ACC Meets and ACC will Move All Championships out of North Carolina:ACC Women’s Basketball Championships at the Greensboro Coliseum GONE/Will the ACC MOVE their offices out of Greensboro???

After the NCAA said it would no longer play any of its regional championships in the state of North Carolina and their statement from the NCAA came down late Monday/early Tuesday, now the Atlantic Coast Conference, after meetings with the commissioner(John Swofford) and the council of ACC Conference Presidents have issued a statement today(Wednesday) all ACC Championships will moved out and taken away from the state of North Carolina…..You had ACC Women’s basketball in Greensboro, the Football title game was in Charlotte, the soccer in Cary, the men’s and women’s golf often at Grandover Resort in Greensboro and more and here is more on today’s move and you have to wonder, “Will the ACC Offices be Moving out of Greensboro?”……
Yesterday we had Game One and Game Two of the Series and today, this has become Game Three:John Swofford vs. Pat McCrory
*****Just out of curiosity, I wonder what sheriff BJ Barnes has to say about all of this?*****
(Long-time local leader)…..

Statement from ACC Commissioner John Swofford:
“The ACC Council of Presidents made it clear that the core values of this league are of the utmost importance, and the opposition to any form of discrimination is paramount. Today’s decision is one of principle, and while this decision is the right one, we recognize there will be individuals and communities that are supportive of our values as well as our championship sites that will be negatively affected. Hopefully, there will be opportunities beyond 2016-17 for North Carolina neutral sites to be awarded championships.”

Neutral site championships (in date order):
Women’s Soccer
Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving
Women’s Basketball
Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Women’s Golf
Men’s Golf

Statement from the ACC Council of Presidents:
“As members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC Council of Presidents reaffirmed our collective commitment to uphold the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination. Every one of our 15 universities is strongly committed to these values and therefore, we will continue to host ACC Championships at campus sites. We believe North Carolina House Bill 2 is inconsistent with these values, and as a result, we will relocate all neutral site championships for the 2016-17 academic year. All locations will be announced in the future from the conference office.”

Statement from Clemson University President James P. Clements, chair of the ACC Council of Presidents:
“The ACC presidents engaged in a constructive, wide-ranging and vigorous discussion of this complex issue over the past two days. The decision to move the neutral site championships out of North Carolina while HB 2 remains the law was not an easy one but it is consistent with the shared values of inclusion and non-discrimination at all of our institutions.”


  1. Good Charlotte finally getting hit loosing football championship
    Charlotte started this political pissing contest
    Thanks Charlotte

  2. Well, I think they were looking for a good excuse to move it from Greensboro/NC to begin with. Now they have it. This is all completely ridiculous and gotten way out of hand.

  3. It got out of hand because the Republicans in Raleigh refused to listen to the people. Charlotte was only making adjustments that have been made in other similar cities that compete for business. Without these changes we would eventually look like Miss. No one has been trying to get games out of Greensboro. NC is the perfect mid ground for the ACC and our state has benefitted from this advantage. We have had (and would have had) so many of these championships from golf, tennis, swimming, football and basketball. These tournaments are bring 30-40 million dollars to our state annually. It is also brings great ad value to our state. NC does not need or what to go back to the Jesse Helm view from the rest of the country. We need new leadership and we can’t ever allow our government to be hijacked by any one side of government again. It will take us 5-10 years just to fully repair our imagine from the recent events.

  4. The only organization that is likely considering relocating their head quarters to NC at this point is the KKK. The leadership in Raleigh must change now. NC is a great place in so many ways but clearly there is a lot of anger and hate just below the surface. Unfortunately people such as Drump (aka Trump) and the republican leadership in Raleigh has made a lot of these hate groups and people that support them feel as if it’s okay to show their ugly heads in public again. These people are poisoning all levels of our community.

  5. The man behind HB2 is not McCrory but our very own Sen. Phil Berger. If you want to let Berger King know how you feel about this legislative Whopper he dropped on our state, contact him at (919) 828-6423, ext. 145. His website is

    McCrory is just Berger’s errand boy. Berger calls the shots in the NC legislature as senate leader and this whole show, just like the legislation his lap dog Trudy Wade pushed through to change the Greensboro City Council without the consent of Greensboro voters, is just another example of what happens when some backwoods clown gets too much power.

  6. After seeing all of this blow up this week, I guess this is another reason why North Carolina is known as a battleground state..

