Varsity Football Tonight(9/9/16) in and around Guilford County with Picks and Poll and almost like a Pigskin on a Pole:Check out N&R links on E. Moseley(Dudley/UT) and M. Reynolds(NG/VA Tech) with “Battle at Bristol” brewing for Saturday

*****CHICK-Fil-A High School Game of the Week from Northwest Guilford with Dennis White TONIGHT on GreensboroSports Radio at 6:45pm….*****

*****All games scheduled to kickoff at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted….*****

Dudley(3-0) at Durham Hillside(3-0)
Southeast Guilford(2-1) at Northwest Guilford(3-0)
Ragsdale(1-2) at Page(2-1)
High Point Central(1-2) at Grimsley(2-1)
Southwest Guilford(3-0) at Western Guilford(1-2)
Smith(1-2) at Southern Guilford(1-2)
Northern Guilford(0-2) at Burlington Williams(3-0)
Northeast Guilford(0-3) at Rockingham County(0-3)
Reidsville(3-0) at High Point Andrews(0-2)
High Point Christian Academy(2-0) at Harrells Academy(1-2) 7pm
Bishop McGuinness(1-2) at Kestrel Heights(1-1) in Raleigh 7pm
Eastern Guilford(3-0) OFF

Also around the horn tonight we have East Forsyth(3-0) at WS Reagan(2-1) and Mount Tabor(2-1) at Glenn(3-0), plus Richmond County(3-0) goes to Matthews Butler(2-1)….

*****Dennis White will there for the Southeast Guilford at Northwest Guilford game on GreensboroSports Radio with his pre-game at 6:45pm and the kickoff from Roscoe Billings Stadium at 7:30pm with Dennis White, on GreensboroSports Radio…Kris Walser and Coach Daryl Steele with the Northeast Guilford at Rockingham County game for you on GreensboroSports Radio 2 at 7pm and then their kickoff comes at 7:30….Kris Walser and Daryl Steele tonight on GreensboroSports Radio 2….Both the NWG-SEG and the NEG-ROCK games can be heard inside the stadiums on 97.7FM….We will also have Wyatt Smith on hand reporting on/for the Ragsdale at Page HS game at Marion Kirby Stadium and Cameron Robles will be there with Cameron’s Camera in in hand, for the High Point Central vs. Grimsley game, at Jamieson Stadium….*****

I think it was Morgan Patrick who used to have the Pig on the Pole Show at 850 the Buzz in Raleigh back in the day and here we go today with our Pigskin Picks for tonight’s high school football games…

Dudley….Dudley has a good running game and passing game returns with Hendon Hooker turning up the heat tonight…
Northwest Guilford….NWG has a good running game with T. Hennigan and Fennie, but they have a good passing game with Leonard to Hennigan, Turner, Cloud and Spicer…
Page….Page has a good running game with J. Leake, but they have an outstanding passing/running game too with Will Jones at the helm of the ship…
Grimsley….Grimsley has a good running game with B. Faison-Walden and B. Lesane and they do have some passing developing with Hudnall to Wiggins and N. Harris…
Southwest Guilford…SWG is in goods hands running with Bryson Jumper, J. Rainey and D.J. Gray and the passing is there, they just haven’t had to use it that much Rainey to Jakobe Harris…
Smith….Smith has two QB’s that can move the ball with Rohan Goldston and Jamerick Wallace and they at three runners that can go led by Downey Richmond and there appears to be some receivers ready to haul in the pig from Goldston and company…..
Burlington Williams…..It has been a down start for NG and it may become a down year for NG if they go on to lose this game on the road tonight….I like others wish more assistant coaches from last year’s staff would have stuck around for this year….
Northeast Guilford…The NEG JV’s led by Coach Chris Suggs were winners last night and why can’t the Varsity just pick up where the JV’s left off last night, and G. Simpson can run and pass and look for him to need to do both tonight…Simpson must take this team on his back and not look back….Forward March in September….
Reidsville….Reidsville fell 48-3 to HPA in Reidsville last year and now this year, Andrews is feeling the loss of last year’s team and coach and Reidsville will look to be rolling strong coming into Simeon Stadium tonight and the Rams have a kid(Austyn Chestnut) who returned three punts for TD’s last week and this week he may have to only bring back two….
High Point Christian
Bishop McGuinness
Matthews Butler
East Forsyth

