Friday Night Finish:We had some Wild and Crazy Games tonight(After Four Weeks, only Three Unbeaten Teams remaining in Guilford County/On Guilford County soil)

How about those games tonight, as we hit the Friday Night Finish…..

Dudley remains Unbeaten, as the Panthers pulled one out of the fire down at Durham Hillside….Final went 32-26 Dudley and now we only have THREE Unbeaten teams left in Guilford County…Dudley(4-0), Southwest Guilford(4-0) and Eastern Guilford(3-0)…

Dudley wins it on a comeback trail and I was reading where #7 for Dudley ran back a kickoff for a key TD and he also caught a big pass late in the game, to help his Panthers….We will need to get by MaxPreps and grab the name to to with that #7…#7 DJ Crossen for Dudley….TD run on KO by Crossen and TD catch by Crossen as well….Dudley scored the winning TD with 25.7 seconds left when QB Hendon Hooker found Thomas Young from 25 yards out. TD catches for Dudley were Crossen and Young and Zairek Rush had a big pick 6 for Dudley to help pace the Dudley offense and defense….

In what might have been one of the wilder outcomes of the night, Southeast Guilford traveled out to meet/face Unbeaten Northwest Guilford(3-0 going into the game) and once NWG lost star senior Thomas Hennigan to injury, it was katy-bar-the-door and the SEG Falcons were ready to deliver the Upset Blow and finished off NWG and took the Vikings down from the Unbeaten ranks with the knockout punch coming with less that a minute to play, as sophomore QB Ryan Douglas scored on a 9-yard and then fellow-Falcon baseball/football player Justin Guy hit the left corner of the end zone on a two-point conversion run that was good, to give SEG that upset win over NWG, 14-13 and that game tonight was another one of those, “One for the Books Contests”…..All the credit in the world to SEG on the huge win, with Douglas, Guy, Chad Stephens, Tre Love, Miles Fairley, Steven Thomas and others playing key roles in the Fantastic Falcon Finish….NWG must bounce back and travel to Grimsley to face the Whirlies next Friday night and then Reidsville comes to Roscoe Billings Stadium, on the NWG campus in just two weeks and the Reidsville Rams remain Unbeaten after their victory over High Point Andrews tonight/Friday….

NWG must reload after losing Thomas Hennigan and also hope they can get Hennigan back real soon….Grimsley set to play host to NWG next Friday, fell this Friday to HP Central, 28-21…..The last time I had seen that Grimsley-HP Central score it was deadlocked at 21-21 and I thought that maybe that game had ended in a tie, but now we know that Central took down Grimsley at Jamieson Stadium and now Grimsley is (2-2) and High Point Central is (2-2) too…Page beat HP Central by something like 63-20 and Central just best Grimsley, 28-21 and so where does that leave Grimsley vs. Page????? Grimsley is not a bad team, I saw them at home this past Monday and they got the win by three TD’s and the team that the Whirlies beat, Raleigh Athens Drive, knocked some team and maybe it was Millbrook, down in the Raleigh region tonight and what I am saying is, that the team that Grimsley beat, beat somebody else, all is in when you go for the win and we will have to find out more on the Grimsley-HP Central game from earlier this evening….

Page wins big and we should see a BIG report coming up on that game from Wyatt Smith and that post should working its way in here, in a few minutes….Bet that Javon Leake scored at least 3 TD’s for Page tonight and I think the final score was in that 65-20 neighborhood again for the Pirates and Page has WS Reagan at Page and East Forsyth at Page coming up over the next two weeks….

The Southwest Guilford Cowboys love those dry nights and those love those Rainey Nights too, and not sure how Jaren Rainey did tonight at Western Guilford, but we do know that the Cowboys hung up 60-points plus on the WG Hornets and you have to feel like Jaren got going on the ground or by way of the air, with plenty of help coming in from Bryson Jumper, DJ Gray and others…SWG is for real/legit and these kids won’t quit until they are the new #1 Team in Guilford County and with Dudley playing like they are, it is going to be hard to unseat/supplant Dudley, but keep on coming hard and fast Cowboys and your day may be on the way…Got to like those Cowboys and the effort that they are giving Coach Eric Rainey…..

