Graham Sporting Goods High School Football Scoreboard – 09/09/16

Game of the Week Stream 1: Southeast Guilford vs Northwest Guilford with Andy Durham and Dennis White
Game of the Week Stream 2: Northeast Guilford at Rockingham County with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
If you are at either game, you can listen in the stadium on 97.7 FM

UPDATE # 7 – 10:30 PM – ALL FINALS – Good Night

Dudley (4-0) – 32
Durham Hillside (3-1) – 26

Southeast Guilford (3-1) – 14
Northwest Guilford (3-1) – 13

Ragsdale (1-3) – 27
Page (3-1) – 55

High Point Central (2-2) – 28
Grimsley (2-2) – 21

Southwest Guilford (4-0) – 65
Western Guilford (1-3) – 13

Smith (1-3) – 6
Southern Guilford (2-2) – 14

Northern Guilford (0-3) – 3
Burlington Williams (4-0) – 7

Northeast Guilford (1-3) – 20
Rockingham County (0-4) – 14

Reidsville (4-0) – 38
High Point Andrews (0-3) – 14

High Point Christian Academy (3-0) – 33
Harrells Academy (1-3) – 0

Bishop McGuinness (2-2) – 51
Kestrel Heights (1-2) – 18

East Forsyth (4-0) – 21
WS Reagan (2-2) – 3

Richmond County (3-1) – 41
Matthews Butler (3-1) – 42

Glenn – 28
Mt. Tabor – 57

Eastern Alamance – 48
McMichael – 23

Western Alamance – 56
Morehead – 6

Randleman – 33
Thomasville – 14

Southern Alamance – 40
RJ Reynolds – 21

Parkland – 46
Walkertown – 7

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  1. Big win for the Falcons. I must say NW was a one dementional team with the kid that got hurt. I feel terrible for him and hope he is ok. He was exciting to watch. Now I feel bad for NW bc if he’s out for any length of time NW has no chance he was their team. SE D held great and the offense did just enough to win. It wasn’t pretty but when u grind it out all the way you get rewarded. Thanks for a by week coming as well. Good luck to both teams the rest of the way.

  2. I did not see the game but who got hurt. I am assuming Thomas got hurt based on how the notes are reading. What happened and is this considered a “serious” injury if anyone knows?

  3. Wow, Dudley/Hillside game was a good one. Rivalry game and both teams were 3-0. Dudley pulled it out in the end with 25 seconds left. Durham Hillside is a much better team than advertised! They had good team speed and a stout defense. They also had a good mid range passing game that kept Dudley’s defense on their heels most of the game. This was the type of game Dudley needed to keep them grounded!

  4. Why keep the comments off during the games? This was the Best place to come talk trash about your team winning and their team losing while also catching up on other scores. As long as there is no profanity let it go man!

  5. No need to be going after our coaches and no need to be jumping ship when your team is down….The coach is the captain of the ship and we also have to be reminded of our mantra here at the site and learn to live by it and learn to live together with it…..

    Personal attacks on players, coaches, parents or school officials will not be tolerated.

    Week Five is staring us all in mirror right now and if things are down, time to right the ship and set again, this time for WEEK #5….


  6. Just Sayin – a few people were reporting scores on the website and we could not confirm the accuracy of scores or the time/quarter they were submitted. Locking out comments until the scores are final solves that. If you have a score, please report it as described at the bottom of the post. If you want to be a recognized reporter (credited for the reports, contact Andy Durham).

  7. @ SEG Alumni, why would you feel bad for NW going forward, yes you won the game by 1 only 1. As far as going forward don’t worry about NWG, they will rebound. Its called coaching. The team has tons of talent, but you only speak on the athlete that left the game due to injury. Since NW appeared one dimensional, who on SE stopped #3 who repeatedly gashed your secondary. So please stop with the one dimensional commits.

  8. Onlooker. Northwest scored 13 points in the first quarter. I am not sure that you guys had more than two or three first downs in the second half. Once the player got hurt it totally changed the entire game. I could be wrong but I do not remember number 3 being able to hold onto the ball or break anything more than 5 yards. Either number 3 or number 5 did have a nice touchdown catch on the first drive but from what I remember that was it When your best player was in the game number 3 was more of an option bc the entire Southeast D keyed in on your number 7. Like I said earlier I feel bad for NW because you were able to say let’s give it to number 7 and he will take us now that will not be the case. I still hope he is ok and its not to serious. Sacks and turnovers are a direct result of not knowing where to go with the ball and that happened a lot for NW. Once again give it to 7 and neither sacks nor turnovers come into play. I am sure that they will coach and try their best to find more options but let’s be real #7 was the team when he was in there.