2)Northwest Guilford(3-0)
4)Southwest Guilford(3-0)
5)Eastern Guilford(3-)
6)Southeast Guilford(2-1)
8)High Point Central(1-2)


  1. Read in the local paper that two athletes with ties to Dudley High and Windsor Center, Mook Reynolds and Emanuel Mosley, will play this weekend. Mook began at Dudley High School. I keep hearing from the rumor mill that players from Page’s 2011 state championship are still walking-on at colleges and universities.

    Dudley and Northern have players in the NFL who played against Page’s 2011 state championship team. Walk-on in 2016…HP Andrews have fielded some recent NFL players. Let me “walk-on” to the store and buy a cold one…

  2. Post with Butch Jones(Tennessee) and Justin Fuente(VA Tech) talking about Moseley(Dudley HS) and Mook Reynolds(Northern Guilford HS) and how UT and VA Tech hit the Triad hard when looking for DI talents like Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) and others heading to Tech and the DI next season…

    Click Below for the N&R post…

  3. You might see James Summers(Page HS/East Carolina) on his way in to the NFL and feel certain he will try and try hard to make it to the next level…James a big part of that 2011 Page Pirate team and its success…

  4. Another Page player off of the 2011 team, Shaun Workinger has been working his tail off trying to land with an NFL team and has had talks with the Panthers, the Packers and other teams and hopes to make the practice squad with an NFL team and work his way up coming out of Concord U in West Virginia as a fullback….

    Workinger has the dream and has not given up his dream yet and former Page big O-lineman Chris Jasperse out of Marshall in West Virginia is still chasing that NFL dream too….Chris is a huge lineman and made several college All-Star teams after his senior year at Marshall….

    The dream is still ALIVE….

  5. The kid from Reidsville is Austyn Chestnut. Kid is a really good player. 3 punt returns for TD, int, and plenty of all purpose yards. If I was HPA I would not punt to this kid.

  6. Mook Reynolds played at Windsor Center, Greensboro Giants, Kiser Middle (basketball), Kernersville Raiders, Dudley, and Northern.

    Emmanuel Mosley played at Windsor Center, Hairston Middle School, and Dudley…

    DJ Reader made the pros as a Grimsley graduate…
    Eric Ebron is from Smith High School by way of Jackson…

    Your responses have informed us all that this is a blog pandering to a certain demographic.

  7. Yes, the demographic is football players…

    I wrote the eulogy for the funeral of DJ Readers dad…

    I am home in any neighborhood….

  8. Really guy give it a break. I have read some of your so called posts its down right stupid. Yeah your entitled to your opinion but do us a favor keep your negative opinions to yourself. Your point is way out in left field. To sit on here and tell ANDY of all people about what and who he covers is stupid . Your brain has been fried dude. To say the least YOUR ARE CRAZY. That’s what wrong with the world today to many narrow minded people. BE A LOVER OF PEOPLE ALL PEOPLE . SORRY ANDY THIS PERSON OR KID OR IMPOSTER NEEDS TO GO.

  9. TedRoe really, could not agree with you more with your response to Ted Roe. I had a post concerning his last week and he is plain and simple ignoring every good player in the county except for “his” demographic and then wants to try and turn it around on Andy who does a phenomenal job of covering the ENTIRE county and sometimes neighboring ones as well. Keep doing an excellent job Andy and ignore posters like Ted Roe. He obviously is a closed minded individual.

  10. I am entitled to my opinion. I have not broken any of Andy Durham’s blogger rules. I have stated facts. Why am I subjected to name calling? I have not called anyone names. Andy believed Vince Evans attended Page. I corrected Andy then he re-posted with the correct school, Smith. I am stating facts. If the scenarios were different, disparaging remarks would be made about Dudley High School, but let me add this last fact:

    When Antonio Kirkpatrick was the head coach at Smith High School, he put more athletes in college than the HC at Alma Pinnix. Coach KP outperformed Coach G in regards to putting athletes into college. I commend the coach.

