Something to prove when Miami rolls into Boone on Saturday??? Nope, the Hurricanes just needed a game and Appalachian can set some records for attendance

The Miami Hurricanes will climb the mountain on Saturday and when they get to the top, they will be in Boone, North Carolina, to face the Appalachian State Mountaineers…

Something to prove for the ‘Canes as they head to the mountains?

Nope, not really, they just needed to fill a game on their schedule and with the chance to get a Power Five team to come to meet Appalachian State on top of “The Mountain”, ASU said we can do and we will go down to Miami/Corral Gables too, in 2021…

It is all about Miami needing to fill an open spot on their schedule and APP will very happy when they get to make the visit to Miami and grab a nice check on the way out-of-town….

It is all about scheduling and money and Appalachian State University Athletic Director Doug Gillin tells USA Today, in order to play, you can’t let a big school stand in your way and if you can’t beat them why not join them and if can join them and beat them too, that is even more entertaining…

from the USA Today at

“We started calling schools that were close in proximity, east of the Mississippi just to see if anybody would be interested in some type of arrangement,” Doug Gillin said. “It just so happened Miami needed a game in (2016). We had an FCS opponent plugged in (for Saturday), and we weren’t even necessarily looking for 2016. But we knew Miami would be willing to play us and we moved the FCS game and got it all figured out.”

Gillin is expecting a crowd of 35,000-plus on Saturday filling temporary bleachers and a hillside general admission area. Enthusiasm for the program has surged in recent weeks not only because of the opponent(Miami) but also Appalachian State’s performance on the opening night of the season in a 20-13 overtime loss at Tennessee. The Mountaineers, it would seem, have a legitimate chance to knock off one of college football’s historically elite programs.

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