Friday Night Finish:Can the same person win the Bob Sawyer Guilford County Player of the Week two weeks in a-row??

Sounds like it was another BIG night for Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) and it sort works to bring about this question, “Can a player win the Bob Sawyer High School Football Player of the Week, two weeks in a-row and if so, then with 5 Touchdowns, TD/Thomas Hennigan is your leader in the clubhouse after Week #3 of the high school football season…

Five touchdowns for Thomas Hennigan and from what were hearing, he scored on a variety of different ways…

Hennigan was the Bob Sawyer Rotary Club Player of the Week last week and he might be on pace to win it again, this week…

This is starting to become, “The Thomas Promise”….Hennigan saying I will get you 5 touchdowns on Friday Night…..

If that is what Thomas Hennigan has been promising, that is for sure, what he has been doing…

Five TD’s last week vs. WG and now five more this week, vs. Northern Guilford…

And you be thinking and saying, “Aren’t you gonna talk about anybody other than Thomas Hennigan?” We will and there are many others having strong seasons and others starting a fire on the Friday Night Forecast…..

Page wins BIG and you have to give it up for Javon Leake, who had another BIG Game for the Pirates….Leake can burn you on the run and does it well coming out of the backfield, but he can burn you from the slot and from really in total reality, he can make many a tackler look silly….His punt returns are like a freight train leaving the station and he moves quickly, as the “Leake Train” is rolling down the track…..

If you had to start picking a Top Players Prospect List right now, who would be on it?????

Hennigan has to be up at the top…
Then maybe Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and Will Jones of Page tied for next…
Leake(Page HS) has to in line after Hooker and Jones, or maybe Leake should be in front of Hooker and Jones… Are those the Top Four Standouts in Guilford County as you see them today, with the High School Football Season, being right at 1/3 over/gone/history for the 2016 season…..

Who else do we put in here with these guys?

Top Four after three weeks of the season, with Hennigan, Jones, Leake and Hooker and then who?

There are two other Guys at Southeast Guilford that are looking pretty good and that would be Justin and Jaylen Guy…I saw them on Friday night and I saw Chad Stephens, Tre Love and Miles Fairley too and SEG has some good talent out there on the Falcon Football Field and I’m liking Jax Hackett, Drew Staley and a few other Falcons on defense….SEG might get right back in those playoffs this year and with the young players that they have down there at Forest Oakes, you will be watching some good football from the fellow Falcons for a few more years to come and when they turn into 3-A players next season, look out for the Wars with SEG, Southern Guilford and Eastern Guilford….Full-time Falcons fighting it out with the likes of the Storm and the Wildcats on a regular basis….Tavaris Best and Ryan Douglas are doing a very good job of running the Falcon offense, but the man that got me saying, “Look out for your Lunch and protect your small kids and children with this man in the neighborhood”, that would be #34 Chad Stephens….Evan Surgeon still holding court up front on that SEG Falcon offensive and defensive line…

SEG Falcons at NWG Vikings next Friday night…..Wide-open NWG vs. stick to basics and keep it on the ground SEG, but SEG is throwing the ball more than ever with Douglas back there as the Falcon QB….Going into this game I would say NWG is 10 points better than SEG and SEG does have a whole week to make this game their very own….And with the points in mind, NWG has scored 109 points over the past two weeks/games and that type of output can keep you guessing and believe me, keep you chasing….

Page has scored 113 points over the past two weeks and the Pirates seem to be making a strong statement that tells us, “Don’t leave us out of that conversation about the best teams in Guilford County”….

Who is the 5th player that needs to go with Hennigan, Jones, Leake and Hooker, and would that name be Jaren Rainey to complete the FiveFecta?????

I have not seen Rainey’s numbers for tonight/Friday September 2nd, but he gets my vote to get in on the Top Five…..

Hooker and
Rainey, right now, right???

Hooker may have to fall down a spot or two for this week since he was ejected at Davie County and Hooker got the Hook in the first quarter and the Panthers’ backup, Richard Monroe, came in and did a great job to lead the Dudley Panthers to win column and he gave his Panther team the win, with some room to spare….

Hennigan…NWG with 5 TD’s in the second half tonight vs. Northern Guilford….
Leake(and I want to see his overall numbers for tonight(Sept. 2) and I was hearing they were real good, but the News and Record won’t let me view their content on-line again until I subscribe and that will be no time soon…I like to read the FREE content and that is really my true style….Will catch it all tomorrow/Saturday in the library…..
Jones…..Page QB on his game, but I have not seen his numbers this week, but trust me, he is the force that keeps the Pirates Poppin’/Movin’/Rollin’…..
Hooker….Dudley’s main man and he will be all fired up when he gets back out on the field with his Panther friends next week….Looming next for Dudley, the Panthers have Durham Hillside and Richmond County up next/on deck and both contests will be on the road….

Rainey…The Cowboys top player has to among the Top Five Players in the County…..

*****Do we have anybody else out here in our talent find/search???*****

+++++If Javon Leake(Page HS) can not win the Bob Sawyer Player of the Week, we can offer him our support and let’s say if Hennigan is not the Bob Sawyer Winner next week, Leake takes “The Sawyer”……+++++