    It seems like if they would have left things as they were before the HB2 ruling took effect and just had Charlotte as a whole city be given their own restroom allowances with restrooms of choice still being an option, we could have quietly gotten around all of this…

    Another point is we keep talking about bathrooms and isn’t a bathroom where you primarily take a bath and a restroom is where you rest for a minute or two and take care of your business…

    If we get right down to it and get picky here in our bylaws, this a Restroom Law and not a Bathroom Law…

    A bathroom is where your take a bath or shower and the restroom is where you, well I think we have now have this part of the problem cleared up and have laid out some new ground rules and necessary work for those in Raleigh….

    WWRRD….What Would Ronald Reagan Do???

    At the current moment I am not sure I want the answer to WWJD…That might involve some thunder and lightning….And after the events that have taken place this week, the nature of that thunder and lightning from WAY above, might be more than we can handle right now…..

  7. Just wondering if the ACC (along with NCAA) wants to move these game from NC. Is it not a little Hypocritical? Meaning why don’t they let men athletes play women’s sports and women athletes play men’s sports, if they athlete identifies either way.

    This is just an observation.

  8. To curios:

    It does seem hypocritical that the NCAA wants to move these games from NC and they have gender specific events.

    It also seems hypocritical that ACC Commish was so quick to jump on board when his former University has been sitting on an athletic and academic scandal for 5 years. Where is the quick reaction on that from the NCAA and ACC?

  9. @ Curious and Chuckie Brown

    The NCAA actually does have a co-ed sport. It’s called riflery, and NC State is just one of the teams competing every year with men and women on the same team. The NCAA also has had transgender athletes competing in track and field and swimming for a number of years as well as a few women basketball players and some female lacrosse and field hockey players who had gender procedures when they were younger than college age. Those athletes just haven’t gotten a lot of attention.

    And attention is what HB2 is all about for the politicians in Raleigh. They want to be able to say they took on Charlotte, the NCAA, the ACC, etc., even if they eventually lose and it costs NC millions or even billions of $$$$ so that they can appeal to a few dimwits who don’t do their homework in November.

    And as for hypocritical, how hypocritical is it for NC politicians to tell the federal government not to interfere with state law, but then to interfere with a local law in Charlotte?

    No, our NC politicians brought this on themselves. They were warned a long time ago that if they didn’t change or repeal HB2 there would be repercussions, but they gave the NCAA, the ACC, the federal government, etc., a big middle finger, and now we’re the ones who are getting screwed. Remember that in November.

  10. Andy, I hope that was an attempt to be sarcastic on your part. If not, then that is evident of the attitudes here in North Carolina. Some people dont really care at all, but when the excrement hits the oscillator they want to complain.

  11. Mr. Reporter – Governor McCrory, now that your four years in office have come to an end what would you say was your greatest accomplishment.

    Gov. McCrory – Well Mr. Reporter I would have to say it was getting rid of that pesky ACC Tournament. Greensboro and Charlotte both had it enough don’t you think? Besides no one really went to that thing any more anyway. Good riddance I say.

  12. H. Klaw – I hope you continue to post on this site. In as few words as I could imagine, you summarized the basic points well. It is clearly what people don’t understand and their misguided anger blinding them to the truth that has gotten us so deep into this rabbit hole. I absolutely don’t agree with some of the LGBT communities values but I have found myself standing side by side with their fight because of what has been coming out of Raleigh over the past year 4 yrs and especially the past 12 mo. I am in one of those “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” modes. The attacks out of Raleigh are so hateful that I felt it necessary to join the fight of a smaller group. Change comes in so many way. I have learned to look at the fight of the LBGT community in a completely different light than I could have even considered 2 yrs ago and still maintain my principles. What has happened in Raleigh government (and the stupid Trump mess) has made me evaluate how I view a lot of our communities beliefs. I am happy to see that we still have a lot of people in our communities willing to help fight the fight for those that don’t have a seat at the table. This problem out of Raleigh needs to end with our November votes.

  13. The only time liberals let the voting process work is it goes there way!!!! Should I start with admenment 1. They screamed let’s vote on it. We did they still wasn’t happy. And if I rember in 2014 the state voted to put more republicans in office. Still not happy!! Over 50% in NC say we need voter ID You still not happy. In 2014 NC voters spoke with votes like you ask for! Now again same old story “wait to November “. And unless you get your way you still will not be happy. So do you want to vote or cry to get your way. A tank of gas no matter where live in this state gets you out. So let the people vote and quit using outside sources and money to spread lies to get your way!! Kindergartens understand winning and losing better than y’all. 2014 you LOST

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