Northeast Guilford got a win at Rockingham County and the Rams sat down their #1 QB Gerald Simpson prior to the game and went with the backup man and #2 QB Tyrique Bridges….Simpson started at OLB on defense and that was a gutsy call by Ram head coach Jason Lippard to go with his backup and bench G. Simpson, but in the end, it worked well for the team(NEG Rams) and I think that final was 20-14 NEG….Simpson is a team player and realizes in the end what works best to the team(NEG Rams) into the end zone…from Kris Walser with the NEG broadcast team:
*****Coach Lippard brought in G Simpson to start the 2nd half down 14-7. Simpson came in and got the offense moving. Simpson rushed for a TD and threw what turned out to be the game winning TD to Jeremiah Praylor with under 6 minutes to play to take the lead 20-14. G Simpson was my player of the game.(Kris Walser on GreensboroSports Radio 2)…*****

I’m hearing Butler beat Richmond County in what had to be a barn-burner down in Matthews at Butler HS, home of the Bulldogs tonight and the final I was catching was 42-41 Butler….These two teams have played some great games against each other, over the past several seasons….

Southern Guilford edged out Smith and I was hearing something going down like SG 14, Smith 7 in this one….Will need to crank out a few details tomorrow on the Saturday Morning Rewind…

Northern Guilford falls to (0-3) after a 7-3 loss to Burlington Williams tonight down at BW and they have a real nice stadium right there on the BW campus and for many years this stadium was considered to be Burlington City Stadium and Elon College played all of their home games there, as did the Williams Bulldogs, coached for a long time by well-known and respected coach Sam Story…Before that I’m thinking it was highly successful Pete Stout that was at Williams….Northern Guilford was at Williams tonight/Friday and the Nighthawks did not find the end zone and they will be looking for it again next week against a very tough Reidsville Rams team and this game should be at NG, since the ‘Hawks have been on the road for two straight weeks now….

We have mentioned Dudley, NWG, SEG, SWG, WG, Page, Grimsley, HP Central, SG, Smith, Northern Guilford, NEG, Eastern Guilford, Ragsdale and HP Andrews and that is everybody in the County coming in, or becoming in on “The Finish”….

High Point Christian Academy and Bishop McGuinness both picked up big road wins tonight on the private school scene and the wins came down in the Raleigh area for HPCA and Bishop….We always have to remind ourselves that Bishop is a private school playing on the public school level and they have an outstanding quarterback in Peter Ingle and he has a top-notch receiver in Babcock….

Looks another Finnish or Finish in the books and this could be considered or called a Finnish Finish since I think one of my uncles was from Finland….

Some of those games we were talking about for next week include WS Reagan at Page, Northwest Guilford at Grimsley(September 23/NWG off next week and a good time to try and let Hennigan heal and get him back in time for Grimsley), Pine Forest at Dudley, Grimsley at East Forsyth, Reidsville at Northern Guilford, Southeast Guilford is OPEN and we will loading up some of those key games for next week later on here at the site….We hope you have enjoyed tonight’s Friday Night Finish which usually hits the post office box here at the site on early Saturday morning and if you did not like it, there is not much we can do about it now, I have already written and finished the Friday Night Finish…..

*****Last week we got finished with “The Finish” at around 1:42 and this we pretty much cleared the board at around 12:57am…We should celebrate the finish of “The Finish”, with a Danish…..*****


  1. I think it will be hard for NWG to play Grimsley at Grimsley when Grimsley is traveling to East Forsyth next week.

  2. Yes, I had to change that one, and did a few minutes back and it came about when I asked a NWG fan who they had next week and he said Grimsley, not taking into consideration that NWG is off next week and they do have Grimsley the following week….To him NWG’s next game was Grimsley, but not next week, the following week, after the NWG OPEN date…

    Behind everything we write on here there is a story and they are all fun to follow and to tell…

    Yeah, had to make that adjustment coming out of last night….

  3. Yes sir and thanks Drew and it just seems like for every situation we have a story to tell and by breaking it down like we do, sometimes it goes from a journal to a novel in no time at all…

    Thanks again and long live EF and the Kernersville area….

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