Football in Focus Tonight at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace with a kickoff set for 6pm(Eastern Guilford and NEG in The House for The

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Football in Focus is back tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace and we will get rolling at 6pm…Talking football tonight with our first guest and that will be the man the Eastern Guilford Stadium is named for, Tommy Grayson….The former Eastern Guilford head football coach Tommy Grayson, our first guest tonight at Shane’s….

Coach Grayson will be inducted into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame this coming Monday at the Greensboro Coliseum and we are lucky to have him with us tonight for our Football in Focus Show from the Shane’s Rib Shack, on Westover Terrace….

Mr. Grayson played football, basketball and baseball for the Guilford College Quakers and he coached the Eastern Guilford Wildcats to the NCHSAA DII 3-A State Championship back around 1984….Coach Grayson is in several Hall of Fames and he is one of the most respected coaches in Eastern Guilford Wildcats and Guilford County high school sports history…

We will be looking back at his playing days, his coaching days and what he is doing these days, as he gets set to hit the Hall on Monday night….

Coach Grayson with us tonight at Shane’s at 6pm…

We open with Coach Grayson and the we continue with our Eastern Guilford theme….Next up we have Dominique Graves, Kyin Howard and James Artis, all part of the (3-0) Eastern Guilford Wildcats team that is set to meet Northeast Guilford at NEG in a key Mid-State 3-A game, this Friday night…

Graves has been running QB for EG, Howard is a highly regarded LB and Artis can fly from his wide receiver, running back and safety spots…A good group of Wildcats, to talk about the Unbeaten start tonight…

To close tonight we have Kris Walser, from the GreensboroSports Radio 2 radio crew and Kris will calling the Eastern Guilford-Northeast Guilford game tomorrow night from the Bill Bookout Stadium, on the NEG campus…Kris will have the word on the NEG Rams as they head into this game coming off of a win, from last Friday night at Rockingham County….Kris will also be headed to Rockingham next Friday night to call the Dudley at Richmond County game…..Busy couple of weeks coming up for Kris Walser and his GreensboroSports Radio crew….

Check out the Football in Focus Show tonight on GreensboroSports Radio from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace beginning at 6pm and Shane’s has those outstanding Ribs, Chicken with Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Salad, No Cheetos Chicken Strips(they do not carry those), but HUGE Burgers, fixed fresh All-American Style, Cowboy Style and the Shaniac Burger9Burger and BBQ on a Bun) and there is a BBQ Half Chicken at Shane’s that you might just die for, plus try the Big Dad BBQ sandwich, it is an Unreal Meal Deal……

Everybody just calls Shane’s the and there is a reason why with vegetables like Okra, Baked Beans, Green Beans, Mac and Cheese, Super Fries, Brunswick Stew, Corn, Tossed Salad, and so many more great Veggies and there is dessert like Brownies, Peach Cobbler and homemade cookies, plus Shane’s Sweet Tea and every drink, including water in the house…You want it, SHANE’S has it, you need it, SHANE’S has it…

Paul, Troy, Big Mike, Chelsey and Curtis, they are there and ready to serve you…..

We’ll see you and you can hear us tonight at 6pm from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace on GreensboroSports Radio and you will be able to catch what we do tonight, on YouTube tomorrow….

Football in Focus tonight at 6pm on GreensboroSports Radio.….
(And don’t forget, up on YouTube on Friday.)

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  1. Congrats Coach Grayson! Well deserved

    1981 EGHS Wildcats sealed the deal.

    Current Southern Guilford coach Earl Bates with a big score and Tim Holleman with a game saving tackle to preserve the win for the tough blue and gold defense and special teams in that final game of the season in what is now Tommy Grayson Stadium.

    Lots of great players on that team.

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