  11. What’s your problem dude? Are you a disgruntled parent or player? Kp is a good man and good Coach don’t do that man like that. Andy get this clown off here. He needs to put that left hand cigarette down.He smoking to much.It takes good coachable athletes that have talent and the will to work . And the last time I checked college recruiters give scholarships not High school coaches. Hell if that was the case there would no need for college coaches to come watch a kid play. Its called creditability you tell a college coach a player is good and coachable hype thy em up college coach comes to see them play and they are terrible they want be back. So know what you talking about dude. Sorry you didn’t a scholarship or whomever your complaining about that didn’t.

  12. I am all for what Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick has done and he did do while at Smith and he is a first-class coach and dad to his family/daughter….He has been there and done it and he knows the ropes and the road from over the years…

    Vince Evans was headed to Page but either the redistricting or the fact that he wanted to leave Page and not to there but go to Smith is what happened with Vince Evans…I got the word on this from his old teammate Ron Smith and another of his teammates, Ervin Ford Jr…..I didn’t go cooking this up, it came to me from those former Pirates…

    Off that 2011 Page Title Team they had plenty of young men go off to college with Isaih Towns to WSSU, Orlando Hatfield was at WSSU for awhile, Christian Cranford went to and played for Washington and Lee for full years, Shaun Workinger played at Concord for four years, Ed Britt was at Presbyterian and started for four years and he was an outstanding college DB, Debo as we knew him back then played four years at Fayetteville State, James Summers is now at ECU after a long road and hanging in there, Blake Hickman played three years at UNC Pembroke, pretty sure Will Henry played college football somewhere and there was another DB he also went to UNCP….That kid was the Wall kid and he used to work up at CiCi’S Pizza….

    Seems like a ton of kids of that 2011 team went to play in or attend college and once they get there, the high school coach can not be held responsible for what they do or don’t do in college, that is the college coach’s job then…

    I just do my best to promote and remember all of these kids and by the time they get to the pros they have long since left us behind and are in a whole new world and we need to keep on lifting them up while they are on the REC, the Middle School, JV and High School levels, at least that is how I see it…

    Page last year sent Diondre Overton to Clemson, James Ellis III to Gardner-Webb, Jeremy Level to APP, Will Hardin to APP and a few others on to the college road…

    I think they do a good job over there at Page of getting the kids to the college level and once they get there, as we said earlier, they have to want to stay there, play there and make it there in college….

    Lot said and again Kudos to KP, he played high school football and excelled, went on and got his education and played in college and I think it was at Livingstone and then came back and coached on the high school level and gave back to the community….

  13. Andy you don’t need to go thru and explain anything to people like Ted Roe. Like I said previously, you do an outstanding job with this message board. As for Ted Roe, i watched Kirkpatrick play when he was at the school you like to scrutinize and talk trash about. He was a great QB who lead his team along with a forgotten about beast of a RB named Carlos Doggett and a pretty dang good tight end in Wright. He looks to have been a great inspiration to Smith Football, but my question to you is if Page’s coach is such garbage as you insinuate doesn’t do a good job and you have stated in “YOUR FACTS”,that Page doesn’t get as many kids in college, then why does Page stomp Smith every year they have played except one in last couple of decades and why is Smith at the bottom of conference every year and Page is contending for State Championships every 3 to 5 years.Either Alma Pinnix has a smarter coach or better players. Too bad you are so ignorant to “THE FACTS”. Do us all a favor who enjoy Andy Durham’s website and dissappear from it so we all don’t have to hear your biased to One School or one area nonsense that shows clearly you don’t have a clue to what you are talking about. Hope Coach Davis, who by the way is also a Page product, knows who you are and tells you to give it a rest cause you are giving his program negative attention. And Coach Davis is a great man, talk to him several times and I would bet he doesn’t like your negativity.

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