  9. I like the fact Andy said “jumping ship when your team is down.” I did not see many fans in the stands at certain games because their teams are down. I remember Dudley’s 0-10 season and the 80s under Willie Young when the team could not buy quality wins. Now Dudley is winning, I am enjoying the season. I enjoyed watching the Willie Young and Ragsdale years when both coaches mainly played Allen Middle School players. The Ferguson years introduced the Panthers to the playoffs and a possible championship birth. Coach Floyd and Coach Davis “The Great” brought respect to this area’s football programs. It is a true blessing to be a Panther. Wherever I go and say, “I went to the best school in the state,” folks know I mean Dudley.

    Dudley scheduled quality teams early, so the coaching staff would not fool its fans or players with lopsided wins, but I recall Dudley spotting Davie 6 whereas Page spotted Davie false hope. Again, I am “walking-on” until someone makes a disparaging remark…

  10. With as much “talent” as the writers at the N&R and the fans at NWG claim they have…last night was undeniably telling. Thomas is their team. When he went out last night, the rest of the team fell flat. You’d expect the other “talent” to have that next man up mentality yet it didn’t happen…that’s either lack of talent or immaturity on the team’s and coaching staff’s behalf.

  11. Worry about your own team, only scored 3 points last night against WILLIAMS. Have fun sitting at home during November

  12. Thomas has been the star for 2 years at NW. Obviously when a player at that level on offense goes down, there is a period of adjustment. I am sure that coaching staff and it’s players will make the necessary changes this week in practice. The type of offense that NW runs now is completely different from what was happening 5 or 10 years ago. It spreads the field, uses misdirection and the ball gets to both sides of the field. In the past NW was simply a ground game team. Today it gets the ball into open space down the field. NW will be fine. Thomas was the top dog but there are some young pups in the background that will have their chance.

  13. SEG ALUMNI,NO REASON TO ATTACK NW coaching staff, you guys did indeed make one extra play against the Vikings, however going forward both teams have to make adjustments. Players play, coaches coach, great win for you guys you can now put a credible win on your schedule, its about time. I suggest you look in the mirror as well. Again don’t feel bad for NW going forward there’s some tough opponents left on your schedule especially the big one on the end of your schedule…..Good luck you’ll always need it. Stay focused we are.

  14. Ted roe you are a joke go back under a rock where you came from. Everytime you make a stupid comment I am going to call you out. You got problems dude . Joke!!!!Weak mind for narrow minded Ted roe.

  15. bye this week and those dreaded whirlies the next week…man, they ought to give those Vikings a workout to prep them for that brick wall the Vikings will hit against Reidsville. And oh boy…let’s not forget that team over at EF waiting to spoil the Viking’s season ender. And…last, but certainly not least…lest we forget that NWG will make their exit stage left at the conclusion of the 2nd round of the playoffs….Again.

  16. Grimsley will be a close game but I expect the Vikings to win by 10 or more. Everyone thinks NW is only one player and they are wrong. Like I’ve said many times #7 makes us a State contender. Without him we are still a Conference contender. Two weeks to prepare and you can expect Turner, Cloud, Finnie, Selby and Tyler to be more involved. I know without Hennigan our offense doesn’t have as many big plays in it but now the ball will go all around more. You won’t be able to lock in on one guy all night! NW will win against a tough Grimsley team then we will Show Reidsville and their fans the difference between 4A and 2A Football. As for East Forsyth their day is coming!

  17. Davie County scored over 20 points in the 4th quarter; Page yield 39 points. Dudley played Davie County; the team had 20 penalties, but the Panthers only gave up 6 points. Hillside was a legitimate opponent, but Davie County was too.

    *As I said earlier, coaching impacts the play of the players. Coach Young and Coach Ragsdale for Dudley did what Kirby did not do, put more football players in college than Kirby. Coach Kirkpatrick while at Smith put more football players in college than Coach Gillespie did during his tenure.

    Although this is a blog, some should use facts instead of conjecture to illustrate their positions. I bet most of these people are from the New Irving Park area with ties to Page making these comments. Stop hiding behind nicknames. Probably Fantasy League all-stars…

  18. @ Teddy Roe,

    What in the Hell are you talking about? Last time I checked It’s High School Coaches job to win games for their school not develop players so Duke and Carolina can win. If players make it to that level that is just a by-product of the program or the fact that the kid was born with freakish attributes. I’ve seen coaches with all sorts of D-1 talent that couldn’t hardly win a damn game. So don’t talk like the East side is loaded with great coaches. Alot of teams out there have great athletes and horrible coaches.

    Then you go and speak of something so Blasphemous It made me do a double take and say….What the heck did I just read? Coach Kirkpatrick couldn’t win more than a couple games a year if that and you want to compare him to Gillespie?….. a 4AA state championship winning coach? Are you on drugs?…Please pass some of what you’re smoking dude! Kirkpatrick is an average OC that had better players than everyone while at Dudley. He went to Smith and found out this Head Coaching thing is a lot harder than it looks. Now you have to develop kids not only on the field but in the classroom and in the community. If he was so great he would’ve won more games with those so called big time players than I can count on one hand.

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