and last night I heard Wes Gullett, from Greensboro College, say “Just Bring It” and he must be ready for the cans and the plans that will go into Saturday night’s game….

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  1. Quinten Chavis was a really good HS quarterback that has waited for his turn to play college ball. He just might light it up Saturday Night. Might be more competitive than last year.

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